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Proposal: Call my Architect Add the following to the list of Structures: | Iron Wall || Iron || Land, Sea, Air || 40, 10, 10 | Lightning Rod || Iron || Sea, Air || 15, 15 | Blasters || Iron || Land, Sea, Air || 0, 0, 0* Add the following immediately after the… Josh 03/03/24 0
Look Upon My Works After 4 days of inactivity, and having idled by timeout in the last dynasty, naught is made idle. Quorum drops to 3. Josh 02/29/24 1 02/29/24
No Private Communications declaration There was a brief window between Rubbelt joining the game and me being appointed their Mentor in which we communicated privately, when they accidentally sent me their Serf Allocation instead of JonathanDark. I did not respond to the substance of this communication and instead forwarded it to JD. I have… Josh 02/23/24 2 02/23/24
Slower Roll If Proposal: Best Castles to Live In 2024 was not enacted then this proposal has no effect. In the rules Reputation and Waves, change all instances of the number 5 to the number 2. Josh 02/22/24 3 02/22/24
Cycling down A dynastic washup thread Josh 02/14/24 6 02/14/24
Logging off Naught becomes idle after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 3. Josh 02/07/24 6 02/09/24
Idling out (again) Lest I be a drag on quorum (which is, nevertheless, unchanged). Josh 01/14/24 0
Choose Life Forest idles out after 9 days of inactivity. Quorum is unchanged. Josh 12/30/23 0
Lying in State Post-dynastic discussion thread. Please proceed around the coffin at a sombre but not unnecessarily slow pace; strictly no maudlin wailing. Josh 12/20/23 10 12/20/23
Look Upon My Works Idling out. I think this one got too mired in positional / ‘golden rule’ style play without enough care having been taken to build a game first, and I can’t find a way to care about winning a game that doesn’t seem to palpably exist yet. Quorum unchanged. Josh 12/07/23 2 12/07/23
Too Duel, Too Fateous This one isn’t grabbing me. See you on the next go round. Quorum drops to 5. Josh 10/18/23 0
Story Post: Closing time After a long, tiring day, the humble bookkeeper flips the sign on the door to “closed”. Running his gnarled old finger down the accounts ledger, he gives an occasional raised eyebrow, dusty sigh, or dry harrumph. Finally, he writes four names on the back of a discarded betting slip. The… Josh 10/14/23 1 10/15/23
Story Post: Results Post 13 October On 13 October the following sporting events took place: A game of Giolitti was played between DiFieri and Carpino. Di Fieri had a Pocket of 50 while Carpino had a pocket of 41, but the Grand Canal was Devil, so Carpino was declared the winner. A Blogbots bout took place… Josh 10/13/23 1 10/13/23
Story Post: Results Post 12 October On 12th October: A Boxing match took place between Alicia “Thunder City Cobra” Woo and Wild Man Danny Bannister. Wild Man Danny Bannister was knocked out in the 11th round and Alicia “Thunder City Cobra” Woo was awarded the win. A Blogbots match took place between Hard Hat and CarolAIna… Josh 10/12/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 11 October On 11 October: Scaletti played against DiFieri at Giolitti. Scaletti’s pocket of 49 beat Di Fieri’s 42, but the Grand Canal was Death, so the game was declared to be a draw. A ClingBoom match took place. Laser Mideg was killed in round 3, Cheesecutter Purplebeard in round 5, and… Josh 10/11/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 10 October On 10 October, Penanggalan Hall met Ichneumon Hall at Nomich. Ichneumon Hall won, 64 to 51. On 10 October, The Killing Joke faced Bad Door at Blogbots.The Killing Joke was trashed after 19 rounds, leaving Bad Door the winner. Clucky won Readies for a bet on this event. Josh 10/10/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 9 October On 9 October, a Blogbots match took place between BAD and Credit Score: F. Credit Score: F was trashed after 21 rounds, leaving BAD the winner. Clucky won Readies for a bet on this Event. On 9 October, a Giolitti match took place between Micheli and Di Fieri. The Grand… Josh 10/09/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 8 October On 8th October, a ClingBoom match took place. Cheesecutter Purplebeard and Laser Mideg were both knocked out in the fourth round; Acid Yoda and Buzzsaw Darth Cliche were both taken out by a Stickybomb in the fifth. The result was a draw. On 8th October, a Boxing match took place… Josh 10/08/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 7 October On 7 October, a Clingboom match took place between Cheesecutter Purplebeard, Buzzsaw Darth Cliche, Laser Mideg and Acid Yoday. Laser Mideg won after 7 rounds. JonathanDark and Clucky both won Readies on this bet. On 7 October a Boxing match took place between Wild Man Danny Bannister and Roberto “Silver… Josh 10/07/23 2 10/07/23
Story Post: Results Post 6 October On 5 October Gothmog Hall met Penanggalan Hall at Nomich. Penanggalan Hall won, 56-64. On 6 October The Killing Joke played Bad Door at Blogbots. Bad Door won, trashing Killing Joke in 25 rounds. Josh 10/06/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 4 October On 4 October Credit Score: F played against Ducktank at Blogbots. Credit Score: F was trashed after 25 rounds of play. Ducktank wins. JonathanDark wins Readies from this event. Josh 10/04/23 1 10/05/23
Story Post: Results Post 3 October On 2 October, a ClingBoom match occured with a line-up of Acid Yoda vs Laser Mideg vs Buzzsaw Darth Cliche vs Cheesecutter Purplebeard. Buzzsaw Darth Cliche won. On 3 October Bandersnatch Hall played Gothmog Hall at Nomich. Bandersnatch Hall scored 53 to Gothmog Hall’s 52. Bandersnatch Hall won. Clucky won… Josh 10/03/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 1 October On 1 October, Wild Man Danny Bannister played Rebekka “The Sandman” Dante at Boxing. Rebekka “The Sandman” Dante knocked out Wild Man Danny Bannister in 18 rounds, and thus wins. Josh 10/01/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 30 September On 30 September Carpino played Micheli at Giolitti. The Grand Canal was Devil and Carpino had a pocket of 54 to Micheli’s 37. With the Devil rule in effect, Micheli won. Bucky won 9 Readies and Clucky won 72 Readies from their respective bets. Josh 09/30/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 29 September On 27th September, Ichneumon Hall played Penanggalan Hall at Nomich. The score was 51-66 and so Penanggalan Hall won. On 28th September, Ducktank played Hard Hat at BlogBots. Ducktank was knocked out by TKO in turn 16. Hard Hat won. Bucky won 11 Readies and Kevan won 55 Readies from… Josh 09/29/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 26 September On September 25th a Clingboom match took place. The traps triggered were Acid, Acid, Cheesecutter, Acid, Acid. Acid Yoda won. On September 26th a Gilitti match took place. Micheli’s Pocket contained 0, 12, 7, 9, 5, 1, 4. Di Fieri’s Pocket contained 11, 3, 6, 8, 10, 13, 2. The… Josh 09/26/23 2 09/27/23
Story Post: Results Post 24 September On 23rd September Bandersnatch Hall played Gothmog Hall at Nomich. Bandersnatch Hall drew 8H, QH, JC, 10C, JS, AH, 3C. Gothmog Hall drew JH, 7S, KC, 7H, 10H, 6H, QD. Gothmog Hall won with the final score 60-74. On 24th September Di Fieri played Scaletti at Giolitti. Di Fieri’s Pocket… Josh 09/24/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 22 September On 21st September, Gothmog Hall played Ichneumon Hall at Nomich. The hands dealt were as follows: Gothmog 2C, 5C, 8D, 8C, 6D, KS, KH; Ichneumon JC, 7C, 2H, 8S, AC, 5H, 3D. Gothmog won with a score of 55 to 45. On 22nd September, Micheli played Paparoni at Giolitti. Micheli’s… Josh 09/22/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 20 September On 19 September The Killing Joke won against Credit Score F at Blogbot, 15 to 11. No random selections were made. On 20 September Di Fieri and Scaletti drew at Giolitti, 39 to 39. The Grand Canal was Star. Josh 09/20/23 3 09/20/23
Story Post: Results Post 18 September On 18 September the Bloggbot Master Generator determines a 13 round game, with 🐈 The Aristocrats 🐈 first up to pitch. It was a fast-paced and high-scoring game, with Brawny Bloggers on both teams finding plenty of gaps between the defences of the Pitcher teams. At the final gong, 🐈… Josh 09/18/23 4 09/18/23
Story Post: Results Post 17 September On 16 September I. O. Yoo, fresh off of finding a buyer for his $4.2m listing in the Malibu Hills, sauntered into the ring with the swagger of a champion, ready to defend his heavyweight belt! The crowd went wild - furious boos mixed with a smattering of lusty cheers… Josh 09/17/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 15 September On 14th September the big match in the Achepelagic League was between Ducktank and Dark Lord. Ducktank is a crowd favourite, a ranged specialist who isn’t too shabby at melee either, while Dark Lord is a capable all-rounder with a musly chassis. Ducktank was drawn the 4 position which puts… Josh 09/15/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 13 September On 13 September, the BlogBot Archepelaic League returned! Opening the new season is The Killing Joke vs Hard Hat, which is a little mystifying as we all thought Hard Hat’s pilot was made into a human sacrifice at the end of the last season. But that’s Blogbots for you! Always… Josh 09/13/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 12 September On 12 September the four eternally-reincarnated Gladiators of the ClingBoom arena met for the 4,816th time. Acid Yoda couldn’t get a look in, falling swiftly behind to a laser trap and an arena buzzsaw before being taken out by a slicing cheesecutter. Cheesecutter Purplebeard did slightly better, holding on to… Josh 09/12/23 0
NOTICE: Form Sheet The Form Sheet has been updated with Participants. Josh 09/11/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 11 September The Giolitti Masters game for 10 September and the Soccernomic World Cup game for 11 September were both cancelled due to unidentifiable players. The games forecast for 12/09 onwards are not due to take place, due to new technology allowing for player identification having been invented. Josh 09/11/23 0
Story Post: Results Post 09 September On 9 September a scheduled ClingBoom match was cancelled due to ongoing quantum uncertainty regarding the identity of the competitors. Josh 09/09/23 1 09/09/23
Story Post: Results Post 08 September On 7 September a game was held in the Giolitti Grand Masters Series, which was inconclusive. On 7 September a game was held in the Giolitti Grand Masters Series, in which Paparoni beat Carpino. Josh 09/08/23 0
Ascension Address: And they’re off! Throughout the ruleset change District to Punter and City to Bookie. Change the Dynastic Tracking page to Betting Shop. Josh 09/04/23 0
Activity Report: Tier 1 There’s been a scandal - the High Star Chamber of the Esoteric Corporation of Scryers has disclosed that last month they discovered that one of their senior executives was an Avatar, probably from as many as two to three Tiers above our Techno-Witch Reality. Security will be tight but it’s… Josh 07/05/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 A scientist on one of the outer rim colonies claims to have invented a perpetual motion device, but she also says that she doesn’t know how, only that the steps appear to be perfectly replicable. It all brings the Impossible Drive back to mind, of course, but glitches do happen.… Josh 07/04/23 0
Story Post: Observatory Report On 29 June, Neptune crossed the cusp of Lupis On 29 June, Mars was in retrograde during the sign of Avis On 29 June, Mercury moved into Cetus On 1 July there were 10 Avatars Small Shadowy White Tower has been reprogrammed Gigantic Glowing Grey Figure has been reprogrammed Small… Josh 07/04/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 He’s the perfect politician, but what is he actually saying? If you really concentrate on his words it’s not just that he isn’t saying anything, it’s that some of the words just don’t make sense - they’re out of context, or the syntax is weird, or just a completely unrelated… Josh 07/03/23 2 07/03/23
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 Someone is talking abot building a supercomputer so large that it can simulate an entire universe, that people will be able to inhabit using virtual reality technology. Could just be the natural endpoint of any society that knows that it is itself simulated, or it could be a sophisticated Matterium… Josh 07/02/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 We just saw a guy walking around with a walkman, a neon shell-suit and a bright orange visor. Could be cosplay! Could be a tourist who doesn’t know the difference between retro-futurist reality and techno-witch reality. They are VERY DIFFERENT AESTHETICS. Grey Large Magenta Shadowy Glowing Large Disc Disc Jewel… Josh 07/01/23 2 07/01/23
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 6 I saw someone today whole spectral aura was green. Just green. Not hypervert, not chromalime, not even an n-dimensional tealsselation grid. Just green. Who doesn’t know how to make their spectral aura hypervert? A new trend maybe? Blurry Disc Microscopic Grey Shadowy Reflective Gigantic Figure Onyx Onyx Microscopic Disc Cetus… Josh 06/30/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 Spectrographer Guild discipline seems to have broken down completely and now Mindjackers are pouring back through whatever reality jump points they can find. The amount of data is almost overhwhelming… Shadowy Small Large Blurry Grey Reflective Tower White Large Onyx Disc Disc Can Leonis help you make sense of this? Josh 06/29/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 As the reality-wide Spectographer Guild lockdown reaches its 4th day, Mindjackers are starting to chaff and perhaps some of them are getting careless. What started as a bar scuffle ended up with pocket tachyon diffusers being drawn - but to the best of the knowledge of anyone in Tier 1,… Josh 06/29/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 4 The temperature in the cosmic soup just increased system-wide by 0.0001 Kelvin. It might not sound like much but for a reality-sized soup to increase by a uniform temperature in one go is… unusual. Perhaps, as Day 3 of the reality-wide lockdown continues, the Spectrographer’s Guild is focusing its resources?… Josh 06/29/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 Day 2 of the reality-wide lockdown. This morning an old lady buying groceries was bundled into the back of a van that left five-dimensional exhaust fumes; a converted Matterium engine? Glowing Magenta Immense Tower Blurry White Small Grey Spinning Star Immense Star The stars of Felina snine in the night. Josh 06/29/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 4 Today the Spectrographer’s Guild announced that they were flooding the Tiers to search for the lower-reality intelligencies that were attempting to Ascend. Everyone is laying low but perhaps that’s making the Spectographers themselves easier to spot… Is this mass of protein bubbles on Tier 4 a naturally occuring phenomenon, or… Josh 06/29/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 6 The entity has a spectrail of purple and pink in a zone where red and blue are usually favoured. A statement, or just a sloppy mistake by a careless visitor? Gigantic Shadowy Reflective Tower Tower Microscopic White Small Reflective Magenta White Star Lupis redshifts hazily into view. Josh 06/29/23 0
Activity Report: Tier 4 One of the single-celled organisms in the soup is trying to absorb another in an attempt to become multi-cellular. This is a hard taboo on this level; the protoplasmic police swooped in but the cell in question had fully dissolved by the time they got there. A mundane criminal, or… Josh 06/28/23 0
Story Post: Observatory Report Gigantic Reflective Cyan Figure was found mysteriously dead in Tier 5 At 10h47 on 20 June there were 9 Avatars Gigantic Blurry White Jewel was incongruous under the stars of Panthera Immense Glowing Cyan Star was incongruous under the stars of Serpenta Josh 06/27/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 3 All of the minds in the dreamscape shift uncomfortably as a high-pitched sound - one that they don’t have the receptors to fully experience - cuts through, like metal being torn by hand. Onyx Magenta Jewel Gigantic Figure White Immense Blurry Glowing Tower Glowing Immense Draco guides you. Josh 06/27/23 2 06/27/23
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 A prophet has gathered a following preaching that horoscopes are not the way in which the random seed of the universe is to be interpreted, but actually Myers-Briggs types are, and that society should be ordered into rigorous castes in which ENTPs are afforded all wealth and status while ISFJs… Josh 06/26/23 0
Psychic noise Chiiika becomes idle after 8 days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 3. Josh 06/25/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 3 There has been an outbreak of mundanity in the Dreamscape. A whole sector where the dreams they have are prosaic - dreams of a techno-witch landscape in which people are doing their washing up, or driving cars within the speed limit, or thinly slicing celery stalks. Boredom is not unheard… Josh 06/25/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 4 The electric currents surging through the endless quantum soup that constitues True Reality on Tier 4 have taken to routing around a particularly dense cluster of harsh methane-producing bacteria. These bacteria seem to have been stimulated by the direct - almost directed? - development of a polyp with quantum energy… Josh 06/24/23 0
Quiescence Redtara decides to settle with the level of reality where they’re at, going idle after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum is unchanged. Josh 06/23/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 3 A great catastrophe affects the Dreaming but the dreamers swiftly assume new configurations to bear the load. Something about the dream feels wrong, however, like an attempt is being made to somehow steer it in an unnatural direction. An aftereffect of the shock, continuing to ripple out? Or a careless… Josh 06/23/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 How did we lose that gravball pickup? Venus is in Orichalum and I was wearing my lucky underwear, my match-day socks AND the pendant my astrologer told me would bring me certain victory. It was that one girl on the other team… huh. Now I think about it, did she… Josh 06/22/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 2 A rapid stream of pings around the network towers in the Oort cloud suggest a rapidly-moving consciousness; a child, perhaps? Or a presence that has not yet learned the trick of slowly expanding and contracting the periphery of the self? Large Spinning Glowing Grey Tower Cyan Immense Jewel Jewel Gigantic… Josh 06/21/23 0
Story Post: Observatory Report Gigantic Reflective Cyan Figure was incongruous under the stars of Leonis At 17h56 on 16 June there were 10 Avatars There is no response Disturbances have been reported in tiers 1, 2 and 5, consistent with behaviour from those with star signs Avis, Cetus and Felina Josh 06/20/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 An epidemic has broken out of people walking under ladders and facing almost a decade of bad luck; it seems like someone somewhere is fiddling with some variables. Blurry Star Jewel Microscopic Star Grey Grey Glowing Immense Large Spinning Onyx The stars of Felina may guide you. Josh 06/20/23 0
Activity Report: Tier 3 A meme evoking nostalgia for a time that never occurred jolts through the collective synapse. An unexplained phenomenon, or perhaps the movement of a careless entity… Grey Tower Immense Figure Glowing Reflective Magenta Small Grey Reflective Gigantic Tower Felina is ascendant. Josh 06/19/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 3 From deep in the remote edges of the field of the pyschic dreamscape comes a discordant image - an intense sensation of cold coupled with a profound experience of envy, in a way that sits very uneasily and suggests a lack of familiarity with dreamscape etiquette. Could it be? Glowing… Josh 06/18/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 A post on social media from someone who *swears* she saw a man in the supermarket pull up some kind of front-end coding interface and then disappear, right in the middle of the produce aisle. Worth investigating? Reflective Gigantic Onyx Star Shadowy Blurry Onyx Figure Magenta Gigantic Figure Microscopic The… Josh 06/17/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 They say “a rolling stone gathers no moss”, so when all of the rolling stones in a village start acceleratingly accreting moss you know that something must be up. Onyx Grey Microscopic Blurry White Tower Jewel Immense Shadowy Gigantic Shadowy Disc Ursida wheels in the sky overhead. Josh 06/16/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 A good sign of an avatar is someone who too flamboyantly knows too much - someone living out a power fantasy, where they have all the money, all the prestige, for no effort. Here are three corporate CEOs who seem to have almost outrageous luck; which one could be an… Josh 06/15/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 Did that person just…? That can’t be right, their horoscope gives them no latitude at all for that kind of thing. Cyan Immense Cyan Gigantic Spinning Star Figure White Spinning Figure Large Reflective Feels more like a Leonis thing to have done, don’t you think? Josh 06/14/23 0
Story Post: Observatory Report At 15h33 on 9 June 2023 there were 10 Avatars. Josh 06/14/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 The movement of an entity makes the hair on your arms stand up; something is subtly wrong on Tier 1. Gigantic Grey Glowing Gigantic Magenta Jewel Figure Grey Glowing Small Reflective Figure What does this mean? The stars of Ursida glow above you. Josh 06/13/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 We’ve picked up a Careless Mover in the Techno-Witch Reality. Here’s what we know: they have the Leonis star sign and some of the following characteristics: Figure Figure Gigantic Star White Microscopic Reflective Magenta Cyan Microscopic Reflective Reflective Josh 06/12/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report: Tier 1 Microscopic Cyan Small Reflective Star Glowing Cyan Figure Tower Large Shadowy Magenta This acitivity occurred in Serpentia Josh 06/11/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report Tier 1: Large Blurry Figure Reflective Grey Cyan Shadowy Immense Disc Small Magenta Disc Tier 2: Grey Glowing Immense Shadowy Disc White Glowing Star Tower Immense Cyan Immense Josh 06/09/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report Tier 1: Spinning Magenta Spinning Tower Star Gigantic Immense Onyx Grey Gigantic Spinning Tower Tier 2: Spinning Microscopic Small Star Grey Small Blurry Grey Jewel Disc White Blurry Josh 06/08/23 0
Meanwhile, in parallel dimension Lulu becomes idle after 4 days of inactivity, having flunked out last dynasty as well. Quorum remains 7. Josh 06/07/23 0
Story Post: Observatory Report At 11:51am on 5 June 2023, there were 10 Avatars. Josh 06/07/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report Tier 1: Grey Shadowy Jewel Small Spinning Shadowy Microscopic Jewel Onyx Jewel Grey Small Josh 06/07/23 0
Story Post: Activity Report Tier 1: Gigantic Glowing White Figure Large Blurry White Star Gigantic Reflective White Star Microscopic Glowing Cyan Star Large Reflective White Disc Immense Spinning Onyx Tower Immense Glowing Cyan Star Microscopic Blurry Cyan Star Large Reflective White Tower Small Blurry Magenta Disc Josh 06/04/23 5 06/04/23
Ascension Address: Every Planet We Reach Is Dead The Impossible Drive. An engine for a spaceship that could fold through three-dimensional space and travel across unlimited distances in an instant. No-one knew how it worked, only that it had been made by accident. You could replicate the same steps to get the same result but other than that,… Josh 05/31/23 0
Free City Post dynasty chat Josh 05/31/23 11 06/01/23
This is why we don’t do metadynasties Snisbo has been made idle after nine days of inactvity. Quorum drops to 4. Josh 05/20/23 0
Regional Development Forum: Ivangrad-Zanir-Vitagrande Capability: 9 Motions: Brand : Ivazanita Develop : Crystal (primary) Build : Industrial Zone in Vitagrande Josh 05/14/23 2 05/22/23
Down the pub Lendunistus becomes idle after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 5. Josh 04/19/23 0
Review Board Hello Review Board. The Candidate is me, Josh, and I would like to be AUTHORISEd, please. Josh 04/17/23 6 04/19/23
Enough’s enough Add a new location to the table in Locations, as follows: | Backyard || 100 || Cellar [10], Forest [45] || Broken 3x, Metal 0x, Bulky 1x, Fabric 0x, Organic 2x, Electronic 0x Give the Cellar a route of Backyard [17]. Josh 02/25/23 2 02/25/23
[Search] Tent rummage This is a search in the Makeshift Tent. Josh 02/23/23 1 02/23/23
Sleep it off Jumble becomes idle after 7 days of inactivity. No change to quorum. Josh 10/22/22 0
Idle Talk I unidle; quorum is unchanged. Josh 10/07/22 0
Parts Mart A place for Operators to kick back and chat now that the league is done. Thanks for playing everyone! Josh 09/01/22 14 09/01/22
Story Post: Tournament Bout 7: Dark Lord vs Hard Hat [Brendan vs SingularByte] It’s a beautiful, star-filled night here at the Arena Halls. The outside façade of the building is lit up by roving spotlights and thousands of pin-prick fairy lights, giving the whole thing the feel of a canopy of stars - or, if you like, CrowBot’s chassis after CarolAIna Reaper was… Josh 08/31/22 0
Story Post: Tournament Bout 6: CarolAIna Reaper vs Hard Hat [Habanero vs SingularByte] As is traditional, the semi-final Bout is a little unusual as it is not held in the Arena Halls. Instead, it is held in a bamboo clearing in the mountains above the city; there is no audience, and the Operators wear only the simple teal robes of penitent monks. In… Josh 08/30/22 2 08/30/22
Story Post: Bracket Update: Round 3 Josh 08/28/22 0
Story Post: Tournament Bout 5: B.A.D vs CarolAIna Reaper [Trapdoorspyder vs Habanero] Reports are coming in of 2 hour queues at the New Cortex Jetdrome - something like five times the usual footfall, all people trying to get to the finals in time, many of whom don’t have tickets - they just want to be here, to soak in the atmosphere and… Josh 08/28/22 0
Story Post: Tournament Bout 4: DuckMech vs Hard Hat [SupernovaStarbright vs SingularByte] Up on the hill, the smoke can already be seen as the area is spiritually cleansed for the final Bout and the subsequent winner’s ceremony. Friends, I can assure you that the Cult of the Dark One has been working overtime this year to ensure that we have a really… Josh 08/28/22 0
Story Post: Tournament Bout 3: Dark Lord vs Killing Joke [Brendan vs Darknight] The Duke and Duchess of Physiy are in attendance today… Clearly the matters that occur here are of international importance but it is unusual to see the representatives of the secluded forest Kingdom here in the Archipelago. And what a match to join us for! The number 1 seed, Dark… Josh 08/28/22 0
Story Post: Bracket Update: Round 2 Josh 08/26/22 0
Story Post: Tournament Bouts 1 and 2: Darknight vs Lendunistus and SupernovaStarbright vs Maldor ... and if you are joining us now then you will witness the last few moments of the tournament opening ceremony, as three hundred youths parade with bared chests and waving flags, as a reminder that we do all of this - the League, the Tournament, all of it -… Josh 08/26/22 0