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Unidling I join the Unidling Committee. I sit. Murphy 12/03/15 1 12/03/15
Emigration Please idle me. (Current dynasty has grown more complex than I have time to keep up with.) Murphy 03/18/15 1 03/19/15
In at the start I wish to become unidle. Murphy 02/21/15 1 02/21/15
I, for one, wish to unidle! As the subject says. SPACESHIP! Murphy 03/04/14 1 03/04/14
This island ain’t big enough for the bunch of us Create a rule “Tribal Councils” with this text: A Tribal Council is a votable matter. As a weekly action, a Survivor may convene a Tribal Council by making a post that is clearly intended to do so and does not attempt to create any other votable matter. A valid Vote… Murphy 12/29/13 3 12/30/13
Om nom nom I wish to be unidled. Murphy 12/28/13 1 12/29/13
Have you tried shutting it off and turning it on again? I unidle / wish to unidle / etc. Murphy 10/19/13 1 10/19/13
Back from Sao Paulo I wish to unidle / be unidled / whatever. Murphy 09/04/13 1 09/04/13
Adam Ant I unidle, or I wish to unidle, or whatever it is. Murphy 07/15/13 1 07/16/13
This post is false (Okay, not really.) I wish to unidle. Murphy 06/11/13 3 06/12/13
Lots of nomics have a north! I pronounce myself Murphy, Baron North, and declare the Barony to be below the Earldom of Norfolk, itself under the Dukedom of Lancaster. Murphy 04/10/13 0
I’m back too I wish to become unidle. Murphy 04/03/13 2 04/03/13
SPECTRO: Sirius The spectrometer reads orange in Sirius. Murphy 03/01/13 7 03/01/13
Forget it! No more beaming! This time, I’m going to walk! I wish to be unidled. Murphy 02/27/13 3 02/27/13
Once more with feeling I unidle. Murphy 01/23/13 3 01/24/13
Purple hairy spiders! I unidle. Murphy 01/20/13 1 01/22/13
More Justice for Quirck! Why, twice in as many days, I just don’t know… I request Legal Justice against that cad Clucky. Murphy 12/04/12 1 12/04/12
House Un-Nomickal Activitites Committee This just in: Anti-Business is Left Wing. Murphy 11/07/12 1 11/08/12
And I’m back! Please unidle me. Murphy 10/19/12 3 10/19/12
Back I’d like to become unidle. Murphy 09/11/12 1 09/11/12
Om nom nom I unidle. Murphy 08/09/12 1 08/09/12
Now that the Befunge dynasty is past I become active. Murphy 07/24/12 1 07/25/12
I unidle. I unidle. Murphy 06/19/12 0
I exist I unidle myself. Murphy 05/29/12 3 05/30/12
Draft: Refactoring the endgame If a rule titled “The End” exists, then change its text to the following, otherwise create a rule titled “The End” with the following text:  During a Planetary Upheaval: First, if a single Player has more Councilmen than every other player, that player gains an amount of Power equal to… Murphy 03/23/12 3 03/24/12
The sounds of silence I also de-idle. Murphy 03/15/12 1 03/15/12
Testing, testing, one, two, sibilance, sibilance I request to be unidled. Murphy 02/07/12 1 02/07/12
For the fairest I haven’t gotten a PM per 2.2, did it get overlooked? Murphy 02/03/12 2 02/04/12
Zoom zoom zoom Unidle me, please Murphy 01/04/12 1 01/04/12
need wiki account plz need to update my Routes to ADDD*A* Murphy 11/13/11 0
Arrival I hereby announce my arrival. Murphy 10/19/11 1 10/19/11