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smith’s Go Fish Anybody have a 5? smith 06/15/09 5 06/15/09
smith’s Go Fish Anybody have a 4? smith 05/30/09 7 06/15/09
Diary Entry - 05/30 smith I finally got some sleep! I dreamed I was still in the bunker and all the contestants were digging new rooms, but not with shovels; we were eating our way through the substance which enclosed the bunker. I realized that we were inside a giant Tangelo. The Host was shouting… smith 05/30/09 0
Diary Entry - 05/24 smith Must stay focused on the challenge, but feeling a little weird because of the all fruit diet - I don’t think the walls were pulsating when I first got here. Earlier today, I was about to split my kiwis with the other smiths who came out of the kitchen drain… smith 05/24/09 0
smith’s Fruit Picking There is a bowl of fresh picked kiwi’s in the kitchen with the note “Please ask before taking—smith” smith 05/24/09 12 05/28/09
GNDT mis-vote fixes As per the powers given to us in 1.7 Gamestate Tracking, I fixed some errors I saw in the gamestate. Devenger was turned into an Outsider by the change of two votes, both of which I think were illegal: my vote was changed to Devenger, despite the fact that my… smith 05/23/09 2 05/23/09
Diary Entry - 05/17 smith I can’t believe I’m really here! I know this is going to be an exciting contest, even though they haven’t told us how it will work yet. I don’t even know what the prize will be! But it doesn’t matter - winning is it’s own reward, you know? So I’ve… smith 05/16/09 2 05/17/09
Another Contestant Quorum rises to 12 as another contestant is appears in the bunker. The new arrival looks lost and confused. (I’ve un-idled myself, but would an admin send me GNDT access info? It’s been a long time.) smith 05/15/09 6 05/16/09
Idle me I’m sorry, my brethren. I’m old and doddering and have barely participated in this dynasty. I think I’ll take a little nap and get out of everyone’s way. smith 05/25/06 0
Undergoing a Vow of Silence “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: ...a time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;...” - Ecclesiastes 3:7 ‘A Time for Everything’ smith 04/06/06 0
market adjustments? Josh, shouldn’t the market’s supply of Dosh and Bars be adjusted after your transactions? smith 03/30/06 1 03/31/06
Semantic question A recent proposal had a statement which basically stated “Bucky must move larsatomica from hell”. Does the word ‘must’ also confer the power to do whatever is required? It is not clarified in our glossary. I was reading ‘must’ in this case as ‘is required to, by all means at… smith 03/30/06 3 03/30/06
Idling Sweep It seems that The Lone Amigo, Pangolin, Banja, Igthorn and Ralff haven’t voted in a week. Quorum drops to 6. (I hope I haven’t idled anyone prematurely. Let me know and I’ll reverse your idling right away.) smith 03/30/06 2 03/30/06
Happy Feast of Possible Bonus Everybody I guess there was no bonus this year. smith 03/23/06 1 03/23/06
market broken I just added the Dosh Market and as I was bolding keywords I ran across a problem. Sometimes the rule refers to Distimmed Dosh and sometimes it refers to just plain old Dosh. I assume these two things are not the same, since we specifically have to distim Dosh. So… smith 03/19/06 2 03/19/06
either Associated Press or Reuters currently has the following active gostaks: Angry Grasshopper, Banja, Bucky, Ciaran, Elias IX, Excalabur, Hix, Igthorn, Josh, Kevan, lars atomica, Pangolin, Personman, predisastered, Quazie, Ralff, Purplebeard, Rodney, Scaramouche, ShadowClaw, Smith, The Lone Amigo. Does this mean everyone gets 100 dosh? smith 03/18/06 2 03/19/06
mood altering Angry Grasshopper’s CFJ passed, rendering a batch of actions illegal. They were already illegal in my opinion, so the gamestate hasn’t changed from where I’m sitting, but I’ll leave it to AG to decide how to revert the actions. smith 03/17/06 7 03/18/06
gamestate versus ruleset What is the gamestate? This is never explicitly defined in the ruleset, and the way the two terms are used seems to indicate that the ruleset and gamestate are complementary. I have assumed that the gamestate included every part of the game, including the ruleset. Having a single word cover… smith 02/28/06 2 02/28/06
Mutiny! So what if I’m a rottin’ corpse back on shore? I’m initiating another mutiny! C’mon mateys! smith 02/27/06 9 02/28/06
bye ninjas I’ve turned off the sticky bit on the ninja adventure. I don’t know if that adventure really happened or not, since it was from the tick duel era. smith 02/27/06 1 02/27/06
Venting Once we allow conflicts in identifying game objects the game will break. Identifiers have to be taken in context and can’t be regulated by the ruleset. Imagine where this can go: - In response to Kevan’s Proposal, I’ll get a weevil called “the role of captain’ - hold him for… smith 02/26/06 21 02/28/06
Walk the Plank! Let us take the self-styled ‘Captain’ and make ‘im walk the plank! If ‘e changes ‘is name again to get out of this, then we can CfJ ‘im. smith 02/26/06 9 02/27/06
Lone Amigo mutiny results Mutineers (LoneAmigo 26, Shadowclaw 5, smith 9) got a total of 121, Defenders (Elias IX 19+38, Purplebeard 12, Kevan 6, Hix 14) got a total of 210. Mutineers sent to DavyJonesLocker! Arrrr. I had to correct multiple mistakes in the GNDT. I think I’ve had too much rum. I’ll leave… smith 02/25/06 1 02/25/06
movement I had a bit much o’ the rum and started ranting about a mutiny back before the tick infestation. The captain, Bucky and Hix pitched me overboard, but I’ve shambled back from Davy Jones’ Locker, smellin’ powerfully of dead fish. smith 02/24/06 0
moves I got so caught up in my little mutiny, i forgot to post my movement: ashore, buy a cutlass (for whatever good it will do me) and back to the crew’s quarters to stir up more trouble. smith 02/20/06 0
move to crew’s quarters smith reporting to rum barrel. smith 02/18/06 0
Keelhaul JelloGoesWiggle Methinks JelloGoesWiggle fancies ‘imself (or ‘erself, I can’t rightly tell) a NINJA: sneaking around and duelin’ without so much as a post to boast about eir victories. I say we scrape off those ninja clothes with a keelhauling! smith 02/18/06 8 02/20/06
move I don’t know why I’m still wandering about the Fruit island… I think it’s been picked clean. I’ll take it easy in the Crew’s Quarters. smith 02/12/06 0
Duel with Josh Josh and I had a little disagreement about how a mutiny is properly done. Just in the hypothetical, of course. He had a few good points—literal ones, not hypothetical. Now I need some of the rum from the Crew’s Quarters to dull the pain. smith 02/11/06 0
New Recruits + Move We’ve picked up a couple of Swashbucklers. ShadowClaw and Bucky may have been outcast from their previous ships, but we’re not picky with our crew. Quorum rises to 8. Also I’ve moved to the Maindeck as ordered. smith 02/10/06 0
Ship Ahoy! Two full days have elapsed since we left port and it’s been quiet… too quiet. But ho, there is a Merchant Ship on the horizon! Our combined GPS of 41 easily overcomes their 25 and we plunder it. 7 Booty for everyone and 9 for me! Yo-ho-ho! smith 02/08/06 0
move back to the bloody crew’s quarters did ye say there’s more rum captain? smith 02/06/06 0
move to the quarterdeck smith 02/05/06 0
Just call me Yellowbeard Arr, without the element of surprise on my side, banja proved emself a worthy pirate and swabbed the Quarterdeck with my hide. I think I’ll stay in the Crew’s Quarters for the rest of this voyage. Movement: Quarterdeck, Duel then back to Crew’s Quarters. smith 02/04/06 1 02/04/06
A pirate’s welcome I decided to test the mettle of the new fellow, so I crept up to the main deck, snuck up behind him and beat him over the head with a belaying pin—all fair and square pirate duelling. Then I runs back to the Crew’s Quarters. He sure learned a valuable… smith 02/03/06 1 02/04/06
shopping The Lone Amigo is a giant among pirates and I want to follow his example, so I go Ashore and buys a tricorn hat. And then I scurry back to the Crew’s Quarters. smith 01/31/06 0
crawling to safety Arr, I knew I shouldn’ta loitered on Shore. Back to the Crew’s Quarters for me. smith 01/25/06 0
Nothing meaner than a cornered rat Seein’ as he’d do the same for me, I headed down to the Holds to kick Angry Grasshopper while e was down. It turns out he was in a foul mood, after bein’ beaten a few times too many today, and he kicked me back—right in the barnacles. Arr, I’m… smith 01/23/06 0
in crew’s quarters Sorry Cap’t'n, I can’t finish swabbing the deck before it becomes bloodstained from a new duel. I’m going to the crew’s quarters for some shut-eye… and I’ll keep a knife in me hammock! smith 01/22/06 1 01/22/06
crew’s quarters What are ye, land lubbers? There is no dueling in the crew quarters. Nor may Elias enter the quarters, as he has the highest GPS. smith 01/21/06 0
In the Holds I’m going to make sure the rum casks are firmly secured in the Holds. smith 01/19/06 0
jolly roger Shiver me timbers, our new blognomic header is most fearsome! A bottle of rum for the creative types! Now the Bloody Inquisitor just needs some bloody red accents somewhere. smith 01/19/06 4 01/19/06
A new start for the new year With the holiday ending, let’s try to put together some cohesive rules and start playing again. It looks like we have 2 main directions in the ruleset with no connection to each other: The Threads system allows Protagonists to accumulate a Score - sort of. Since the Sandbox is the… smith 12/30/05 3 12/30/05
Cosmologicon un-idled Watch your elbows, please. Another protagonist squeezes into the game. Welcome back, Cosmologicon. smith 12/16/05 1 12/17/05
Admin Strike I don’t want to detangle the mess of pending proposals, so I’ll leave it to other admins. I haven’t paid close enough attention to this dynasty and I’m lost, honestly. I’m holding onto the hope that the “total reset” CfJ will pass. smith 12/07/05 13 12/08/05
Our Illustrious Past I’ve added a dynastic history area on the main page of the wiki. smith 12/03/05 0
Truman Capote idled Truman Capote really hasn’t voted on anything for over a week. Quorum remains at 5. smith 12/02/05 2 12/03/05
Who can win? (A= Biggest Avatar, B = Godhead, C = highest quint, D = Greatest City Pantheon, E = End of Days declared in previous age) Angry Grasshopper - none Rodney False Odin - E Smith - none Chronos - B, D, E Excalabur - C, D Truman Capote - D Hix… smith 11/30/05 8 12/01/05
Game in Limbo Hey there haven’t been enough votes on the Declaration of Victory. It currently stands at 4-2, so Angry Grasshopper or Excalabur could decide what to do with it. Or some of you quieter Deities could voice an opinion on it. smith 11/30/05 2 12/01/05
Darkness creeps across the land Activity report for Angra Mainyu: - Created and used 4 Corruption powers, each specialized for a city - Troy, Delphi, Tobago, Port-de-Paix. This created a small temple (50 worshippers) with an aura, in each. smith 11/26/05 3 11/28/05
Technical Question: Closed Posts I tried setting the status of an Epic to ‘Closed’ and it vanished from the main page. That doesn’t seem right. I think we want a Closed post to stop accepting comments, or get a marker in the header to indicate it is closed. This would be useful for official… smith 11/22/05 1 11/23/05
Cayvie Un-idled Deity Cayvie decides to take an interest in mortal affairs. Quorum is now 6. smith 11/21/05 6 11/22/05
Epic: The Defender of Kings Aho Houegbadja was the third King of Dahomey, which would eventually become Benin. He was wise and well loved by all people, except perhaps by the human sacrifices killed to honor his ancestors, or those sent into slavery by him, or by his many enemies; but everyone else loved Houegbadja,… smith 11/21/05 7 11/22/05
Omen: Malediction IV This use will target the high quintessence Deities: Angry Grasshopper, Excalabur, Kevan and Truman Capote. I believe that Angra Mainyu has not lost his Malediction power due to the passage of Proposal:Preventing Malediction, because the ruleset says that “a Power being constructed or modified must have at least as much… smith 11/20/05 0
Epic: The Locust Chaser In a nearby village here was a fool who could do nothing well. His father sent him away after the fool had plowed a planted field one too many times. The fool then collapsed a wall while working for a builder, and overturned a wagon while working for a merchant.… smith 11/20/05 11 11/21/05
Choose your domain There is now a Domain field for every Incarnation in the Deity Wiki, so start claiming your mystical turf if you want to gain Quintessence. smith 11/20/05 0
Omen: Malediction III Once you start, you can’t stop! I will use Malediction on: Angry Grasshopper, Rodney, Excalabur, Chronos, Kevan, Truman Capote, Hix, and the Lone Amigo. smith 11/17/05 2 11/18/05
Omen: Malediction II I will use Malediction on Angry Grasshopper, Rodney, Excalabur, Chronos, Kevan, Truman Capote, Hix, and the Lone Amigo. To the Persian-equivalent-of-Hell with you! smith 11/16/05 0
Omen: Malediction! As Angra Mainyu, I announce that I will use Malediction on every other Deity: Angry Grasshopper, Rodney, Excalabur, Chronos, Kevan, Truman Capote, Hix, and the Lone Amigo. Since it has an Omen component, the power must be used sometime between 24 hours and 48 hours after this post. It will… smith 11/15/05 3 11/16/05
Gwydion goes Idle Not having voted for a week, this Deity recombines with the cosmic essence and disappears. Quorum is now 5. smith 11/15/05 1 11/16/05
Powers fade again The Universal Component ceases to be, and several Incarnations lose powers: False Odin (1), Chronos (3), Baron Samedi (3), Angra Mainyu (1) smith 11/13/05 0
Angra Mainyu spells trouble So pushing the Universal power Component to its logical extreme, I have created a Universal Smite power available to all Deities. So, if you see a Temple you don’t like, Smite it! I have smitten: Athens: Chronos, Baron Samedi, Mithras Sparta: Chronos Uruk: Chronos, Enki New Orleans: Baron Samedi Port… smith 11/11/05 2 11/11/05
Component Keywords: Old Powers faded away As a result of the enactment of Words are the Key the following powers were removed for having components using the same keywords, and their owners were reimbursed the quintessence: Odin(2): Rune: Hagalaz (Holy Day-Fire-Sign-Miracle-Phenomenon-Wrath-Smite-Flood-Brimstone), Rune: Tiwaz (Sign-Holy Day-Reflex-Wrath-Inspire-Smite) False Odin(2): Meteo (Festival-Leader-Sign-Miracle-Brimstone), O-Tsunami (Sign-Miracle-Flood) Mithras(3): Tooth-for-Tooth (Holy Day-Reflex-Wrath-Smite), Rebirth… smith 11/10/05 0
mithras report - Glimpse at Athens: +1 temple. Athens becomes Persian. - Elevate at Athens: 1 Temple has an Aura. The Cult of Mithras spreads in Athens. Perhaps it is the cool secret handshake? smith 11/10/05 0
Power Use The Cult of Mithras held a secret ceremony in their underground Mithraeum to gain strength from the Minor Funnelling used against them. (used Underground Resistance Power to gain 1 Quintessence). smith 11/07/05 1 11/07/05
trying some abuse I wanted to see what components I could push, so I created the Traitor Incarnation Circe, who wreaked some havoc with the greeks. Somewhat abusable was that I could use pantheon components to cheaply hurt other greeks, as well as the Reflex component which I could use in reaction to… smith 11/04/05 7 11/04/05
power limits The overriding limit on any power is it can only affect the same city, incarnation or deity once per day. I think this means that Glimpse can only be used to create a single temple to an specific incarnation, or multiple temples to different incarnations in different cities. I’m thinking… smith 11/04/05 5 11/04/05
wiki down I was trying to view the history of the city page, when the wiki reported an error with the MySQL link. Does anyone know what happened and what it might take to fix? Update: Problem went away by itself? Wiki now works again. smith 11/02/05 5 11/02/05
Age of Enki When the 2 deities were idled, Enki became the most popular prophecy, so we move from the Ageless time to the Age of Enki. Kevan gets the title of Godhead. smith 11/02/05 0
Hiatus I know I made the proposal that allowed Angry Grasshopper to win, but I think this outcome is mighty strange. It’s nothing personal, Angry Grasshopper - it’s just the principle of the thing. Usually you have to play the game to win. I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts about this… smith 10/21/05 5 10/22/05
standing offer to UFTA Let’s not give any more money to The Man! I’m undercutting Hegemonic pricing whenever I can for my fellow underdogs. Supplies are limited, so act now! smith 10/20/05 0
Pillage: Excalabur at Excalabur Homeland All those commodities from Chronos were burning a hole in my pocket. So 20 hungry smithians charge into Excalabur Homeland (pop 156) and steal 100 units of Grain. Yum! smith 10/18/05 2 10/18/05
Chronos Phaenon idled All hail the new hegemonist, Excalabur! smith 10/18/05 4 10/19/05
correction: invasion underpayment I just noticed that I only paid basic transport on my assault against chronos. (I wasn’t paying much attention, sorry.) I changed the outcome - I could only afford to send 5 units, not 10, so the results of the combat should have been -3 population to each. What a… smith 10/16/05 2 10/16/05
Assault: Chronos Phaenon at Chronos Phaenon Homeland I send 10 suicide units from my homeland to fling themselves at chronos’ stronghold of 193, leaving em with 188 (because of the fortification). smith 10/15/05 0
oops I made a proposal the old way, by writing out “Proposal:”, instead of giving it a category. I’ve categorized it, now. If anyone considers this breaking the rule prohibiting making a non-official post into an official post, just say so and I’ll delete it and repropose. smith 10/12/05 0
Pillage: Jamuraa at Sinon My 1 unit steals 5 Petroleum from the stores of Jamuraa’s 25 units there. smith 10/11/05 4 10/11/05
invasion of the tourists? I noticed that my homeland lost 3 units of grain production, apparantly due to a tourist destination built at Devil’s Hole. Was that accidental or is this an offensive use of the tourist destination? smith 10/11/05 3 10/12/05
fighting words Remember, attack posts need to include “the initial population presence of the Attacker and Defender in that Territory, as well as the outcome of the attack.” smith 10/08/05 0
Forming an alliance: Underdog Free Trade Association (UFTA) I extend an invitation to join UFTA to all Countries controlling only one territory: Rodney, Tekneek, and Gazebo Dude. smith 10/04/05 2 10/04/05
no invasion? Should I propose another version of invasion rules or give it up? Maybe we should go in a more economic direction and less of a military one? What about making a Bond Market? Or each Country could issue its own currency for a Currency Market? Does anyone know anything about… smith 09/28/05 3 09/30/05
Mind Control: Excalabur at Area 51 Back and forth we go… 1 unit of mine vs 6 of excalabur’s. I take over 4 units again. And then I run away. smith 09/27/05 0
Mind Control: Excalabur at Area 51 My 1 unit converts 4 of Excalabur’s 6 units. The formula for Mind Control is unclear; is it sqrt(6+1), or sqrt(6)+1? I’ll go with the latter. smith 09/26/05 1 09/26/05
new territory? I created a new territory for Wild Blue Yonder passing unanimously. The admin notes show a final vote count of 5-1, but I didn’t see an against vote on the proposal. Was it a miscount or did we lose a vote somehow? smith 09/25/05 6 09/25/05
It’s weirder than that My last proposal just scratched the surface. The occupying population is reduced by revolt, but what if another Country has moved in? That other Country loses the population instead and the Country that initiated the Hostile Takeover STILL gets the Territory in the end. Talk about getting someone else to… smith 09/21/05 2 09/21/05
Value corrections I am fixing some values of World Squares. Machinery adds its value to a square so if it has X=2, then the value of the square is triple what it would be without that machinery. The Paint Fountains on Gaol and the Color Factory increase their value accordingly (Color Factory:… smith 09/05/05 1 09/05/05
Smith for President How about making me Clan Leader of the Color Factory Clan? What do you say? smith 09/05/05 3 09/06/05
Jumping for the Hands It’s time I jumped smith 09/05/05 0
wiki question My changes to the wiki don’t seem to save. I am logged in and the edits appear in the editing preview, but not on the saved page. Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong? smith 09/03/05 5 09/04/05
We need players Our Active Player list is shrinking. Does anyone have any ideas for getting some more players involved? smith 08/29/05 2 08/29/05
It is better to ask forgiveness than permission I added voting buttons to the post template for convenience. I’d like to make other template changes, but I will use the normal nomic procedure to get them approved. smith 08/11/05 10 08/12/05