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Story Post: Rumours of wars The defence of Rome must be a priority Appoint the Captain General of the Church! Thrawn 10/12/15 8 10/14/15
Ascension Address: Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum Habemus Papam! The most Eminent and Reverend Lord Thrawn. Viva la Papa! In truth, he is simply a compromise between bitter enemies, an old and already dying man chosen to give them time to plot and scheme in hopes of winning the tiara for themselves. All dynastic rules are repealed.… Thrawn 10/07/15 4 10/08/15
Attack: Kevan ais523 and I get ready to ambush the warden when he leaves tonight. Thrawn 10/05/15 6 10/05/15
Crime: Fine Footwear I gave Purplebeard the metal shank from my boots. Thrawn 10/04/15 5 10/05/15
Story Post: Attack: Tantusar Purplebeard, the Suspect, and his accomplice Aname are finally ready to begin their bloody business after complaining of being overworked. Thrawn 09/27/15 6 09/30/15
Attack: Tantusar With the Locker Boys done for, I’m making Purplebeard, with his accomplice Aname, go after that suspicious looking quiet guy Thrawn 09/25/15 4 09/25/15
Attack: Josh I’ve ordered Purplebeard, the suspect, and his accomplice Aname to take down the leader of the Locker Boys. Thrawn 09/23/15 4 09/30/15
Crime: With intent to Gawk Aname and I were the leaders of a Mopery gang. Thrawn 09/22/15 2 09/23/15
Crime: Political Dealings Darknight helped me steal a set of compromising photographs of the Governor of Franklin. We needed to convince him to approve several construction projects in Acre County Thrawn 09/21/15 2 09/22/15
Crime: But is it art? Aname and I stole Tracey Emin’s Pillowcase, replacing it with a carefully designed forgery. Thrawn 09/20/15 4 09/21/15
Snitch: In for a Pound Josh is keeping a bunch of stolen cars in a storage shed in Pennsylvania, so he can sell them when he gets out. Thrawn 09/16/15 6 09/16/15
Crime: Making a withdrawl Back when I robbed banks, Aname was the getaway driver Thrawn 09/13/15 4 09/15/15
Crime: Another Fine Vintage I’ve been sneaking juice, fruit, and bread to Josh so he can brew some Pruno in his toilet cistern. Thrawn 09/12/15 6 09/12/15
Rumour: Fine Vintage I hear that ShareDVI is brewing pruno in his cell. Aname’s his accomplice, stealing OJ and bread from the kitchen. Thrawn 09/08/15 1 09/08/15
Crime: Second Storey Username5243 and I were burglars. A few years ago he helped me steal Lady Blackacre’s emerald necklace. Thrawn 09/06/15 2 09/07/15
Crime: Telemarketing Hey you, need a phone? I got iPhones, I got Nokias, Motorolas, whatever. Just smuggled them in from outside. You want one, give my buddy Purplebeard a few cartons of smokes and I’ll get you the goods. Thrawn 09/04/15 4 09/05/15
Request to Unidle: Thrawn Hi everyone. I haven’t played for quite a long time, but I’m interested in getting un-idled and joining in. Thrawn 09/04/15 2 09/04/15
Oops, sorry everyone. I’d like to be unidled. I was on holiday for a week, and overestimated the reliability of the internet where I was staying. Thrawn 01/26/10 5 01/27/10
Un-Idling I’d like to be un-idled. Thrawn 01/14/10 1 01/15/10
Unidle Thrawn I’d like to be unidled. I think that this dynasty will be a bit more interesting for me than the election one. Thrawn 09/21/08 1 09/21/08
Debate resolution 1 As president, I would create a system that would regulate how pirates and ninjas would collect hidden treasures of the isles. I would also put into place an honor system to prevent any more cases of a pirate or ninja using sneaky tricks to achive a goal. Underhanded tactics… Thrawn 08/16/08 5 08/17/08
Debate 1 Length: 30 Venue: 40 Entry Cost: 2 Issue: Looking back through the archives, it seems the Pirate vs Ninja war was only ended with a sneaky trick. As President, what would you do to bring lasting peace to the Islands? Thrawn 08/13/08 2 08/13/08
Partisan, Take 2 (First Reading) Add a new rule titled “Position”  Each Candidate has a Position, tracked in the GNDT. A Candidate’s Position may be “Left”, “Centre” or “Right”. A new Candidate has the Position “Centre”. As a weekly action, a Candidate may change their Position to any of the possible values. “Left” and “Right”… Thrawn 08/13/08 3 08/13/08
Now I’m Back… I’d like to be de-Idled please. Thrawn 08/09/08 1 08/10/08
Venus in Pisces Thrawn 12/08/06 0
Neptune in Pisces Thrawn 12/08/06 0
Sun in Cancer This time it’s another day Thrawn 12/07/06 0
Sun in Cancer Thrawn 12/06/06 1 12/06/06
The Moon’s Terrible Core in Scorpio Thrawn 12/05/06 0
Mars in Scorpio Thrawn 12/04/06 0
Mercury in Pisces Thrawn 12/03/06 0
Venus in Scorpio Thrawn 12/02/06 0
Venus in Cancer Thrawn 12/01/06 0
Neptune in Aquarius Neptune is in stellium with Eris and Mercury. Thrawn 12/01/06 1 12/01/06
We need more Admins Twelve proposals are pending. 9 of them are over 48 hours old and all of these have all votes the same or Imperial. Could someone who can still make proposals please propose to make some more people admins? Also, I think somethings wrong with the Lost List. I added Tommy,… Thrawn 12/01/06 2 12/01/06
Sun in Cancer The temptation to make a joke in very bad taste is great. Thrawn 11/29/06 1 11/29/06
Jupiter in Cancer Jupiter is in conjunction with the Moon Thrawn 11/25/06 0
Ruleset Problem The first paragraph of rule 2.12 Great Old Ones is in rule 2.11 The Librarian. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to fix it, so please tell me if I can or fix it if you’re an admin. Thrawn 11/23/06 1 11/23/06
Eris in Aquarius Eris is in conjunction with Mercury Thrawn 11/22/06 0
Moon in Cancer The Moon is now Dignified Thrawn 11/16/06 0
Angry Mob Add the following to Rule 2.7 Vegetables who are “Demonstrating” and have an inclination other than Dictatorial or Anarchist may often make a comment to the GNDT of “Protest: DICE3”. The Top Banana’s beard length is reduced by the result of the Protest dice roll. After doing so the vegetable… Thrawn 10/19/06 0
Cheese Cheese is awesome. It tastes great and goes well with both pizza and lasagne. It is probably the second most awesome thing ever, so it must be the opposite of Clucky"s beard. Clucky’s beard is so bad that even one strand of it cancelles out an entire supermarket of Cheese. Thrawn 10/15/06 1 10/15/06
Cheese Cheese is awesome. It tastes great and goes well with both pizza and lasagne. It is probably the second most awesome thing ever, so it must be the opposite of Clucky"s beard. Clucky’s beard is so bad that even one strand of it cancels out an entire supermarket of Cheese. Thrawn 10/15/06 0
Problem with DLs The Potato Mines haven’t been added to the list of DLs Thrawn 10/14/06 2 10/14/06
Unidle me I have just returned From my holiday so please Set me to active Thrawn 10/12/06 1 10/12/06
Idle Me I request to be made idle. I won’t have regular internet access for a few weeks. Thrawn 10/02/06 1 10/02/06
New Musician Thrawn takes his seat and gets ready to practice his part in the overture. Thrawn 08/26/06 2 08/27/06