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Reminder Remember to submit your Recipe to the most recent review! Due to a change in the rules, most of the submitted recipes are illegal. Cook on! Ely 04/14/15 0
Day of Observance: Still blowing. I called a Day of Observance. Spring is ending. Ely and Kevan will be Active Merchants until the next Day of Observance. The incoming weather is Hurricane. Have a nice day. Ely 03/22/15 1 03/22/15
Day of Observance: Blowing in the wind I called a Day of Observance, so Winter is ending. The Incoming Weather is (again) Hurricane. This post is Nigh. The first year of the Ninth Dynasty of Josh is over. Ely 03/18/15 1 03/19/15
Story Post: [Prophecy] Fertility ahead. The Toad and The Eel look upon us with their benevolent eyes, meaning that a time of prosperity and fertility is coming upon us. The Crossed Swords indicate that this prosperity will affect only a few of us. I foresee that by the end of Winter at least one, but… Ely 03/11/15 3 03/12/15
Discreet Neighbour While processing the wannabe day of observance, I noticed that Townsperson Joe Pail had not been assigned an acumen when it was assigned to Josh and RaichuKFM (this was due to Joe Pail not being displayed in the GNDT). I reverted back to when those values were assigned and rolled… Ely 03/09/15 1 03/09/15
The Circle of Life In rule Contingent Proposals, change: If a Proposal (the “Dependent Proposal”) starts with the text “Dependent on X”, where X is the name of a proposal or a list of proposals (the “Higher” proposal or proposals) to: If a Proposal (the “Dependent Proposal”) starts with the text “Dependent on X”,… Ely 03/04/15 1 03/04/15
Harmony and understanding Since I’ve been following this dynasty anyway, I might as well drop in. Please unidle me. Thanks. Ely 03/01/15 5 03/02/15
Meta II - choose your favourite philosopher! Plato for dummies edition Add a new Rule to the Ruleset, named “You think”: In this chaotic time, Players feel the need to bring order in their life, finding some firm points to build on. That’s the why all Players have (also “are a Followers of”, “Follow”) exactly one Philosophy, that defaults at Sensualism.… Ely 10/27/11 6 10/28/11
No time for Art, we’ve got Meta to do Is there a reason for the Appendix to contain the keyword Artist instead of Player? I don’t know if I’m allowed to change it myself. The Appendix is part of the Ruleset, so it should have been changed too. Right? Ely 10/27/11 3 10/27/11
Draft: The darkest secrets If the current Dynasty is a Metadynasty, create a new rule named “For the Greater Good”, reading as follows: Players may join Masonic Lodges in the way specified in the Code of Conduct of every Lodge. If a Player who is part of a Lodge acts against its Code of… Ely 10/24/11 15 10/26/11
Wars are the fuel of history. But the most interesting is the part between wars. Please unidle me. Quorum is too low. Thank you. Ely 10/22/11 6 10/23/11
Going for a swim I don’t like the gameplay of this Dynasty and don’t feel to play a lot of Nomic now, so please Idle me. See you! Ely 09/14/11 1 09/14/11
Eureka! It’s alive! Item: A slime mold Effect: As a weekly action, any player owning a slime mold may increase the number of Portions their slime mold is worth by 1. Ely 09/06/11 6 09/07/11
Story Post: My Preciousss… Eureka! Item: A Victorian Ring Effect: If there are more than 6 Survivors and no Survivor has done so that week, any Survivor owning a Victorian Ring (aka a Bearer) may Rule Them All. They shall lose 2 Sanity and Vote on a Votable Matter with a comment containing the text… Ely 09/05/11 11 09/05/11
Eureka! Fish fish! Items: Fishing equipment and Can of Worms. Effect: If no Survivor has done so that day, any sane Survivor owning both Fishing equipment and a Can of Worms may Go Fishing: they shall roll a DICE3. On 1, they may add a Raw Fish (an Edible Damp Item worth 2… Ely 09/02/11 6 09/03/11
AAA Sleeping Partner Wanted. :P I stupidly got my fishing rod before going to sleep. If somebody wants to keep it while I’m sleeping, I’ll hold their Item during their turn of resting. You’ll find me astern. I’m the one with fluffy ears and pink bow. Ely 08/29/11 1 08/29/11
Story Post: (Bomb) III Flash Bomb Guess what, I get a bomb from the Dispenser! Mwahahahaha! Ely 08/19/11 2 08/22/11
Story Post: (Bomb) II.b time to do it legally I get a bomb from the dispenser Ely 08/13/11 3 08/15/11
Story Post: (Bomb)  That is Mr.Boom, Sir. Here is a bomb! Ely 08/02/11 6 08/05/11
Meaow Please unidle me. I actually didn’t want to come back this Dynasty, but I consider myself trying to save it from the Black Grinding. If my proposal fails, I’ll probably idle back. Hello everyone! Ely 07/23/11 2 07/23/11
Yellow Submarine I’m leaving on holiday for a week. If when I’ll be back the Ruleset is not too corrupted by Black Grinding Mechanics, I’ll unidle. If it is, good luck everyone, see you the next Dynasty! :) Please Idle me. Ely 07/15/11 4 07/17/11
BOOM Hi everyone! I’m ready to BOOM you all. Please unidle me. If at 23:59:00 of tomorrow half the EVC’s of this post contain the text “seriously?”, I’ll make a proposal to change my name to Hello Kitty of Doom. Ely 07/08/11 12 07/12/11
Movements Unfortunately the school year is over and I must handle back the PC i borrowed. :( In addition I’m moving, so please idle me until July. I’m sure there’s someone that will be happy of this ;) Bye bye, and have a nice rest of the Dynasty. Ely 06/20/11 4 06/20/11
to Yoda: Zombies looking for a new home You placed two zombies (1 and 3) in two illegal positions on my plot (not the squares with the least Shade). Please replace them. Thanks. Ely 06/19/11 3 06/19/11
Protosal: One step back, one sideways. Jump. Add to the Core Rule “Ruleset and Gamestate”: If two parts of the Rulesset contradict each other, precedence shall be construed in the following order:  1. The Appendix has precedence over any Rule; 2. A Dynastic Rule has precedence over a Core Rule, unless that Core Rule explicitly says it… Ely 05/26/11 4 05/26/11
Uh. That’s still open, my friend. The CfJ is still open, please revert it. Looks like we crossposted a little. Ely 05/16/11 11 05/16/11
Please unidle me. Whenever I idle of boredom, you guys manage to find a scam to revive things up. That’s just not fair. 批了阿瑟unidle么 Ely 05/16/11 3 05/16/11
No more shares Idle me, please. See you in the next Dynasty. Ely 05/09/11 0
Rules & Co. - Shareholder Meeting: Replace Management New Businness plan: Add (X/5+DICE10-5)*50 Where X is the number of enacted Dynastic Proposals in the last 48 hours. Record Date Information: * Travis - 38 * Oze - 22 * Darkknight - 20 * Ely - 20 Ely 05/07/11 13 05/09/11
Rules & Co. - Shareholder Meeting: Replace Management New Businness plan: Add (X/5+DICE10-5)*50 Where X is the number of enacted Dynastic Proposals in the last 48 hours. Ely 05/06/11 6 05/06/11
Startup: Rules & Co. (RUL) Mr. Rules is concerned about the stagnation of the Economy (and Ruleset) in BlogNomia. He thus decided to start a Company working on Rules production. He proposed a Business Plan of “Number of Proposals and CfJ’s enacted since the last Quarterly Report + DICE5 - 3”, but that may be… Ely 04/29/11 6 05/01/11
We need a Generic Sheep Land Tracker Add to the first sentence in rule “land”: and tracked in a column of the GNDT. Ely 04/19/11 8 04/19/11
I know I’ll regret this. Please make Sheep Ely unidle. Ely 04/18/11 1 04/18/11
Werewolf vs Nomic Since I started a werewolf game somewhere else, and it’s taking a lot of my time, idle Ely. See you as soon as I get killed (pretty soon I guess) Good luck with the new Dynasty. Ely 04/11/11 2 04/11/11
Story Post: learn grunt: stealing prerequisites: grunting cost: 10 field: Art effect: The dumbest cavemen can try to steal things from the others. Unluckily it does not always work. Sometimes they get caught and the Chief hit them hard on the head with the Club of Justice. If they did not try to Steal in… Ely 03/27/11 6 03/28/11
Story Post: learn grunt: basic cooking prerequisites: tools, sky fire cost: 30 field: progress effect: The cavemen can kinda-like burn Raw Meat on Fire. It tastes much better! A caveman with a Fire of any kind in their tools can in any moment change it to a Public Fire or a Private Fire. When giving away… Ely 03/27/11 2 03/28/11
Story Post: learn grunt: engineering prerequisites: advanced painting, thinking hard cost: 70 field: knowledge effect: the cavemen can draw a hut or a house or a machine to help everyday life on cave walls, so that the other cavemen can help them building it. As a weekly action any caveman may make a Contraption blog… Ely 03/27/11 4 03/28/11
Story Post: learn grunt: making chops prerequisites: tools, sky fire cost: 30 field: progress effect: The cavemen can kinda-like burn Raw Meat on Fire. It tastes much better! A caveman with a Fire of any kind in their tools can in any moment change it to a Public Fire or a Private Fire. When giving away… Ely 03/21/11 4 03/22/11
Hunt? What happened to my learn grunt “hunt animals”? I suppose that it should have been enacted by now. Ely 03/20/11 0
Story Post: learn grunt: hunt Prerequisite: Making pointy sticks Cost: 20 Effect: If you throw a pointy stick against an animal, you will get a lot of raw meat. it is not so good to eat but better than starving. again, it does not work with mammoth, for some reason. Any caveman with Knowledge of… Ely 03/15/11 3 03/16/11
Plugin not working Hi! I installed last week the Firefox script to track comments, and it worked very well. I came back from holidays (after logging in with several other PCs) and it does not work! I tried restarting FF, installing and uninstalling it, logging in and out. Any suggestions? Thanks! Ely 01/24/11 7 01/26/11
Moving a rule and implementing teams (not to battle!) Move: As a daily action, an Ant who is above ground may Follow a Trail by spending food equal to that Trail’s Distance. An Ant who Follows a Plant trail may reduce its Size by one to start carrying a Leaf or a Twig. An Ant who Follows a Filling… Ely 01/14/11 3 01/14/11
Hi world! Hello everyone I’m new can I get a player? Many thanks! Bye Elia Ely 01/12/11 5 01/13/11