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It’s been a long time… Alright, let me get back into this. Perfect timing, what with the new dynasty and all. Can someone please unidle me? Thanks! h2g2guy 11/04/10 1 11/04/10
Protosal:  Teamwork and Treason If the Proposal titled “We Are Not Alone, now with proposal power!” failed, this Proposal does nothing. If the Proposal titled “Don’t Dream It’s Over, with one hundred percent more proposal!” failed, this Proposal does nothing. Add the following to the end (that is, before subrules) of the rule “We… h2g2guy 07/28/10 4 07/29/10
I can’t miss this dynasty! Please unidle me. Thanks. All hail the High Programmer! h2g2guy 07/28/10 1 07/28/10
Finally, some Nomician action! Please unidle me. I wanna be a part of this! h2g2guy 07/15/10 3 07/15/10
Problem with timing in Pending Proposals sidebar? I just posted the Proposal ‘Unan1mous’. Literally, just posted. At 21:19 UTC, roughly. Although it was a pretty short rule, it took me a while to find all the loopholes I could and fix them; about 58 minutes. But when I looked at the age of the post in the… h2g2guy 06/04/10 3 06/05/10
New Player Hello, everybody! Terribly sorry to have made a few votes before making this post, I missed that part of the rules. Anywho, I’d like to become a part of this game, using the handle ‘h2g2guy’ (without the quotes). Thanks! h2g2guy 05/15/10 1 05/17/10