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Did someone say “Metadynasty”? I want to unidle the heck out right now. Jumble 05/27/20 3 05/28/20
Some of these recent proposals seem a lot like DoVs And that’s a bit concerning. What’s the point of DoVs if you can just propose something saying someone has won? Jumble 01/30/20 8 01/30/20
What happens to The Attendant when they get contained? When an artefact is contained, the effects become flavor text. So what happens if The Attendant gets contained? If they were holding an artefact/had something in their collection what happens to it? Jumble 01/23/20 2 01/23/20
Did someone say [Insert SCP cliche here]? I’m back, and I’d like to give BlogNomic a spin again. Jumble 01/22/20 6 01/24/20
Coding = magic, right? Unidle me please it’s code and i want to do code oh my gosh Jumble 09/29/18 1 09/29/18
Logging Out Please idle me. Jumble 09/16/18 1 09/17/18
The Last Straw Please idle me. Jumble 08/25/18 1 08/26/18
Should we do another Blognomic Fun Survey? It’s been a while since the last one and I think many things may have changed since then. Jumble 07/23/18 5 07/25/18
Joining Yes, I want to be a Pawn. Hello everyone! I’m pretty nervous to join but hopefully this goes well. Jumble 05/01/18 4 05/02/18