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Making History It feels good to come back and see, well, everyone from Blognomic past, present, and [well, probably not] future. =D At 41 Artists, are we not at a Blognomic record? Qwazukee 10/21/11 4 10/22/11
Idle Someone should have realized I needed to go Idle ages ago, but just to make it clear, I go Idle. Qwazukee 09/10/10 1 09/10/10
[Corporation] Debt-Dodging Airlines The Debt-Dodging Airlines motto is, “When the loan sharks come after you, fly away.” We provide services in: 1. Flying 2. Bamboozling the IRS 3. Avoiding debt collectors who can’t fly One Earthling with the Piloting Skill may join, as well as one Earthling with the Accountancy Skill. Qwazukee 08/23/10 0
Osmosis Bug In Rule 2.3, it says that: An Earthling may undertake one of the Learning actions, listed as sub-rules to this rule, as a weekly action. However, in Rule 2.3.1, it says: An Earthling may Learn by Osmosis. An Earthling who does so may gain a copy of one skill possessed… Qwazukee 08/23/10 9 08/23/10
[Corporation] Prescott Pharmaceuticals Prescott Pharmaceuticals: Delivering the quality, non-guaranteed medical goods that YOU need today! The Prescott guarantee: We never test on animals, or anything else. Remember, if it’s childproof, it’s not Prescott! Sought: 2 Earthlings skilled in Science (and preferably, without any moral inhibitions). Qwazukee 08/19/10 4 08/28/10
REBEL USURPER Message Board My Rebellious Brethren: The evil technological ABOMINATIONS of our time have taken CONTROL of everything, from our ability to CHOOSE our own lifestyle to our free usage of ARROWs wherever and whenever we like them. It is time to RISE UP and wage a RIGHTEOUS WAR against our heartless OPPRESSORS.… Qwazukee 08/01/10 4 08/02/10
Enaction? How did “The inevitable ending” pass when “Might be ambiguous” is still before it in the queue? Am I forgetting some rule that allows Proposals to be adminned out of order? Qwazukee 07/26/10 4 07/27/10
Soooooo Looooooooooooooooooooong Guys, these Proposals are so incredibly long that my eyes blur over before I’m halfway through reading them. Is there any way we can make them into smaller proposals, and pass them in segments? If needed, you can ask someone else to Propose one of your ideas if you are… Qwazukee 06/29/10 5 06/30/10
More Hooks Create a new Rule titled “Bill Murray and the Brouhaha” with the following text: If a Blognomicker participating in a Match possesses a {Time-Turner}, that Blognomicker may be referred to as {Bill Murray} for the remainder of the Match. Should a {Bill Murray} win a Match, that {Bill Murray} earns… Qwazukee 05/15/10 6 05/17/10
Story Post: Political Parties? You Had to Know My Reaction…. I found the DDA. It is a party. I invite Qwazukee to join the DDA. Qwazukee 05/03/10 10 05/05/10
Can I Be Unidled Yet? Please? Qwazukee 04/29/10 1 04/30/10
Unidle Man, I was hoping to run a straight election-based Dynasty someday. ; ) Unidle me. Qwazukee 04/26/10 5 04/26/10
Fail Guys, even all other things being equal, the “Dance” was illegal because there was already a dance taking place. The fact that ais’s DoV passed is kind of disgraceful. I go idle. Qwazukee 04/24/10 4 04/25/10
Error Anybody know why the main page was screwed up last night? How was it fixed? Qwazukee 02/08/10 13 02/12/10
Degree of Relation Board Aleth < Orni (source: Anonyman) Ienpw < Bucky (Qwaz) Ienpw < Hix (DC) Wakukee < Qwazukee (DK) Qwazukee 01/17/10 14 02/21/10
And the logical puzzling begins… Ienpw has a lower degree of relation to Cartlesham than Bucky. Qwazukee 01/15/10 11 01/16/10
Idle arthexis goes Idle. 28/15, which is still a LOT. Qwazukee 01/14/10 8 01/14/10
History Can someone please update the History with Kevan’s Sixth Dynasty, including the players who are active at its beginning? This is normally my kind of thing, but I’m super-busy atm…. Qwazukee 01/14/10 1 01/14/10
Admin Note Note to admins (especially Darth Cliche): When you admin a proposal as failed make sure to have the vote count in For-Against-UnresolvedDef order. That is, if something failed with 1 FOR and 15 Against, write it as: Failed 1-15. rather than Failed 15-1. It just looks better that way. Qwazukee 12/13/09 11 12/14/09
Sidebar The notice in our Sidebar is weird. I think it’s because there are 0 Pending Proposals. Qwazukee 11/17/09 1 11/17/09
[Theft] [United Nomics] Nomics are people, too Create a subrule of Ruleset Theft titled “Members” with the following text: Any nomic may become a member Player of United Nomics Blognomic by having their Ambassador post a message to the group stating its intent to join. Qwazukee 10/20/09 6 10/20/09
Idle Apathetic Lizardman idles, quorum returns to 7. Qwazukee 10/07/09 0
Technical Side Our multiple “Pending CfJ” issue is still here. . . . Qwazukee 10/06/09 1 10/06/09
Cali, or no Cali? yuri incorrectly adminned “movin’ back to Cali”. It was passing, but he failed it. However, I do not have the time to admin it properly right now. . . . Qwazukee 10/03/09 1 10/04/09
Idle Oze goes Idle. 13 Survivors left. . . . Qwazukee 09/30/09 1 10/03/09
Idle Wakukee goes Idle, Quorum is still 7. Qwazukee 09/19/09 0
PM Hey DC, your PM box is full so . . . I want to Investigate arthexis. Qwazukee 09/17/09 3 09/21/09
Idle Dr. Melon goes Idle, Quorum remains 7. Qwazukee 09/11/09 0
Idle Dr. Melon goes Idle, Quorum remains 7. Qwazukee 09/11/09 0
Idle Excalabur goes Idle, Quorum falls to 7. Qwazukee 09/11/09 0
Master Thief? Where did the current Marauding go? Shouldn’t our Food & Water have gone down drastically by now? Qwazukee 09/04/09 3 09/05/09
Idle Amnistar Idles, quorum still 8. Qwazukee 09/04/09 0
Doomsday Cult Announcement Board This is the forum where the Dooms Day Cult (also known as the DDC) can discuss top-secret strategies. First order of business: Secrecy. I suggest that all non-Cult members should not read this Board, so that Cult business will remain secret. That is all. Qwazukee 09/02/09 7 09/03/09
Idle Psychotipath goes Idle. Quorum’s still 9. Qwazukee 08/28/09 0
Idle Wooble goes Idle, Quorum goes back to 9. Qwazukee 08/26/09 0
Fitness Everyone remember to set your Fitness to DICE100 in the GNDT. Qwazukee 08/26/09 2 08/26/09
Dynasty Suggestions Operation: Veto Everything was a success; I vetoed the whole mess so we could just move on to the next Dynasty. I know DC has a number of ideas for the next Dynasty, but if he’s got a few suggestions for us to choose from, here is a forum to… Qwazukee 08/24/09 8 08/24/09
Done In one of the most complicated meaningless actions in history, I have performed the weekly Ruleset cleansing. If I’ve done anything wrong that you want to fix, go ahead. But I think I did it right. Qwazukee 08/23/09 0
Idle As Excalabur returns, SingularByte goes Idle. 15/8. Qwazukee 08/23/09 1 08/23/09
Story Post: Good Deed: Science FIction Name: Bring Science Fiction into the Mainstream Step 1: See the Star Trek Movie About Whales Step 2: Talk About Firefly Step 3: Invent the Lightsaber Qwazukee 08/21/09 1 08/21/09
Question Just wondering, how did the Rule “Underpants Collection” get in the Ruleset twice and the Parallel Ruleset once? Qwazukee 08/20/09 2 08/20/09
Essays I will accept Essays on any major topic in consideration for the related Good Deed, so long as they involve Blognomic in an important way. The Essays should be deep, meaningful, and connected to Blognomic. Qwazukee 08/20/09 5 08/21/09
Story Post: Weather Prediction Contest #1 Detroit, Michigan: Cloudy London, England: Fair Montreal, Quebec: Fair Books: 30 Happiness: 26 Darth Cliche: 0 correct yuri_dragon_17: 1 correct arthexis: 1 correct Pavitra: 1 correct (I’ll accept fog, this time) Other entries are beyond the 48 hour barrier. Since no one got all of their guesses correct, there are… Qwazukee 08/17/09 7 08/22/09
The Holes in Our History Are No Longer So Obvious I have now filled in the Ascension Addresses and dates for the last missing Histories, so there are no longer any red-colored Histories left. This does not mean all of the History is compiled, however; that is far from the truth. I would encourage everyone to continue filling the holes… Qwazukee 08/16/09 0
Story Post: Reward yuri_dragon_17 has participated in compiling the History of a Dynasty other than The First Dynasty of Qwazukee. yuri_dragon_17 has completed an empty section of the History of any Dynasty besides The First Dynasty of Qwazukee. Well, he hasn’t really, but he deserved a reward for updating the Ruleset again. Qwazukee 08/16/09 0
Story Post: History Continuing to Be Made Darth Cliche has participated in compiling the History of The First Dynasty of Qwazukee. Qwazukee 08/16/09 0
Story Post: History in the Making yuri_dragon_17 participated in compiling the History of The First Dynasty of Qwazukee. Qwazukee 08/16/09 0
Story Post: Essay-tacular! Bucky and SingularByte both wrote Waffle Falafel worthy essays. Qwazukee 08/14/09 0
Weekly Scourging Someone needs to blitz the Ruleset for the week, I’m too busy right now. Qwazukee 08/09/09 3 08/10/09
Story Post: Bucky the History Expert Bucky has participated in compiling the History of a Dynasty other than The First Dynasty of Qwazukee. Bucky has completed an empty section of the History of a Dynasty besides The First Dynasty of Qwazukee. Qwazukee 08/06/09 0
Story Post: History in the making This is a notice that Bucky has participated in compiling the History of The First Dynasty of Qwazukee. Qwazukee 08/06/09 1 08/06/09
Story Post: Good Deed: Invent Warp Drive Name: Invent Warp Drive Step 1: Learn About Physics Step 2: Get Lots of Money Step 3: Consult Zefram Cochrane Qwazukee 08/04/09 2 08/04/09
On Completing Good Deeds Some things about completing the Steps of Good Deeds: The only ways that each Step can be “accomplished” are enumerated in the Ruleset. These ways fall under 2 categories: 1. Specifically defined: Written out directly in a Rule, such as: “A Bill Murray can “Find the Whales” by spending 4… Qwazukee 08/02/09 5 08/02/09
Story Post: Good Deed: Making History I Suggest making a Good Deed involving filling in the details of our History Name: Writing the History Step 1: Help Compile the History of This Dynasty Step 2: Make a Real Contribution to the History of an Old Dynasty Step 3: Complete an Empty Section of an Old Dynasty Qwazukee 08/02/09 3 08/02/09
History Question Does anyone still have the second GNO encryption method? I’m trying to compile the last Meta’s history, but I don’t still have it, so I can’t read those Proposals. Qwazukee 07/29/09 2 07/30/09
Our Ruleset Is Hilarious “For the purposes of Dynastic Rules which do not explicitly state otherwise, the Phil is not considered a Bill Murray.” “Weatherteam is equal to half the number of Bill Murrays, rounded down, plus one. If a Rule or other Gamestate document refers to a Weatherteam of some subset of Bill… Qwazukee 07/29/09 4 07/30/09
Ascension Address: You May See This Ascension Address Again “Well, the Vacation sure was nice, but now it’s time to get back to the daily grind. As your meteorologist, I feel it is my duty to place your further attention in the ample paws of Punxsutawney Phil. Phil?” “Thank you for those kind words, Mr. Murray, but I’m afraid… Qwazukee 07/29/09 5 07/29/09
Volleyball Homicide I am drowning Wilson. Qwazukee 07/27/09 1 07/28/09
Idle MacMed goes idle, 10/6. Qwazukee 07/24/09 0
Idle comex, Rodlen, Wooble go Idle. Should be 11/6. Qwazukee 07/24/09 0
Story Post: Talking to Wilson Wilson and I have a nice discussion of the Tour de France. Wilson is an ardent Contador supporter, but I am pulling for Armstrong to dethrone him as leader of Astana. The discussion gets a bit heated, until we conclude that Kloden is as likely to win as anyone else… Qwazukee 07/17/09 2 07/17/09
Hmmm We ended up with the wrong number of Active Tourists, somehow; we have 14 at the moment, not 15. Qwazukee 07/06/09 1 07/06/09
Idle Neil goes Idle. 15 Tourists, Quorum is 8. Qwazukee 07/01/09 0
Idle smith goes Idle. Qwazukee 06/22/09 0
Qwazukee’s Go Fish Hopefully, someone will get the lucky number of 8! Qwazukee 06/22/09 4 06/22/09
Idle Qapmoc goes Idle. 13/7. Qwazukee 06/21/09 0
Idle Sgt. Zed, Bucky go Idle. Qwazukee 06/20/09 0
UnIdle I UnIdle. Qwazukee 06/20/09 0
Idle Neil, delta go Idle. 14 Contestants, Quorum is 8. Qwazukee 06/18/09 2 06/21/09
Qwazukee’s Hat Dance Come on, everyone! Fiesta!!!!! *continues James Brown dance* Qwazukee 06/17/09 6 06/24/09
Diary Entry - 06/17 Qwazukee I’m feeling good. Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good. I knew that I would, now. I feel good. I knew that I would, now. So good, So good, I got you. Whoa! I feel nice. Like sugar and spice. I feel nice. Like sugar and spice. So good, So nice, I got… Qwazukee 06/17/09 1 06/17/09
Voting Event #5 This is a Voting Event. Qwazukee 06/15/09 2 06/18/09
Qwazukee’s Fruit Picking Fresh Tangelos. Qwazukee 06/15/09 4 06/17/09
Qwazukee’s Go Fish The number is 7. Qwazukee 06/14/09 5 06/15/09
Idle TAE, spikebrennan go Idle. Qwazukee 06/11/09 0
Voting Event #4 This is a Voting Event. Qwazukee 06/11/09 0
Diary Entry - 06/08 Qwazukee I had the quite a dream today, leaving me perhaps more tired that when I got into bed. It started with that guy who got Voted Out and then disappeared, The Avenger or whatever he was called. He was trying to produce some sort of movie. The movie’s hero, named… Qwazukee 06/07/09 0
Qwazukee’s Go Fish I would go with 00, to stick with the theme, but I can’t, so how about 11? Qwazukee 06/07/09 6 06/15/09
Qwazukee’s Fruit Picking Get your kiwis, fresh from the garden. Qwazukee 06/07/09 4 06/12/09
Idle Influenza goes Idle. 15 Contestants, Quorum is 8. Qwazukee 06/06/09 0
Diary Entry - 06/03 Qwazukee It’s been a lovely week so far. I’ve spent a lot of time in the Gym getting buff and writing poetry. I question the use of refrigerator space, but I guess with the lack of a real Tetris game, that will have to do. I sure hope the Producers or… Qwazukee 06/03/09 0
Idle SingularByte goes Idle. 16 Contestants, Quorum is 9. Qwazukee 06/03/09 0
Idle Wakukee goes Idle. Down to 16, 9. Qwazukee 06/01/09 1 06/01/09
Idle Oze goes Idle. We’re down to 17 Contestants, Quorum is 9. Qwazukee 06/01/09 0
Voting Event #2 This is the second Voting Event. Note that this is possible because Devenger has gone Idle. As per Rule 1.2 Contestants, Devenger does not count as a Contestant for the purposes of Subrule 2.1.3 Voting Events. By this logic, no Contestant has ever become an Outsider, so a new Voting… Qwazukee 05/31/09 3 06/01/09
Qwazukee’s Go Fish Today’s lucky number is 4, and well may it be. Qwazukee 05/31/09 8 06/21/09
Qwazukee’s Fruit Picking I’m doing it right this time. Come and get your Kiwis. Qwazukee 05/31/09 4 06/02/09
Idleage firefaux and Quazie go Idle. Qwazukee 05/31/09 0
Story Post: Voting Event #1 This is a Voting Event. Qwazukee 05/28/09 5 05/30/09
Diary Entry - 05/28 Qwazukee I had the craziest Dream last night! I was on Mars, that I was sure of, but I couldn’t quite figure out what I was doing. I seemed to be speeding across the surface of the planet at insane speeds. I was drag racing! But there was some small element… Qwazukee 05/28/09 1 05/28/09
Qwazukee’s Fruit Picking This is the corrected version of “Qwazukee’s Picking Fruit.” The tangelos are still legit, though. Qwazukee 05/25/09 12 06/21/09
Qwazukee’s Go Fish 13 Black: Unlucky for some. . . . Qwazukee 05/25/09 12 06/15/09
Qwazukee’s Picking Fruit Got some tangelos. Come and get ‘em while they’re ripe. Qwazukee 05/24/09 8 05/28/09
Diary Entry - 05/23 Qwazukee I’m feeling good! The fruit in this garden is delicious! I’ve seen a few guys crawling to the bathroom like they’re ill, but I don’t understand why; I could hardly enjoy this fruit more. I’ve had a couple epiphanies; I can see that Oze is voting against me, so I… Qwazukee 05/22/09 0
Qwazukee’s Fruit Picking Eureka! Kiwis! Qwazukee 05/22/09 9 06/21/09
Fruit Kevan, you think you can fix FRUIT in the GNDT so that it black-highlights as well? Feel free to add more fruit types too, can never have too many fruits. Qwazukee 05/20/09 9 05/21/09
Diary Entry - 05/17 Qwazukee Well, I had a pretty good day today. Met some nice Contestants today, named “Bucky” and “Kelvin” or something like that. We talked about our homes, I didn’t realize there were British people here too. It seems that all 3 of us share an interest in online nomics. I’m glad… Qwazukee 05/17/09 0
Story Post: (Example) Casting for Cockroach I Cast OJ Simpson to play Cockroach. Qwazukee 05/04/09 2 05/05/09
Story Post: History I did some cleaning up and adding on to the History, in case anyone’s interested. I tried to give the Histories some conformity, and filled in as much as I could find about some of the previously unstarted History pages. If anybody can fill in the missing stuff (believe me,… Qwazukee 04/12/09 5 04/14/09
Story Post: Voting on Act 2 Now that Act 2 is closed, you can vote on the best and worst scenes in comments on this post. Qwazukee 03/23/09 16 03/28/09