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Critical Miss Please idle me. The rather exciting metagame, subgame or whatever is going on at the moment looks awesome but I have nowhere near enough time to play something in that style. I’ll keep an eye on the place and hopefully return in a couple of months once the madness is… bateleur 10/21/11 5 10/21/11
Wiki Account Please Dear Admins, Please may I have an account on the Wiki. (There appears to be an erroneous duplicate paragraph in the rule “Critical Acclaim”, which I plan to remove.) Yours Faithfully, The Critic. bateleur 10/01/11 3 10/02/11
Ascension Address: Announcing the Kunstwerfer Prize for Modern Art As the art world sadly mourns the passing of the legendary patron of the arts Verrückt Kunstwerfer, it transpires that he has left one last great gift to the world of the fine arts. The great man’s will contains provision for a one-time-only prize contest: the Kunstwerfer Prize for Modern… bateleur 09/30/11 1 09/30/11
Eject Darknight! That scurvy dog stole the Cap’n's beautiful Lawn Shears! We don’t hold with such behaviour on this lifeboat! Overboard with him! bateleur 09/29/11 2 09/29/11
Eject Wooble! Wooble took the small icebox from Kevan yesterday… so I think he should be thrown overboard! Anyone willing to help me? (Vote FOR!) bateleur 09/24/11 12 09/25/11
A Word to the Insane Yes, thankyou Blacky, very annoying… ...but could I perhaps recommend that you stick to targetting the captain until such a time as he’s not at the top of the pile anymore? We want to be able to make clues again and, as Prince Anduril has proven, Sanity is surprisingly ephemeral… bateleur 09/22/11 2 09/25/11
Mummy, He Stole My Book! I could be confused about this, but looking back through the GNDT, I think we have a problem. 14/09 08:50 (UTC) - Prince Anduril Prince Anduril’s Items = A children’s book~, oil painting~$ (was oil painting~$) (A children’s book!) 14/09 08:50 (UTC) - Prince Anduril Bateleur’s Items = Pilot’s log… bateleur 09/16/11 3 09/16/11
Blogging, not Drowning A body is hauled aboard the lifeboat. Moments later it becomes clear that fortune has smiled upon this man, for somehow he still lives! I would like to join. After all, what else is there to do on this lifeboat? bateleur 08/27/11 1 08/28/11