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Asleep in the hills I won’t have enough time to play properly this Dynasty—can someone please idle me? Hoping to be back for the next one. Aname 08/31/20 1 09/01/20
Story Post: Gamma Pistol is Restorative to Priora populum Looks like being zapped makes them grow faster. I’m sure we shouldn’t worry about the radioactive glowing leaves. Aname 08/27/20 0
Story Post: Magnetic Gloves are Damaging to Iterium A chunk of Iterium got stuck to the gloves. The sound it made when detached sounded a lot like “ouch”. Aname 08/20/20 1 08/20/20
Scouting: The Island of Blunt Escarpment Somewhat confused by the name, I set off to explore this island and see if there’s anything blunt on it. Aname 08/15/16 2 08/15/16
As Requested Can someone unidle me? Aname 08/08/16 1 08/08/16
Story Post: The Spread   Eight of Cups - When drawn, immediately draw another Card. Three of Cups - When drawn, randomly roll DICE2 in the GNDT. While active, if 1 was rolled when the Card was drawn, any Reader with an odd number of characters in their username is Chosen; if 2 was… Aname 11/26/15 0
Story Post: The Spread   Six of Pentacles - When this card becomes inactive, make all other Upright Cards in the Spread Reversed, and make all other Reversed Cards in the Spread Upright (both including the Card that was just drawn). Five of Wands - While active, drawing a card becomes a Daily Action… Aname 11/21/15 0
Idling I won’t have enough time to participate actively in the next weeks, so I guess I’m going idle for a while. Aname 10/11/15 1 10/13/15
Crime: More Hong Kong The rainwater theft Lynx mentioned? He was there, smuggling the filled bottles across the border with me. Aname 08/28/15 2 08/30/15
A Newcomer Formal request to join? Aname 08/22/15 2 08/22/15