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As below May I also have a wiki password. Soviet Brendon 06/05/12 1 06/05/12
a Can I has unidle plox? Soviet Brendon 05/28/12 1 05/28/12
Unidle I wish to be re-unidled… Soviet Brendon 03/16/12 0
That was a good holiday I go away for 3 weeks and this happens. Please unidle me. Soviet Brendon 01/04/12 1 01/04/12
More Jams If there exists a subrule to the rule “Routes”, called “Jam” amend it to read: A Jam Route has a Scouting Cost of 4. When a Driver drives a Jam Route, that Driver earns 2 Cash and if that route had the punctuation #, removes that punctuation. Immediately after Driving… Soviet Brendon 11/20/11 3 11/20/11
Am I active Not sure if i am still idle as i am not on the list of active players but Bucky has given me an entry on Routes… Soviet Brendon 11/13/11 1 11/13/11
Main street please Please unidle me. Soviet Brendon 11/12/11 2 11/13/11
SB has arrived As above Soviet Brendon 09/30/11 4 09/30/11