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Request to be unidled A metadynasty? Dear me. The Duke of Waltham 05/27/20 1 05/27/20
Duplicate post A nice reminder of what we’re leaving behind with the switch. The Duke of Waltham 05/27/20 0
The mirror crack’d from side to side “How far is it now?” “Two miles, Professor. Oscillation levels rising but within our parameters.” “It seems our calculations are accurate, then… Finally, some good news. And the magnets?” “Everything’s humming, sir. No problems so far.” “That you know of. Observer! Any signs of anomalies?” “Nothing unusual in the Window,… The Duke of Waltham 02/19/20 3 02/20/20
Ascension Address: Peering into the familiar “Slow down, slow down”, protested the Vice-Chancellor, raising her hand to stem the torrent of information coming from the man standing across her desk. “What do you mean, ‘not our world’? I thought we had confirmed that the Quantum Window shows an accurate picture of reality. It’s all happening, in… The Duke of Waltham 02/07/20 0
Sidebar, Your Honour? The sidebar ordinarily shows the names of active players, yet according to the rule “Individuals” it ought to also show idle players, only specially marked. It also implies that being named in the sidebar is part of being a player, but it doesn’t state so outright – nor does it… The Duke of Waltham 02/02/20 2 02/02/20
A case for special consideration We have nine Special Case rules now, and the latest addition (“The Tree”) just doesn’t seem to fit there. This made me realise that a cleanup might be in order, and other rules might be moved out of this section as well, either to the Appendix or to the Core… The Duke of Waltham 02/02/20 17 02/03/20
Ignore this, please Oops The Duke of Waltham 01/30/20 7 01/30/20
Consultation: streamlining Hiatus The following is a proposal draft (see notes): [Core] [Special Case] [Appendix] Mind the gap 1. In rule 4.1 (“Keywords”), insert in its appropriate alphabetical position in the glossary a new definition— Hiatus When BlogNomic is in Hiatus, Dynastic Actions may not be taken, and new Proposals may not be… The Duke of Waltham 12/20/19 7 12/28/19
Duplicate post (Sorry.) The Duke of Waltham 12/01/19 0
Checking out In the sub-rule “Inactive Vanguards”, add a new paragraph as follows: During a Battle, any Adventurer who is not Unconscious or the Monster may add an asterisk to their own name on their character sheet; from that moment and until the end of the Battle then occurring, that Adventurer is… The Duke of Waltham 11/21/19 3 11/21/19
Pointing to card For reasons that shall remain known only to myself, for the time being. (The Monster cannot talk, after all.) The Duke of Waltham 11/20/19 0
The Second Transformation [Monster] Near the Cathedral’s crossing, Kevan is sitting with his back against a massive pier, looking haggard and pale but very much human. The small party of Adventurers is sitting around him, having a quick bite and taking stock of the battle that was raging not long ago. As Kevan tries… The Duke of Waltham 11/18/19 1 11/19/19
Boonless According to the rule “Boons”: An Adventurer with 0 Boons cannot use Battle Actions. This still makes no reference to Human Battle Actions, and therefore continues to include the Monster. Kevan’s first Battle Action was as a Monster Vanguard, in part thanks to the fact that this rule said “Combat… The Duke of Waltham 11/18/19 3 11/18/19
Petition for admission I hereby declare my wish to join your ranks as a new player. Pretty please? The Duke of Waltham 11/04/19 6 11/05/19