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A Sober Cannibal I would like to be unidled Dewaldo 05/17/18 2 05/18/18
Idle Me Please I haven’t had enough time recently to play effectively and it looks like that might still be the case in the future. Sorry to my bloc-mates. Dewaldo 08/22/17 1 08/22/17
Story Post: Combo: A Modern Prometheus 1 Take debt (Supplies: 10, Debt: 0, Base Camp Supplies: 81 -> Supplies: 20, Debt: 10, Base Camp Supplies: 71) 2 Take rule “Using Supplies” (RulesHeld: none -> RulesHeld -> “Using Supplies) 3 Take rule “Exploration” (RulesHeld: “Using Supplies” -> RulesHeld: “Using Supples, Exploration”) 4 Change Camps (Location: Base Camp,… Dewaldo 07/08/17 0
Challenger Approaching I would like to join as a player in this dynasty. Dewaldo 07/06/17 3 07/06/17