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And the final number is… still 22 But now the winner is Josh. Congrats! redtara 05/30/23 2 05/30/23
And the final number is… 22 27… 22! Oh, my God. I won. I won! Recapping our day’s top story: The winner of today’s nomic dynasty is… me, Red Tara. redtara 05/30/23 2 05/30/23
[Fava] The people’s bean Remove the text ‘Exception: Proposals which would change the text of a Core, Special Case or Appendix rule if enacted cannot be Popular on this basis.’ from rule 1.4. redtara 05/15/23 1 05/15/23
Unidle request Yes, I’m an admin, but I can’t remember exactly how unidling works and I don’t have time to figure it out again at the moment. If someone would be so kind as to facilitate my laziness I would be thankful! redtara 03/30/23 2 03/30/23
Story Post: Auction 55 Dade Street redtara 10/26/21 13 10/29/21
Really dejumbling Jumble idles out for real this time, leaving 13 citizens and a quorum remaining at 8. redtara 10/05/21 4 10/07/21
Sudden Death With the passage of Devil’s Hands, Jumble and SupernovaStarbright are suddenly teleported over the idle threshold, falling out of play…. Both idle, leaving 13 active Citizens. Quorum is now 7. redtara 10/04/21 6 10/05/21
Idling again Can’t keep up at the moment. Quorum drops to 6. redtara 08/08/19 0
I idle Quorum is 5. redtara 07/27/19 1 07/27/19
ubq323 idles out Having not commented or posted in more than a week. 7 Wizards, quorum of 4. redtara 07/15/19 0
Duel: I am Ienpw, Master of Duel s Battlefield: Royal Forest Valid Opponents: Kaia Valid Judges: [default] redtara 07/15/19 7 07/24/19
More busy than anticipated I idle out; quorum drops to 4. redtara 08/10/15 0
Convoy: Choo choo! 1. The Supertanker 2. The Solar Bank 3. The Ruined City redtara 07/11/15 2 07/11/15
favicon ‘twould be a nice little decoration. Is there any particular reason we don’t have one? redtara 07/10/15 5 07/11/15
Proto: taking land Reposting my comment here, now that the proposal’s been adminned: Proto: The last person to convoy through a territory owns it. Tribes without any territory can “respawn” wherever they like, including in another Tribe’s territory (thus taking it over). Note that if “Never send an admin” passes, this means it… redtara 07/04/15 4 07/05/15
[Meta] Player activity Hi there, I’m an old player just checking in to see how the nomic’s been doing lately. Out of personal interest I made this chart containing the number of active players per dynasty, and I thought perhaps some of you might be interested: The data comes from the individual… redtara 07/04/15 10 07/05/15
Hullo, what’s this? I unidle. redtara 07/18/13 0
Inactivity I idle out. Quorum drops to 5. redtara 06/28/13 2 06/29/13
Much ado about nothing Tavros idles out. redtara 06/02/13 2 06/04/13
I advance time ssia redtara 05/21/13 0
Hear ye! hear ye! The Noble QuinnR, having not been present at Court for a week, is hereby declared to be Idle! Quorum falls to 9! redtara 05/16/13 1 05/16/13
planet81 idles out. Quorum remains unchanged thanks to the recent addition of a special someone redtara 05/13/13 0
Hail he who is in the place of enbalming, Ienpw, True of Voice, Weigher of Hearts, for he is come. I unidle. redtara 05/13/13 5 05/13/13
I idle…...... Not a fan of the theme. I might be back next dynasty. Quorum remains 14. redtara 06/27/12 0
Eternities map I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong with the wikitable formatting. I’ll let another admin try it (I can do it if it’s not done in ~18 hours). can be used for the randomization if you don’t feel like using the GNDT 100 times. redtara 06/19/12 2 06/20/12
BobTHJ unidles Quorum rises to 10. redtara 06/19/12 10 06/20/12
I’m unidling, again Fun fact: it’s been more than three years since I first joined blognomic. Quorum remains 9. redtara 06/19/12 0
Idling Quorum is still seventeen. redtara 11/01/11 0
And now for something completely different: BlogNomicScript is doing this annoying thing where the new comment count says NaN instead of a number. Does anyone have any idea why? redtara 10/20/11 9 10/20/11
A shining knight from the darkness. I unidle; quorum’s unchanged at 12. redtara 10/20/11 0
I unidle. Quorum rises to 5. redtara 09/28/11 0
Idling Unfortunately I have not much time right now. Quorum’s 8. redtara 09/01/11 0
Refreshing Question: “A Gladiator may not Refresh first two Turns in a row, unless he’s the only Fighting Gladiator.” What does “Refresh first” mean here? “First” before what? (Forgive me if I’m missing something obvious). redtara 07/31/11 3 08/01/11
I smell blood… With a roar from the crowd, famed warrior Ienpw “Jackalhead” III announces his return from retirement. redtara 07/31/11 0
Weird BNScript bug I’ll keep this brief so as not to clutter up the front page, but BNScript does this for me. I should mention that I’m using coppro’s latest update, not the version most of you are probably using. I’d figure it out myself, but I don’t have the time or the… redtara 07/13/11 6 07/14/11
I’ll be away for a month So I idle. Quorum’s 13. redtara 07/02/11 3 07/02/11
I unidle Quorum is still 7. redtara 06/29/11 3 06/29/11
Idling Quorum falls to 13. redtara 05/20/11 2 05/21/11
Startup: Nothin’ Doin’ Enterprises (NDE) We don’t do much of anything. redtara 05/14/11 3 05/14/11
Hopefully breaking a long chain of me unidling and then idling within two weeks, I unidle. What the title says; quorum stays at 9. redtara 05/14/11 0
GNDT Config I’ve moved the color scheme up to the top of the config box so it’s easier to access. It’s short enough that it shouldn’t matter, but if anyone objects, feel free to move it back. It seems not to have broken anything, but if it does I’ll put it back… redtara 04/24/11 6 04/26/11
Et licet. Quorum decem est. redtara 12/07/10 0
Redo! Domus Romanus ludus erit. Incesso. (Grammatica meus corrige, amabo.) redtara 11/29/10 1 11/30/10
J’ai retourné! J’espère que je peux rester plus d’une semaine cette fois. Quorum est neuf. redtara 10/01/10 14 10/03/10
Idling And out again. Quorum is, once again, unchanged. redtara 08/18/10 0
And I’m back Quorum holds. redtara 08/16/10 0
I just played this dynasty; don’t want to play it again. I idle out. Quorum doesn’t change even a little bit. redtara 08/13/10 0
Alethioscript for Chrome All it requires is the installation of this Greasemonkey-type extension and then the installation of the script. Works for me with no issues so far. redtara 08/01/10 1 08/02/10
Other proposal during hiatus Remove “or other gamestate document” from the definition of Quorum in the glossary. redtara 07/16/10 0
Unidling, but…. I don’t have the time to edit the templates, as I’m extremely busy at the moment. I’ll do it in the morning. Quorum’s unchanged at nine (or one?). redtara 07/15/10 1 07/16/10
Idling for a month or more or less. Quorum’s 9. redtara 06/25/10 0
Unidlings ais523 unidles, and so do I. Quorum rises by 1. redtara 06/23/10 0
Out. I idle. Quorum unchanged. redtara 06/02/10 1 06/02/10
Hooks Just 8 hours left to propose new hooks. Then we need to get around to defining them. redtara 05/15/10 3 05/15/10
Story Post: Match: Guessing Game. Guess the final score of my proposal (will be opened after 48 hours). redtara 05/15/10 13 05/17/10
Ascension Address: A Big White Piece of Paper I thought for hours, trying to come up with an ascension address. Then I realized that this image sums it all up. Replace Voter with Blognomicer throughout the ruleset. Replace Returning Officer with Victoriouis Blognomicer throughout the ruleset. Repeal all dynastic rules. And a note: The two pending proposals do… redtara 05/08/10 9 05/09/10
Idles Kalhaan and Roujo idle. Quorum is 14. redtara 05/07/10 2 05/08/10
Dynasty Discussion If you have any ideas for dynasty mechanics, feel free to discuss them here. redtara 05/07/10 9 05/08/10
This is getting ridiculous In the eight months between my joining and Keba’s, we had 170 new accounts registered. In the three months since Keba’s registered, we’ve had seven hundred. The spam accounts are getting out of hand. Is there nothing we can do? redtara 05/05/10 17 05/07/10
A vote for Ienpw is a vote for *true* nomic The most fun dynasty I have played since I joined Blognomic (a year ago on Saturday) was definitely the Fifth Metadynasty. At first, I just assumed that its being a dynasty without an Emperor made it more fun, but I later realized that the difference was not the lack of… redtara 04/28/10 6 04/29/10
Vote for Ienpw for a Simple yet Deep Dynasty He is open to suggestions for a theme. redtara 04/26/10 0
Back. Quorum’s 8. redtara 04/23/10 0
I idle again and quorum remains unchanged. redtara 04/09/10 3 04/10/10
And I return Quorum stays at 11. redtara 03/31/10 2 04/01/10
I idle Too complex a game, not enough time. Player/quorum is 20/11. redtara 03/11/10 0
Zauper hasn’t commented in a week and therefore idles Quorum is still 14. Edit: He doesn’t actually idle now - it’ll be in a few hours. redtara 03/03/10 8 03/04/10
I come as a late arrival. I don’t have the time to update the GNDT right now; I’ll do it later. Did Kevan ever fix that bug, by the way? redtara 02/03/10 7 02/04/10
Suggestion: Integrated Alethioscript It’s just Javascript, right? This would have the advantage of all updates to it being “automatically” applied to everyone, instead of requiring a new download. redtara 02/01/10 1 02/01/10
Possible murderer I have believe that Roujo is a murderer. Take a look at the GNDT. Roujo is the only person who certainly submitted a Dark List. The only other one we know happened for sure is whoever repaired the fusebox. Time for a Crisis? redtara 01/24/10 15 01/25/10
Protosal: Dark happenings When the Executor applies the effects of a Dark List, he must generate a random number between 1 and 10 and apply the effect below for each action: 1-7: The action occurs normally. 8: It is too dark to see; the action fails and its effects are not applied. 9:… redtara 01/20/10 7 01/21/10
You cannot pass. To the list of dark actions in the ruleset add the following:Barricade: Any attempt to enter or exit this room fails until the lights come back on. This action can cause a clattering noise. redtara 01/20/10 1 01/21/10
Can’t leave you alone for a week You guys really got yourselves screwed over there. Not to worry; I unidle: quorum remains 12. redtara 01/12/10 0
Idling This dynasty has changed from clever wishing to an Easter Egg hunt. I idle. Quorum is 12. redtara 01/07/10 0
I’d do these if I could I think there should be forms we can fill that automatically adjust the templates. So we can change the colour scheme without searching through pages and pages. There should also be one for the emperor, so that Sparrowscript and BNbot can just check a certain location and see who the… redtara 01/04/10 8 01/06/10
Scaramouche idles. Quorum drops to 14. redtara 12/24/09 0
Our history has been sadly lacking. For example, how were new players to know of things like Glitch Admins? Or the Wak/Qwaz confusion? Or why PieIsSquare got banned (I still don’t know this)? So I somewhat fixed the problem by creating a history page. The page is still being worked on as I post this, but… redtara 12/20/09 18 12/24/09
Wakukee’s Lamp Is it worth having a GNDT column to track one variable for one person? Isn’t there another way we can track it? redtara 12/13/09 2 12/13/09
I unidle Quorum rises to 7. redtara 12/08/09 0
I idle Quorum is still 7. redtara 12/03/09 9 12/03/09
Oze idles E may be gone from the sidebar and GNDT, but e’s still active. I “render a Apprentice idle”. Quorum is 7. redtara 11/16/09 0
PM bug Has anyone had it recently? Or is it gone? redtara 11/12/09 3 11/12/09
So, what’s wrong? Why don’t the voting icons work? redtara 11/07/09 18 11/08/09
To Admins Someone needs to go through the templates and replace all .gif with .png . I’m afraid I don’t have time right now. This will update the voting icons. redtara 11/06/09 12 11/08/09
I uploaded that header And the voting icons, too. They’re all here. redtara 11/06/09 1 11/06/09
How to Win Create a new rule, “Victory [250 points]”: As a weekly action, any player may declare victory. redtara 11/01/09 5 11/01/09
Test Testing redtara 10/18/09 1 10/26/09
Freshnomic YAYY! but the rule sucks Create a rule named Bob: Any Google member may become a Player at any time by joining the BlogNomic Blog and by making a post that in some way communicates that he wants to become a Player. redtara 10/11/09 3 10/12/09
Protosal: I’m good at everything. Add a new rule, “Victory Conditions”: A player can achieve victory if they meet at least 2/3 of all Victory Conditions simultaneously, and there are at least 3 such conditions. Victory Conditions: **Here go victory conditions eg. reach milestone X, make at least 5 changes to core rules, have never… redtara 10/07/09 12 10/08/09
Core rule Protection Create a new rule, “Protection”: For the Purposes of altering the Core Rules, Quorum is treated as 2/3*X where X is the number of active players (rounding to the nearest whole value), instead of its usual definition. redtara 10/07/09 0
Theme Discuss ideas here. redtara 10/07/09 3 10/07/09
Once Upon a time There were these people who made this magical fairy invention called IRC. It enabled people to be able to talk to each other online without resorting to use of comments. It was very cool. FORSOMEREASON People don’t use it much anymore. In fact, only 3 people regularly use #nomic on… redtara 10/06/09 5 10/07/09
The First Dynasty of Josh It doesn’t exist. Is there a reason, or am I just missing something? redtara 10/06/09 2 10/07/09
Proposal Cap Is it just an antispam measure? Or does it have another purpose? redtara 09/30/09 14 10/05/09
Can someone unlock my user page now? Thanks. redtara 09/29/09 2 09/30/09
Near Spam by yuri, but it’s for the Greater Good. If you’re online, go to the chatroom. Please. We get lonely. redtara 09/27/09 0
WOULD A WIKI ADMIN PLEASE UNLOCK MY USER PAGE I broke no rules, and did nothing to deserve a lock. All I asked was for a name change. I was not trying to change anything else. Also, would whoever unlocks it please revert it to my last edit, as I can’t seem to figure out how. redtara 09/27/09 11 09/28/09
Why ? redtara 09/26/09 10 09/27/09
For some reason my unidle post didn’t work Might idle again. quorum unchanged redtara 09/12/09 0
Is a player Idle just because they’re “marked as such in the sidebar?” The rules state that all idle players are marked, but does not state that all marked players are idle. Unidle is not defined, so we must infer that unidle players are those who are not marked as idle. Nothing says that an unidle player cannot be *marked* as idle, or… redtara 09/10/09 10 09/11/09
Shem, Mossfire, yuri idle I really need to take a break for dynasty or two. I’ll be back eventually…. Quorum drops to 8. redtara 09/02/09 2 09/04/09