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It’s been far too long… I’m back. I’d set my GNDT stuff if I could actually remember the configuration password. Would a fellow admin mind sending it to me? Players go up to 14, quorum is 8. Rodlen 02/09/11 1 02/09/11
Rodlen, Admin cancels Play Blognomic: Interrupted by Lack of Free Time Idling. Quorum goes down to 10. Rodlen 04/09/10 0
Maid dead Well, someone killed the maid after he brought me to the Basement. You glimpsed someone murdering the Maid. It was either the Admiral, the Banker, the Diplomat, the Professor, a Stranger, the Vicar or - and this can’t be right, but it did look a lot like you - yourself…… Rodlen 02/19/10 18 02/21/10
Returning, too lazy to actually unidle self Hi, guys! I’m back…and lazy! Rodlen 01/16/10 5 01/16/10
DOV Discussion Area Damn it, we went over 100 again. Rodlen 08/24/09 59 08/25/09
And I come back in to do some adjustments. I’m back. Too lazy to unidle myself. Rodlen 08/22/09 4 08/22/09
Diary Entry - 06/09 Rodlen Multiple attempts to destroy Pi cheat sheet failed. Unfortunate. Adventures of High Command is still a great show. So is that new show, Dimension Cops. Yay for cop shows. Bit unrealistic, though. Oh, and this reality TV show I’m on is being shown on the DDA Entertainment Channel. Woo. ...wait…this… Rodlen 06/09/09 0
Story Post: Fishy Luck Well, I was getting a three from Qwazukee’s Go Fish pile, but the Host’s escape left me with a four due to the water! How lucky! Rodlen 06/03/09 0
Diary Entry - 06/03 Rodlen So, here I was, sitting in the lounge, watching Adventures of High Command (what idiots) and sipping my Bonk! Energy Drink (it’s fulla radiation!), when a Cessna 500 was teleported into the bunker. I think we may have a new escape route. Our new computer was just brought in. It’s…unimpressive.… Rodlen 06/03/09 0
Diary Entry - 05/31 Rodlen I have ordered a bunch of food. I hope a Cessna 500 fits in the fridge. And good timing, too. I doubt that the fruit is very good for our health. *part of diary seems burnt out* is working *burnt* and Agent *burnt*ing the fruit. I just fixed the camera… Rodlen 05/31/09 0
Diary Entry - 05/27 Rodlen Well, my search of the crates came up with some good things. Some more microwavable meals. A few snacks as well. Frying pan. A few assorted tools. Some of that “Bonk!” energy drink. A first aid kit. I also found some old computer games. Also, I found someone called “yuri_dragon_17”… Rodlen 05/26/09 2 05/27/09
Rodlen’s Fruit Picking I found some tangelos for dimensional stability! And stomach stability too, I hope. Rodlen 05/22/09 9 05/26/09
Diary Entry - 05/23 Rodlen I’m going to need a bigger gun. Plan is working. DDA uniform hidden. BuckyStar Cafe reopened here. Heh. I remember that crazy dimension’s one. And is that the interdimensional equivalent of Mr. Smith? Found the basement. Just crates in there right now. Will open crates soon, for dimensional stability. I… Rodlen 05/22/09 0
Um… Rodlen 05/20/09 11 05/21/09
Diary Entry - 05/18 Rodlen DDA infiltration successful so far. I, Rodlen, am here. Bunker full of crazies. Devenger became problem quickly. Bucky keeps on trying to cook for us. For Dimensional Stability. Rodlen 05/18/09 1 05/18/09
We have a problem! Devenger forgot to count Bucky’s auto-vote in Reorganize the Ruleset, and so it failed! The fair play section has been changed since then… So, what do we do? Forget about the proposal that should have passed? Forget about the change? Leave the change, but move Fair Play to the core… Rodlen 05/11/09 9 05/12/09
Aquila goes idle 13 players left, quorum of 7. Rodlen 05/06/09 1 05/06/09
Losses Arthexis and Hix go idle. Quorum is now 7. Rodlen 05/04/09 0
This Post Is In the Future!  AKA A Wakky Idea I posted this on the 14th, to find out how Wakky made his invisible post. EDIT: This is exactly how. He posted it…IN THE FUTURE! Date craziness. EDIT: Moving to the 14th, commenting, moving to the 15th. EDIT: Moving to 14th, but at a time after the comment was made.… Rodlen 04/14/09 8 04/17/09
Story Post: [Skirmish] No, John, you are the demons. Creatures from bad fanfics are attacking. Run away. UPDATE: Enemy Combatants now correctly identified as per Rule 2.1.4. Nonetheless, kill that dress sense. - Propaganda Officer Devenger * 1 Confused ‘Space Marine’ cosplayer (5 health, 2 armor, 2 damage) * 5 Surgical assistants (5 health, 0 armor, 3 damage) *… Rodlen 03/07/09 28 07/30/09
Story Post: Wakky…reported me. I would like to start this report by thanking the General for order #14. That order allows me to report Wakky for reporting me. Heh. Rodlen 02/24/09 0
Story Post: DDA information is confidential, Qwazzy. Qwazukee mentioned confidential information involving the DDA. He is reported, as we DDA agents should be secretive. Rodlen 02/24/09 1 02/24/09
Does the enemy exist? Does it? Rodlen 02/20/09 1 02/21/09
Story Post: Foul, foul Wakky. Wakky thinks that the enemy doesn’t exist. Ugh. Rodlen 02/20/09 0
Story Post: Reporting myself I enacted a proposal that hurt Amni. Rodlen 02/19/09 2 02/20/09
Story Post: Nobody said it had to be a post on the nomic. Singularbyte posted a bunch of stuff asking about the existance of our Enemy on the WIKI. That is still posting it. MWA HA HA. Reported, kid. Rodlen 02/18/09 3 02/19/09
Loyal stuff from your friend in the DDA! Hello. The enemy exists…because the General wouldn’t be as awesome without them. We have many weapons. We have few skirmishes because the Enemy is scared of us. Thank you. This was a message from the Dimensional Defense Agency, the greatest force of heroes EVER! Rodlen 02/18/09 6 02/18/09
Story Post: Har har har, Gnauga… In reporting Darth Cliche’s actions, Gnauga quoted one of Darth’s offending questions. As no soldier may post anything containing a question like that, Gnauga is a fool. I, as Commander Rodlen of the DDA a simple ammo clerk, rather dislike that. I hereby report Gnauga’s accidental evil action. Rodlen 02/17/09 8 02/18/09
Uh…why am I still considered an Admin on the sidebar? I voluntarily resigned from adminship. Therefore, I’m not an admin. On the sidebar, I’m noted to be an admin. Rodlen 02/11/09 1 02/11/09
[guessing] ... Drag Racing on Hungry Mars Rodlen 02/10/09 0
[guessing] Har… extra special prize hint stock credits fuel and get yourself a good car make proposals Rodlen 02/10/09 1 02/10/09
[Guessing] ...MWA HA HA Drag Racing on Sol for Good Cheese Rodlen 02/08/09 4 02/08/09
Security Okay, I’ve changed my password, stopped the auto-logins, logged out after I play, and even changed my GNDT password. Is there anything else I can do to prevent other people from accessing my account? Rodlen 02/06/09 8 02/08/09
As discussed in IRC, should we move? We have been having problems with EE lately, a few of which are game-breaking. (unclosed tags destroying everything, glitch admins) Should we move? Rodlen 02/05/09 17 02/07/09
So now I’ve been set to a non-admin illegally I am aware that I’m under suspicion. I’m aware that someone edited a post as me. However, I have changed my password. Oh, and taking away admin powers is only meant to be done through proposal. So can I have my powers back? Strike that. Just read a new comment… Rodlen 02/05/09 10 02/05/09
There is one S in the theme I just got in to see there has been a huge misunderstanding. Apparently, I made a typo and got everyone to believe they had already solved the riddle! What I meant in my comment was that there was ONE word from that guess that showed up in the Theme, but… Rodlen 02/02/09 1 02/02/09
Enhancements don’t work. You can’t eat a recipe. You can taste one, but that isn’t eating it. Rodlen 02/02/09 1 02/02/09
Wakky broke the GNDT. Look at his guesses. Rodlen 02/01/09 16 02/02/09
[Guessing] Moon cheese V2 Space Race to Taste the Moon… Arth you never responded to this -Amnistar Rodlen 02/01/09 8 02/04/09
A Highly Paranoid and Slightly Insane Look At Illegal Editing Rodlen: RODLAN WUS HARE. Kevan: Stop. Rodlen: Ok. Imposter: RODLAN WUZ HARE. Imposter: WAKUKEE WUXZ HARE. Rodlen: ...WUZN’T ME. Players: We accept that. Imposter: ALL STAF MAMBORS AWE BARE. Players: Wuz that RODLAN? Rodlen: I wasn’t even on when this got edited. Or even posted. Players: AAAAAA!!! (Players panic) Darth:… Rodlen 01/27/09 27 01/28/09
Would DDA emergency rations be considered edible? That…is the question. Rodlen 01/20/09 2 01/21/09
I’m noticing more RODLAN WIZ HAREs than I made… Yeah. Rodlen 01/18/09 10 01/18/09
[Guess] Cooking Show I guess that this is the Cooking Show dynasty… Rodlen 01/15/09 8 01/16/09
75th has been sent the veto icon It may take a while for the icon to be replaced, though. Edited by Arth: I added an important comment to this post, so please check it out. Rodlen 01/15/09 8 01/15/09
I just smashed the oath of fealty in BLO. The second sentence in the Oath of Fealty for BLO only appears in BLO, as it refers to the specific faction it is written in. Therefore, it is smashable. I smashed it. I beat your plan, Yoda. Now you don’t have as many GG. Rodlen 01/13/09 2 01/13/09
I have decided to have one bone. Nobody can have 206 bones at any time now. Rodlen 01/12/09 4 01/13/09
Reloading and killing self I shoot myself after reloading, getting the relic. Rodlen 01/12/09 6 01/13/09
Wow.  WOw.  WOW.  WOW! I just broke BLO. Now nobody can break bones. The number of bones broken is based on the number of dangerous actions taken in a citizen now. Rodlen 01/12/09 3 01/12/09
Shooting the gun I shoot myself in the head, taking no damage, as I have not done any dangerous actions in this citizen today. I break no bones, so I get the BLO relic. Rodlen 01/12/09 1 01/12/09
HEY!?! WHO’S BEEN FOOLING AROUND WITH THE TEMPLATES!?! Where did the top image go!?! Rodlen 01/11/09 5 01/11/09
[DDA] DDA Official Noticeboard Current Notice: All agents, be careful. Dangerous threat Yoda has been spotted attempting to infiltrate BLO. He must be weeded out immediately. Lethal force is allowed. Rodlen 01/10/09 13 01/13/09
Deja vu This is going the same way as the last dynasty. CfJs by the ton, spam CfJs (Ban all Citizens!?!), and stuff like that. Wow. Rodlen 01/08/09 2 01/09/09
Enter GNO, my allies.  Enter GNO and end the evil plot. Now! Strike now! Rodlen 01/08/09 0
...We need more admins, and ones who aren’t as lazy. Wow. I’d admin this mess, but I’m too lazy to admin a huge amount of proposals. Rodlen 12/28/08 5 12/28/08
Dynastic over core Add the following text to the end of rule 3 Glossary: *In cases of conflict, dynastic rules override core rules. Rodlen 12/19/08 2 12/19/08
Finally I’ll officially start the metadynasty tomorrow. Rodlen 12/19/08 11 12/19/08
This Dynasty from my (very paranoid) view Rodlen: Yay, I’ve worked hard to get my Relationship x PP up and ahead of everyone by far, through very fair methods! Yoda: I’m going to make a Secret Rule that will guarantee that Rodlen loses, as he won’t be able to go down far enough to win. (secret rule… Rodlen 12/18/08 7 12/18/08
I just noticed something Nobody ever seems to get any sleep in the plot. They seem to be awake at all times. Rodlen 12/18/08 0
The war continues… 11:59 PM Jason Smith quickly rushed to get his microDRC. He, with a few weapons, pretty much wiped out the Shade security force, and took the device, as well as a lot of flebotnum. He then returned to the DDA/DDF, and met with Rodlen. However, some of Shade’s goons somehow… Rodlen 12/14/08 10 12/15/08
But wait… 7:00 PM A few of Shade’s goons snuck into the DDF HQ and hid. They had been told that the DDF was planning on escaping later in the night. Rodlen 12/14/08 1 12/14/08
Isn’t this random? Positive: Graveyard (useless) Negative: St Matthew’s (useless) Rodlen 12/14/08 0
Abandoning Dimension 7:23 PM “All this time, Jason Smith has been a trap. He brought out our enemies. Those enemies are going to be killed…after we exit this dimension with Agent Smith. Now, we know that Shade, Eljefe, and Arthexis are out to get us. I have hired a squad of assassins… Rodlen 12/14/08 7 12/14/08
To copy Eljefe’s idea… If you wish for Jason to live, please donate to me. Not Eljefe. Me. Rodlen 12/13/08 4 12/14/08
Black and grey morality 11:06 PM “Police are investigating the mad bombings of the Shade warehouse and a local antique shop. Sources say that these incidents are believed to be connected.” crackled the radio in Rodlen’s office. “Dammit, they know too much. I guess I’ll get some assassins to kill every officer involved in… Rodlen 12/09/08 1 12/09/08
Random Occurance King Anthony Library: Positive Sidewalk: Negative Ouch. No plot seed for this yet. Rodlen 12/07/08 6 12/08/08
Plotting bombings… 10:10 PM A DDA/DDF undercover agent entered Arthexis’s shop, knowing that Arthexis was working with Shade. Said DDA/DDF agent hid a small bomb in a product when Arthexis wasn’t looking, and then purchased a small black box. The agent left the building. A few minuted later, the bomb was triggered.… Rodlen 12/07/08 3 12/08/08
Finally… Some DDA/DDF High Command members were found dead. Their deaths were “accidental”. Everyone rejoiced. Spending 50 bucks to gain relationship. Rodlen 12/07/08 0
Plot explosion A pair of men in security uniforms wandered around the Shade warehouse. These men, who most thought were security guards, were actually DDA/DDF (High Command is full of idiots) agents. They were speaking on their walkie-talkies. “Kalumson, is your bomb set?” “Yep. Yours, John?” “Nope…” A gunshot was heard on… Rodlen 12/04/08 5 12/06/08
Hey, where is the Occupations wiki page? Read the title. Rodlen 12/03/08 2 12/03/08
Randomness occurs Buckystar: Positive Jen and Berry’s: Negative No plot seed yet. Rodlen 12/03/08 0
Plotting my recovery 11:10 AM “As you all know, there was a major security breach yesterday involving an attempt to move the DDF/DDA Local HQ across dimensions. I have spent some money to make the base shifter only respond to me.” Rodlen said, facing the DDA/F again. Rodlen 12/03/08 1 12/03/08
Plot and funding December 2, 12:01 PM “My friends, our preparation shall be boosted today. Donate to the research department. Aid it in researching, and we may become better prepared. I myself have contributed 100 dollars to it.” Rodlen said, facing a swarm of DDA/DDF/whatever agents. Rodlen 12/02/08 2 12/02/08
More seeding “Salvage squads, get as much as you can from the few helicopters we shot down! We cannot allow Shade to use things like a bunch of nukes, a killer dolphin, and the device that caused the Antarctica Rift!” shouted Rodlen. “Sir, this really isn’t helping us stay secret.” said Kalumson. Rodlen 11/24/08 3 11/26/08
Random Occurance In the City Hospital, the person who smashed Jason’s window had come in to recover. He was identified because of the blood from the cuts on his hands, and is arrested. As nobody is there, nobody gains any relationship. Meanwhile, in Arth’s Antique Shop, a customer finds Jason’s cell phone… Rodlen 11/24/08 0
Planting some seeds… 9:24 PM Jason Smith attempted to sleep in the DDF HQ, after the midnight incident. He had a hard time, though, as there were helicopters inside. Meanwhile, in the Commander’s Office, Rodlen was surprised by a young DDF patrolman. “Sir, there are black Shade helicopters outside, armed with machineguns!!!” said… Rodlen 11/24/08 2 11/24/08
Something you guys may be interested in MWA HA HA!!! This has to do with what is going on right now. I made it as a joke to point out the annoyingness of the common use of the [evil] tag in an earlier dynasty. Rodlen 11/23/08 6 11/23/08
An Idea Okay, we need a graveyard. We really need a graveyard. Rodlen 11/18/08 2 11/18/08
Unidling self I’m unidling myself. Quorum is still….SIX!!!! Rodlen 11/14/08 1 11/14/08
Idleing Qapmoc and Ambi Valent are now idle. Quorum is 4. Rodlen 10/13/08 1 10/14/08
The Idleathon Amnistar, Devenger, Joe, Oze, SPBM, Spikebrennan, Thrawn, and Truman Capote go idle. Quorum is 5. Rodlen 10/08/08 1 10/09/08
Goodbye, Amnistar Agent Amnistar was lost in the rift today after inactivity for a week. Quorum is still 5. Rodlen 06/18/08 0
Agent lost Agent jmrdex was sent on a routine scouting mission a week ago. He has not returned. Quorum is 5. Rodlen 06/17/08 0
Planar Management: The Man of the Hour was quite Sour, while the Overlord tried to bring doomsday The Sour Man of the Hour Purplebeard Rodlen 05/29/08 6 05/30/08
The Planar Actions This is where I will post the actions of planar entities. Magnus is spotted shirtless by a washing machine, desperately trying to wash the :veto: out of his shirt. Rodlen 05/29/08 3 05/31/08
Still more actions. Magnus swings the big clock at Anthony, angrily. It hits. Whirring and buzzing. “NO, you fool, you activated the time bomb!” says Anthony Magnus says “Well, you stamped the veto icon on my favorite shirt!” and runs away. Rodlen 05/29/08 0
Magnus does more! Magnus spills lice on Anthony, and stamps the for icon on his head, like this: :for: Anthony immediately shoots Magnus with his VETO GUN! Rodlen 05/28/08 0
Anthony does something too Anthony is spotted pulling a veto gun out of the time machine. Rodlen 05/28/08 0
Magnus does something Magnus is spotted carrying a big clock out of the DDA time machine. Rodlen 05/28/08 1 05/28/08
Story Post: Planar Management: Madness + Magnus We have Mad King Anthony and Magnus Hirschfeld up for grabs. Rodlen 05/27/08 5 05/27/08
Planar Entities that I am okay with *Not Chuck Norris. In fact, any proposal even mentioning Chuck will get vetoed. *BlogNomic references are perfectly fine. Having Mad King Anthony would be nice. *Serious planar entities are good. *No bad jokes. *No internet memes. *No Chuck Norris. Rodlen 05/24/08 4 05/25/08
I have a few ideas: *A leadership statistic. *A rank for players with at least 1 point in leadership. *Missions (yes, I know we did missions last dynasty) *Outside allied groups (I just feel like getting X-Com into this mess) *Planar being types *Recruitment and command of troops (based on leadership stat) Rodlen 05/21/08 0
Okay, we need to convert the site to the new dynasty Does anybody know how to? Also, can someone please make a new image for the top? I suck at image manipulation… Rodlen 05/21/08 51 05/28/08
My Ascension Address Ahem. The year is 2169. Scientists working with interdimensional portal development made some big mistakes. Because of that, a large interdimensional portal covers the whole of Antarctica. We here in the Dimensional Defence Agency must stop anything from coming out of that portal. The DDA is led by I, Rodlen,… Rodlen 05/21/08 1 05/21/08
Goodbye, Captain We have lost contact with captpir8 for 7 days. He is presumed idle. Quorum is 6. Rodlen 05/20/08 0
Henchman missing Henchman Ivan Hope has not attended our meetings for 8 days, and is therefore presumed idle. Quorum is 6. Rodlen 05/19/08 0
Story Post: Operation: SPYCES 27 Requirements: Any Henchman may join this operation. Effects: Each henchman who joins the operation must include in their comment in which they join the operation whether to train the Spy in MS or INT. Each henchman may only choose one or the other, and no henchman may change their decision… Rodlen 05/04/08 12 05/06/08
Someone, please post the following as the proposal Operation: SPYCES Start a new Evil Operation: Requirements: No requirements. Effects: Each henchman who joins the operation must choose whether to give the Spy MS or INT. The Spy will, on resolving the operation, infilitrate the Elephant Culinary Artists’ HQ. To get in, the Spy will have to get a uniform, by… Rodlen 05/02/08 0
Good. You all saw what I pointed out. All the fail-changing and veto-changing EVIL proposals were just getting annoying. So I chose to stop them by bringing out my DOV. And you did exactly what I wanted you to do. Rodlen 04/21/08 1 04/21/08
Doomsday Guys, the Doomsday Device exists. I’m serious. Rodlen 04/15/08 0
Comments and Fixes Weapons exist. They give bonuses for missions. Weapons may only be created by the Overlord or by successful proposals. The Storage Zone wiki page is used to keep track of the weapons, their requirements, bonuses, and the amount in the Storage Zone (SZ) at the time. There is a column… Rodlen 04/10/08 12 04/15/10