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Your Honor, may I approach the bench? I’m back!!! Please unidle me. Diabecko 12/28/18 1 12/28/18
Story Post: Hunting for naught I had too much pepper for dinner so I decided to go for a walk to ease the pain. After a while I came upon a clearing, and right before me stood a magnificent gryphon! His head would make a perfect addition to my throne room, so I ran back… Diabecko 04/23/18 0
Story Post: Strange encounter I wandered the land in search of jester-executioner-and-now-traitor Pokes, to have him thrown down a well. Happening upon a young boy, I questioned him on the subject and… oh wait… it was a girl if I recall correctly. Her name was, um, Alice, yes that’s it. She seemed a bit… Diabecko 04/17/18 0
Story Post: Royal concern #5H I am bored but I cannot remember who my jester is. Thunder, is it you ? Diabecko 04/04/18 2 04/16/18
Story Post: Royal Concern #4H Pokes! Why is Grynk’s head still on their body? Diabecko 03/24/18 3 03/27/18
Gotta shake things up! The dynasty is clearly lagging. What elements do you people think are the most problematic ? - the theme ? - the current mechanics that are hard to build on ? - the visual style ? - the board layout which is difficult to read ? Personally I would say… Diabecko 03/24/18 8 03/26/18
Story Post: Royal Concern #3 Thunder! Where is that proposal I asked you to write for me? I’m out of ideas! Heads will fall if I haven’t got one on my table by tomorrow! Diabecko 03/21/18 2 03/24/18
Story Post: Royal Concern #2 Where did I put that bag of tax money I spent all day collecting? I was sure I left it here before taking my tea. ElMarko! Have you seen a bag lying around? A rather large one, that makes a jingling sound? Diabecko 03/13/18 12 03/20/18
Home squares I’ve sent the randomly chosen home squares to all those concerned by the hearts board, but I wasn’t sure how to consider contractions. For example, is “haven’t’” one word or two. This is important not only to calculate Combat Power but also for vulnerable words. Would the person with “shouldn’t”… Diabecko 03/11/18 6 03/12/18
Ascension Address: Waking up ? Alice rubbed her eyes. ‘Oh dear’ she muttered. ‘It happened again.’ Change Resident to Pawn and Government to King. Repeal all dynastic rules except for “Swifter Than The Admins” Diabecko 03/09/18 1 03/09/18
Story Post: Cranky Grasstooth Every morning I find myself wishing it was… um… how do they call it again… you know… when the leaves turn red and the cold comes around, and… ok sometimes they’re yellow really, or brownish I suppose… so you’ve got red or yellow or brownish leaves and it’s getting real… Diabecko 12/19/17 1 12/20/17
He’s alive !!! MY GNDT changes are a bit chaotic but to summarise I randomly chose my abilities (woundlicker, acid spitter), my diet (humanised toxiphage…), and the distance to advance. Diabecko 12/18/17 2 12/18/17
Ascension Address: The incident “This is head of security sir. There was an, um, incident this morning.” “Again ? We can’t afford to lose staff members at this rate. It’s growing increasingly awkward to justify this, and—” “—Not to worry. No-one has died yet. It appears we have experienced an act of sabotage or… Diabecko 12/11/17 0
Story Post: For no reason… I posted two Tessered acts, then created two water shards to use heat and transfer the acts to Grynk. Diabecko 12/09/17 2 12/09/17
Story Post: [Tessered 10] Why not? I make a shard. Diabecko 12/09/17 0
Story Post: [Tessered 10] Hmmm… I make a shard. Diabecko 12/09/17 0
Story Post: [Tessered 1] Blah I give a shard to the Tesser named Diabecko. Diabecko 12/03/17 1 12/03/17
Story Post: He did it ! I pointed to Grynk to make the Archmaster watch him. Diabecko 11/29/17 2 11/29/17
Story Post: I perform abundance All in title Diabecko 11/29/17 4 11/29/17
Story Post: Destroyed water shards I spent a Water shard to rotate the Tesseract north, then spent a Fire shard to cast the heat spell which caused the instability to rise above 5 and thus destroy all remaining Water shards. Diabecko 11/29/17 1 11/29/17
why is Cuddlebeam being watched ? If I followed correctly, noone payed to make the Archmaster watch someone, and the rule does not state that any player should be watched initially, so why is Cuddlebeam being watched ? (hate to be nitpicky here but he’s already gained 1 power as a result and considering the victory… Diabecko 11/28/17 4 11/30/17
Story Post: Casted gamble I cast Gamble but lost. (+1 wisdom) Diabecko 11/28/17 3 11/28/17
Story Post: Casted growth I’ve just casted growth. I should gain 1 wisdom but I have no idea how to add the wisdom column to the GNDT. Diabecko 11/28/17 0
GNDT not accessible I can’t access the GNDT. In its place I see a copy of the whole page. Is this just me or does everyone have this problem ? Diabecko 11/28/17 5 11/28/17
Story Post: [Tessered 5] Still thirsty I make a Water shard. Diabecko 11/26/17 0
Story Post: [Tessered 5] Thirsty I make a Water shard. Diabecko 11/26/17 0
Story Post: [Trade] Attempt #2 I want to give 1 Water shard to Cuddlebeam in exchange for 1 Fire shard. Diabecko 11/26/17 2 11/26/17
[Trade] One-time deal! I want to trade 1 Nature shard with Cuddlebeam, in exchange for 1 Fire shard. Diabecko 11/25/17 2 11/26/17
Story Post: Performing tessered acts I make 2 water shards and give them to card, according to my tessered acts. Diabecko 11/24/17 0
Story Post: [Tessered 3] Tada! The Tesser named Diabecko creates a shard and gives it to the Tesser named card. Diabecko 11/20/17 0
Story Post: [Tessered 3] Drum roll… The Tesser named Diabecko creates a shard and gives it to the Tesser named card. Diabecko 11/20/17 0
Format of Tessered acts on wiki I changed the format of Tessered acts on the wiki to indicate who owns the act (important since they can change owners) and to show the exact text that was posted (as the rule states). Also I suggest we do not change the number indicating the length of the Tessered… Diabecko 11/19/17 2 11/20/17
Story Post: [Tessered 5] Shards everywhere ! The Tesser named Diabecko makes a shard. Diabecko 11/14/17 0
Story Post: [Tessered 5] Looks like it’s shard-making class… The Tesser named Diabecko makes 1 shard Diabecko 11/14/17 0
Hello Hello people :) I’ve come to play BlogNomic. I tried once over ten years ago (different account) but I think I only lasted about a week. Hoping to stay much longer this time. Could you please mark me as active for the next dynasty ? Thank you. Diabecko 11/04/17 2 11/04/17