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Wasting Gas Not enough time to read all the rules before they change. Could someone idle me. tecslicer 03/14/10 1 03/15/10
Thoughts of a serial rule perverter Just wondering. What is preventing me (Or anybody) from using rule 2.1.1 to make a trade offer with a text like “Roujo is offering 10 Wood and 2 Caffeine, to the commoner Tecslicer, in exchange for 1 Coal” or any such text, then fulfill that trade offer myself and force… tecslicer 03/04/10 4 03/05/10
Game History? Just wondering, but why does the “Full Annotated History of Blognomic” Link to Kevan’s site( which is really cool BTW, but only has the history until the second dynasty of Josh) instead of to the history in the wiki? tecslicer 12/12/09 6 12/12/09
Double or nothing Replace the text: Each Dynasty is headed by a single Apprentice, known as the Artisan, and is named according to the number of Dynasties he has headed (eg. “The First Dynasty of Myke”). in rule 1.8 Dynasties with: Each Dynasty is headed by one or more Apprentices, known as the… tecslicer 12/03/09 20 12/07/09
Daily Action( Serving an item of food I Tecslicer, am serving an item of food to my table. I am letting you know here because there is no “Table” column in the GNDT. tecslicer 11/29/09 7 11/29/09
Timed Action: Workbench Manipulation As my first timed action (And first action in this game, so I don’t know if this is the right place to do it or not.) I am manipulation my workbench, by adding a O to the start of my workbench and removing an X from the end. tecslicer 11/27/09 2 11/27/09
relax I’m here I know you have all been awaiting my arrival, but you may now relax. I, tecslicer, the hero of Cimonomic, the silent one of FRC, the one who looked at Agora, and ran, I am here. tecslicer 11/26/09 1 11/27/09