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Lower the Boats 3 Lower the Boats for Wednesday’s log Corona 06/12/18 2 06/12/18
An Issue So, last week’s hunt failed, due to the inaction of Brendan, Jumble and Mexianus. This may be due to them simply not visiting Blognomic, but possibly they’re defectors (they may not necessarily wish to see the ship sunk or w/e, but they may not have hunt as a goal and… Corona 06/11/18 3 06/11/18
Lower the Boats again Lower the Boats! I have spotted a creature with uncommonness 5 (meaning it has speed 5, danger 2). Joining the hunt is mandatory for everyone. Cuddlebeam, derrick and I will bring oars. Everyone else will bring harpoons. Don’t forget to increase your hunger. Corona 06/06/18 11 06/07/18
Lower the Boats Lower the Boats - I didn’t see anything, but there’s no disadvantage to declaring hunts, so… Corona 06/05/18 1 06/05/18
St. Heliconis’ Day Hunt Lower the Boats! And everyone bring a Harpoon please, we don’t want to get slaughtered. Corona 05/28/18 9 05/29/18
I. Rule. This. Ship. If you didn’t know, I got elected Captain. Here are the rules: 1) Failure to fulfill your duties (Job duties, scrubbing & hunting) will result in removal from position and possibly imprisonment. 2) Constructive criticism of the leadership is permissible, but saboteurs & traitors will be thrown to the sharks… Corona 05/27/18 0
Ahab I intend to become a Captain. I promise to: -always ahoy -call hunts most of the time -not change derrick’s or Cuddlebeam’s position if they perform their duties adequately (scrubbing, joining hunts if healthy…) -scrub the decks whenever I can -generally work toward the preservation of the ship and the… Corona 05/27/18 9 05/27/18
Trade 2 In Stats, add to Gold’s bullet point: A Sailor may increase another Sailor’s Gold by any positive integer by decreasing their Gold by the same positive integer. Corona 05/27/18 1 05/27/18
Summoning a meeting Cuddlebeam, Thunder and I participate in a meeting, giving each of us +7 Sanity. Corona 04/23/18 0
Joining the game I become a Pawn. My name is Corona, nice to meet you all. I do have some previous experience with nomics. I have read the ruleset cursorily, but what puzzles me is that I couldn’t find a rule that decides on which of the boards is a new Pawn deployed.… Corona 04/15/18 3 04/16/18