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can i get unidled please pleading emoji wdtefv 06/18/22 1 06/19/22
can i get unidled please body text wdtefv 04/16/22 1 04/16/22
Returning from Holiday Sorry I’m late, traffic was horrible and the trains got backed up; what did I miss at the prelim meeting? wdtefv 03/22/22 1 03/22/22
Going Idle While the idea of time-travel may be fun, I find it gives me more headaches than enjoyment. Have fun, y’all; I know I will, watching from the sidelines. @ me when 201 starts. wdtefv 02/24/22 0
New Player I announce my arrival, and my intention and desire to become a player. wdtefv 02/11/22 1 02/11/22