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The Botmother comes to make bots Chiiika unidles and returns to Blognomic to make bots. Who knows what bot she’ll make? Chiiika 07/16/22 2 07/16/22
The Botmother Returns Unidle Chiiika. Chiiika 01/16/22 1 01/16/22
Story Post: More Auctions 9 Arveg Lane Chiiika 10/26/21 8 10/30/21
Breakpoint Arrived Okay, we got the Break up. But if we don’t resolve the underlying problem, this Break ain’t gonna do anything. Chiiika 08/04/21 48 08/07/21
Introduction - Chiiika Fluff and more fluff: *flipping more and more notes from desk* “This seems fun.” Chiiika straightens herself, then opens a portal again to….. somewhere. “Where will I go? Nevermind.” Important part: Chiiika wants to formally joins as a player. Hope we all have a great time here! Chiiika 06/21/21 1 06/21/21