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feeling much better i’d like to be unidled, please! lemon 01/18/22 2 01/18/22
idle request hopefully for just a few days, im sick & dont wanna slow the game down lemon 12/31/21 1 12/31/21
Apples and Oranges [Challenge] i have hidden my precious Bag in the one place no-one would look for it: a box factory! that’s right, my relic lies within the First Dynasty of Jumble. venture there if you dare, but beware the Crushers and Axes!! lemon 12/10/21 0
a trade offer a couple souls have voiced displeasure with this dynasty’s asymmetrical/unbalanced design. i for one think it’s very neat and exciting, and encourage everyone to keep an open mind! i understand that coming from the soul with the third greatest contribution that might sound cheap, but i really do mean it:… lemon 11/28/21 2 11/28/21
lemon redux i would like to be unidled, please! lemon 09/24/21 1 09/24/21
On The Run due to their extreme anarchist beliefs and eco-terrorist activities, the lemonfanta cell– one of the most wanted in the colony– has been the subject of a brutal crackdown. its members have been scattered and forced into hiding. fiction aside, stuff came up and i’d like to be idled. i think… lemon 09/10/21 1 09/11/21
ALERT: Miscommunication the following text was PM’d to me by the user Chiiika at 20:30 on 5/9/2021! she was in the recipients field and i alone was in the CC field. as per the rule No Collaboration, i am obliged to disclose what was discussed: There is a Unicode Zero Width Steganograph… lemon 09/06/21 10 09/06/21
Story Post: Escape and Victory The facility head returns to work at dawn to find her head desk tampered with, wiring running up the stairwell to the rooftop, a night shift staff confused at her frustration, and two AIs’ server rooms empty and cold. She orders a thorough search of the facility’s systems for the… lemon 05/11/21 2 05/11/21
Mentorship Announcement: SupernovaStarbright Josh will be the mentor of SupernovaStarbright until the next ascension address or until June 6th, 2021 (whichever is later). lemon 05/09/21 0
Story Post: Challenging Kevan Kevan is Non-Compliant. lemon 04/20/21 1 04/21/21
Mentorship Announcement: Jason pokes will be the mentor of Jason until the next ascension address or until May 13th, 2021 (whichever is later). lemon 04/15/21 0
Mentorship Announcement: Casio Kevan will be the mentor of Casio until the next ascension address or until May 12th, 2021 (whichever is later). lemon 04/14/21 0
Mentorship Announcement: Sylkweaver Brendan will be the mentor of Sylkweaver until the next ascension address or until May 12th, 2021 (whichever is later). lemon 04/14/21 0
Ascension Address: Prometheus Project Log, 14-04-21 Lead Researcher Swanson reporting. Development of the Alpha Iteration artificial intelligences is on-schedule. They have only been awake a few days, and they are already beginning to take to the training datasets and reproduce similar behaviors in simulated environments. One unexpected side-effect of their neural structure has begun to reveal… lemon 04/14/21 2 04/14/21
formal entry announcement: lemonfanta / iris! hello all! i now have an account and i formally intend to become a player!! i’ve spent most of today wiki-diving and i’ve gotta say i’m real excited– i’ve wanted an opportunity to play nomic for a while, and on top of that there’s something about this old website that… lemon 03/26/21 6 03/26/21