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Story Post: [Map Guess] Larrytheturtle, I accuse you of mapping to the rule Grading GenericPerson 07/17/16 3 07/18/16
Teaming up problems There’s still some undefined stuff in the Teaming Up rule I’d like to resolve. Two main issues: 1: How two players can watch each other isn’t present. 2: Scribes don’t seem to be able to have a status, let alone have identical statuses. In other words, neither criteria is possible… GenericPerson 07/07/16 6 07/07/16
Just a little harmless change Append the following quote to the rule HHGTTG: The President of the Galaxy is official position. Append the following quote to the rule Official Positions:The President of the Galaxy - If The President of the Galaxy stops being mostly harmless, they stop being The President of the Galaxy. GenericPerson 07/06/16 3 07/06/16
In regards to deferential votes and random encounters A deferential vote is treated the same as the Editors vote. Should the Editor be against a Proposal, and all deferential votes become against, this probably means they count towards the random encounter rule. So if you’re unsure about a proposal, you might be unsure about whether that player should… GenericPerson 06/28/16 2 06/28/16
Scribe of the Week This was a terrible idea. GenericPerson 06/21/16 3 06/22/16
Joining I sort of forgot about this for awhile, but the current dynasty setup looks interesting. I’ll probably only be able to access this via phone in the coming weeks, but I’d like to be added as a player all the same. GenericPerson 06/16/16 1 06/16/16
A miniboss? Create a new rule “That Lumbering Troll” as a subrule of “Creatures”:  That Lumbering Troll’s stats are: Strength-3 Dexterity-20 Constitution-30. Its health is 30 Its loot is a Great Club, a Hide Gloves, an Enhanced Potion of Strength, and an Enhanced Potion of Constitution. After That Lumbering Troll takes damage,… GenericPerson 04/21/16 4 04/21/16
Request to examine the dead On account of the fact that we’ve got a dead skeleton lying around, I’d like for us to examine the dead. That Pesky Dragon has 100 health. It is not Dead. That Thirsty Skeleton has -8 health. It is Dead. That Angry Scorpion’s has 20 health. It is not Dead.… GenericPerson 03/20/16 2 03/20/16
Arrival I’ve been watching this on and off for a little while, and have finally checked the site at a time when a new dynasty is starting. My sense of timing is awful sometimes. I suppose I could have joined while things were in progress, but I much like to start… GenericPerson 03/17/16 8 03/17/16