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Out of Focus Chiiika is idled out after seven days without making a post or comment. Quorum remains 4. Kevan 04/16/24 0
Story Post: Snap 032: Private Furlong Kevan 04/15/24 3 04/15/24
Story Post: Snap 029: Chalk Kevan 04/12/24 6 04/12/24
Criteria Change I reset my Private Criteria. The previous ones were: 1: Doesn’t contain Bank tube station. 126 (7b777de27f7c227bf2699cb536954692ef27f8801e17986e52bc2e9386be0585) 2: Doesn’t contain Euston tube station. 361 (7aa144e6d2c72a9f74539c7583b7688ee9848f4a183931cf10af6f1f7462722d) 3: Doesn’t contain Morden tube station. 751 (e3dc6188d88bc38d3cdbaa65dc20399cb6356c70a9e29e038cfe7ea59712a4c7) 4: Doesn’t contain Chalk Farm tube station. 925 (93d1b6ab92567622526a3a45ea8028e18556095ab68eb5a5823f98822b104711) 5: Doesn’t contain Balham tube station. 651 (b2f2086d1e8c18d64b250201aedab178eab100d253d099b728826a7d854eed41) Kevan 04/08/24 1 04/08/24
55555 the Hard Way I claim the Outstanding Composition score for having five private Criteria, each of which has an Unsatisfying score of 0 and a Satisfying score of 5. Kevan 04/08/24 0
Story Post: Snap 026: Bark Kevan 04/08/24 3 04/08/24
Story Post: Snap 023: What That World Will Be Like Kevan 04/05/24 8 04/07/24
Numbers Station My past criteria were:  “Satisfies the text of my 1st secret key. 512” (1ea215bf02e5ab52d84d96fbbf3613fdddfab6523225199abd3bfdfa8d9beaf4)  “Satisfies the text of my 2nd secret key. 104” (1242c17d00981c1b0dda6a0057641ddc5e05b28caeb80344947d5f68f6765599)  “Satisfies the text of my 3rd secret key. 826” (87cd6b2d06353f6f51aa0ea460c0f5129b14d12d730d0b46939662d0a64f8636)  “Satisfies the text of my 4th secret key. 912” (04cdc91b436b3cd04efda5f85d9568f052c3b64ab407fc6b1f9184b135799a0f)  “Satisfies the text of my 5th… Kevan 04/02/24 0
Criteria Change I’ve realised that both of my last two criteria setting actions were invalid at the time they were performed, so I’ve rolled them back to their last legal values. This invalidates my Satisfaction claims on the last four photos but, I think, nothing else. It doesn’t change my response to… Kevan 04/01/24 1 04/01/24
Story Post: Snap 020: Trees Kevan 04/01/24 5 04/01/24
Story Post: Snap 014: If Josh Wins The Trite is currently “sky, pole”. Kevan 03/26/24 7 03/27/24
Snisgo Snisbo idles out after seven days without a post or comment. Quorum drops to 3. Kevan 03/22/24 0
Poked Pokes is idled after seven days of inactivity. Quorum remains 4. Kevan 03/22/24 0
Story Post: Snap 012: Squirrel The Trite is currently “sky, pole”. Kevan 03/22/24 7 03/27/24
Story Post: Snap 008: Postbox The Trite is currently “sky, pole”. Kevan 03/17/24 6 03/17/24
Story Post: Snap 003: A Path The Trite is currently “sky”. Kevan 03/11/24 10 03/11/24
The Old Pretender Redtara idles out after seven days with no posts or comments; as a result of timing out, they will idle out in just four days next dynasty. Quorum remains 5. Kevan 12/10/23 0
Duel and Duality A post-match commentary post, for the dynasty that has just ended. Kevan 11/27/23 10 11/27/23
Failed to Place Snisbo idles out after seven days with no posts or comments. Quorum drops to 3. Kevan 10/13/23 0
Failed to Place Pokes idles out after seven days without a post or comment. Quorum drops to 3. Kevan 09/19/23 0
Dark Horse Darknight idles out after seven days without a post or comment. Quorum remains 4. Kevan 09/17/23 0
New Dead City A post-dynastic discussion thread. Kevan 09/04/23 9 09/04/23
Plenary Session #1 - Abundance The first of the plenary sessions focuses on food security and distribution. Districts will be rated with 0.2 Score per People , 1 Score per Food and 1 Score per Defence . Kevan 09/03/23 0
Dilemma #30 - The Protestors As the districts begin to gather in the final harvest of the year, security advisors warn that groups of citizens still opposed to the conclave process are planning to stage protests and interventions during the imminent plenary sessions. It is as yet unclear how disruptive, if at all, their action… Kevan 09/01/23 5 09/03/23
Dilemma #29 - The Scavengers The lights reveal small packs of wild carnivores roaming the city at night, unfazed by the street lighting and opportunistically attempting to break into food stores and waste bins. They’re causing some minor structural damage and occasionally diverting the attention of security patrols, but otherwise don’t seem to be a… Kevan 08/31/23 6 09/01/23
Dilemma #28 - The Lights Rumours spread again of dark and unfamiliar shapes moving through the city streets at night, prowling silently from door to door and always gone by the morning. Some say they are wild animals scavenging for food, while others suspect spies from rival districts, or wanderers from other regions of the… Kevan 08/30/23 5 08/31/23
Dilemma #27 - The Vehicles Most districts still maintain a few biofuelled runabouts for difficult haulage jobs and other emergencies. With leaders jockeying for position in the upcoming Conclave, some advisors suggest converting some of these pickups into patrol vehicles, so that they can scout out the borders and respond quickly to any conflicts that… Kevan 08/29/23 5 08/30/23
Dilemma #26 - The Panels Disconnected from the grid and lost without a control system to operate them, the hexagonal panels of the Solar Garden are little more than heavy slabs of silicon now, the skeletons of their electronics fossilised deep beneath the surface. Stripping these down without destroying the contents is hard work, but… Kevan 08/28/23 5 08/29/23
Dilemma #25 - The Brownouts The city’s fractured electricity grid is beginning to falter, reducing the light and power of essential buildings with no warning. Engineers advise shutting down local substations for repairs and a black start from the old generators, but in the short term this would be even more disruptive to the day-to-day… Kevan 08/27/23 7 08/29/23
Dilemma #24 - The Elders As preparations continue for the upcoming Conclave, some of the districts’ oldest inhabitants, those who were there at the exodus of the Great Machines, express their doubts over this path of a return to a unified government. The last time that the city reached such heights, outsiders saw its power… Kevan 08/26/23 5 08/27/23
Dilemma #23 - The Rain Heavy clouds push in from the sea, and torrential rain pours down across the city. Parts of the electrical grid spark and fail where the water seeps through. Sustained levels of rain are rare here, and the districts’ rainwater tanks are quickly filled, the runoff pouring along other channels on… Kevan 08/25/23 5 08/27/23
Dilemma #22 - The Hunt An annual tradition in the city is the hunt, marking the migration of ruminant herds across the northern edge of the snowplains. Some districts undertake this as a pragmatic and dangerous hunting expedition, others regard it as a more ceremonial event where the district leader shows that they trust their… Kevan 08/24/23 5 08/25/23
Dilemma #21 - The Darkness Unnerved by some of the rumours filtering in from other districts, your clearance teams are refusing to perform further work underground until adequate lighting and safety measures are brought in. Do the Districts supply that, or refuse? Provide: Govern and Lose 1 Ingenuity*  Decline: Govern and Lose 5 People *… Kevan 08/23/23 8 08/25/23
New District Mentorship Tenured player Josh is formally assigned as Rafter’s Mentor, under BlogNomic’s Mentor rule. This will run until the end of the dynasty or the 20th of September, whichever is later. Kevan 08/23/23 0
Dilemma #20 - The Tunnels Storm drains and access tunnels criss-cross the city, most having collapsed and flooded to some degree over the decades. Engineering teams venturing underground to effect repairs to the electrical grid have reported encountering groups of people living down there in the darkness, and are reluctant to proceed. Do the Districts… Kevan 08/22/23 5 08/23/23
Dilemma #19 - The Storehouses With harsher weather approaching, harvested and salvaged food needs to be stored away securely. The most suitable buildings in the districts are already in use for defensive purposes. Some weaker structures could plausibly be strengthened and repurposed, with some civil engineers speculating that the storm drains could be adapted into… Kevan 08/21/23 5 08/22/23
Dilemma #18 - The Livestock The people of the city have relied on hardy mountain livestock as a bedrock of their diet for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, particularly through the coldest months and poorest harvests. That tradition still continues today to a smaller degree, with each district having small animal pens within its… Kevan 08/20/23 3 08/21/23
Dilemma #17 - The Machinists Those rushing to the Battery Garden encounter another group who already are working hard to control the fires and to repair - or possibly scavenge parts from - the Solar Field. Once the immediate danger is over, the party cautiously introduce themselves, claiming to be a group of Machinists who… Kevan 08/19/23 5 08/20/23
Dilemma #16 - The Fire Ancient alarms ring out at the Battery Garden’s control station, and corroded sprinkler valves hiss nothing but air. Within minutes the structure is burning vividly against the night sky, the solar array reflecting its flames. Across the city, the electricity lines flicker and a few substations burn out in flashes… Kevan 08/18/23 4 08/20/23
Dilemma #15 - The Library Your researchers and social historians, currently working where they can around the other projects and people of the district, are requesting additional workspace - a dedicated library and research building where they can study in peace. There are no suitable structures within the districts’ existing perimeters, so this will mean… Kevan 08/17/23 4 08/18/23
Dilemma #14 - The Towers A few tall buildings still stand in the city, some little more than central lift shafts with splinters of floors on all sides. The towers would serve well as simple and permanent lookout posts, although repeatedly scaling their broken heights is a dangerous business. A safer use for them would… Kevan 08/16/23 7 08/17/23
Dilemma #13 - The Generators The old biofuel generators have been largely superseded now, and they’ve been disconnected from the grid to avoid blowing any of the mains wiring. With some care they could be reinstalled elsewhere in the system to support the nascent electricity network, or they could just be used inefficiently off-grid for… Kevan 08/15/23 5 08/17/23
Dilemma #12 - The Illumination Even with some repairs, the antiquated electricity network still falters and can only provide a few hours of reliable power and light each day. The scientists and historians of the districts petition for their buildings to be prioritised, to allow them to work later into the night. Lookouts stationed along… Kevan 08/14/23 4 08/16/23
Dilemma #11 - The Roadways With the city’s street lighting needing only minor repairs to become functional again, your advisors suggest clearing out the overgrown main roads through the districts, and installing barriers and guard posts. Do the Districts clear the roads, or leave them dark? Light: Gain 1 Defences and Lose 1 Food (or… Kevan 08/13/23 4 08/14/23
Dilemma #10 - The Grid On the mountainside above the city, long-dormant solar panels are being reactivated. They angle and glint in the winter sun, and across the districts below, the shattered electrical network begins to spark erratically back into life. Most of the city remains unpowered, the bulk of its underground cabling having fallen… Kevan 08/12/23 8 08/13/23
Dilemma #9 - The Strike The district leaders turn their attention to new research and infrastructure projects, but the citizens shouldering the burden on the front line are starting to feel overworked and underappreciated. Do the Districts pledge extra food rations to support these workers, or replace them with others? Reward: Govern and Lose 1… Kevan 08/11/23 4 08/13/23
Dilemma #8 - The Mariners A group of bedraggled strangers arrive in the city claiming to be the surviving crew of the wrecked cargo ship. They tell dark and contradictory tales of the outside world and the dead city’s place in it. Afraid for the future, the crew ask to be given sanctuary within the… Kevan 08/11/23 4 08/11/23
Dilemma #7 - The Shipwreck Lookouts report a derelict cargo ship aground in one of the craters at the old harbour. It’s a dangerous part of the city to set foot in, but the vessel is bound to have some rare supplies still preserved in its hold. Do the Districts send out teams to salvage… Kevan 08/10/23 7 08/11/23
Dilemma #6 - The Nightwalkers There have been scattered reports of muffled noises in the streets at night. Erratic footsteps, and some kind of knocking and scratching at the doors of the district’s houses and storage buildings. Those who claim to have been awoken by it say they looked out but saw nothing. Do the… Kevan 08/10/23 6 08/10/23
Dilemma #5 - The Floodwaters The city’s river runs high today, spilling over the old concrete banks in some places. Sheets of water pool across the streets as the river seeks other paths to the ocean. The newcomers from the flooded district seem encouraged by this turn of events, and urge district leaders to let… Kevan 08/09/23 6 08/10/23
Dilemma #4 - The Crows Birds wheel through the darkening skies above the crop fields, cawing to one another and occasionally swooping at something behind the ruins before rising up again. The people of the districts look up from their work sowing the fields. Where the crows would normally perch and wait for their chance… Kevan 08/08/23 5 08/10/23
Dilemma #3 - The Believers A large, scattered group arrive from one of the forgotten outer districts of the city, dragging their possessions behind them on primitive carts, and recounting how their homes have been reclaimed by the ocean. You all pick up on the same strange and irrational note in the the way that… Kevan 08/07/23 5 08/07/23
Dilemma #2 - The Cold Freezing gales sweep into the city from the east, marking a shift in the seasons and colder months to come. The residential infrastructure of each district will need some essential construction and maintenance to get through it, using parts and materials from wherever they can be found. Do the Districts… Kevan 08/06/23 7 08/07/23
Dilemma #1 - The Blockades The city is, at least for now, at peace. The last wave of conflict between the Districts ended in a kind of pyrrhic stalemate, with the heavier fortifications across the city blown open at all angles, some parts still hanging dangerously above the roads by a single chain or girder.… Kevan 08/05/23 6 08/05/23
Ascension Address: The Dead City It is hard to truly kill a city. War had driven many from the old seaport, and by the time the floods came, most of what remained of humanity had relocated into the Great Machines, vast and protected structures that roamed slow and optimised routes across the inhospitable landscape. For… Kevan 08/04/23 3 08/04/23
Engine Idling Lulu idles out after five days of inactivity. (The fact that they timed out last dynasty reduces their timeout to four days for this one.) Kevan 07/20/23 0
Blue Pills Pokes idles out after seven days of inactivity (meaning that they’ll time out at four days, next dynasty). I’ll also idle myself as I’m not really keeping up with this one. Quorum drops to 5. Kevan 06/10/23 0
Benbotics Benbot idles out after four days of inactivity, having idled out after the full seven last dynasty. Quorum drops to 6. Kevan 06/07/23 0
Story Post: Mindjacking: Katelyn Dubose At a nearby table, a defiant-looking figure with a blaster-distressed leather jacket and a shock of copper hair scans the room. Could it be? Kevan 06/01/23 1 06/02/23
Idle Players Metadynasty enthusiasts Misty and Benbot idle out having made no posts or comments since the metadynasty started a week ago. Quorum drops to 6. Under the current idling rule their timeout is now considered to be reduced to 96 hours “during the current and subsequent dynasty”. Kevan 05/12/23 0
[Review Board] State of the Union This is a resubmission of my previous Review Board, which was closed early by someone despite having gained significant support from the factory floor. I hereby recommend to AUTHORISE Kevan to work at the regulation Safety Check level. Again, all support given on this will be reciprocated, minus the previous… Kevan 04/30/23 5 04/30/23
Part of the Union [Review Board] This is a Review Board recommending to AUTHORISE Kevan to work at the regulation Safety Check level. Operating at a zero risk level makes the work site much safer for everybody. I will support the Review Board of any Engineer that supports this one, with a couple of exceptions that… Kevan 04/28/23 9 04/30/23
Kerplunk Pokes idles out after seven days without a post or comment. Under the new idling rule this means they can’t be unidled during the next four days, and will time out at four days rather than seven for the current and subsequent dynasty. Quorum drops to 6. Kevan 04/06/23 3 04/07/23
Going Dark Darknight idles out after seven days without any posts or comments. Under the recently changed idling rule, this now means that they can’t be unidled within the next four days, and that for both this and the next dynasty they will idle out at four days rather than seven. Kevan 03/20/23 0
Defragging Chiiika idles out after a full seven days without making a post or comment. Quorum drops to 5. Kevan 03/14/23 0
Idle Process Stopped Benbot idles out automatically after a full week with no posts or comments. Quorum drops to 6. Kevan 03/10/23 0
[Search] The Bottom of the Barrel I search the Cellar, but legally this time. Kevan 02/27/23 1 02/27/23
[Search] Scraping the Barrel I search the Cellar. Kevan 02/27/23 0
[Search] Let Us Proceed To The Amontillado I search the Cellar. Kevan 02/26/23 2 02/27/23
[Search] Digging Deeper I begin to search the Cellar again. Kevan 02/25/23 6 02/26/23
[Search] Cellar Door I begin to search the Cellar. Kevan 02/24/23 5 02/25/23
Cold Cut Ayesdeeef idles out after seven days without a post or comment. Quorum drops to 5. Kevan 02/23/23 0
Snowfall Chiiika idles out after eight days without a post or comment. Quorum remains 6. Kevan 02/20/23 0
Freezing Fog Misty idles out after a full seven days with no posts or comments. Quorum remains 7. Kevan 02/17/23 0
Footprints Benbot and Pokes both idle out, having made no posts or comments for over 7 days. Quorum falls to 7. Kevan 02/16/23 0
Unsettling Benbot and Janet both idle out after seven full days of inactivity each. I also idle myself. Quorum drops to 5. Kevan 01/27/23 0
Just Visiting Darknight idles out after seven days with no posts or comments, and leaves no Settlement behind. Quorum drops to 7. Kevan 01/18/23 1 01/21/23
The Cask of Amontillado Benbot idles out in the mansion cellar, after eight days with no posts or comments. Quorum drops to 7. Kevan 12/30/22 0
Leaving the Foyer Snisbo idles out after 8 days with no posts or comments. Quorum remains 7. Kevan 12/18/22 0
A Misty Figure Misty idles out after seven days with no posts or comments. Quorum drops to 7. Kevan 12/15/22 0
The Ride Home A place to record any post-game feedback or discussion. Kevan 12/06/22 12 12/07/22
We’ve Seen the Prices at the Zoo Darknight idles out after a week with no proposals or comments. They controlled no Visitors in the park. Quorum drops to 4. Kevan 11/24/22 0
Last Bot Standing The Benbot Group idle out after seven days without a post or comment. Quorum drops to 4. Kevan 11/21/22 2 11/21/22
Designated Meeting Point Habanero, Lendunistus and Madrid all idle out after seven days with no posts or comments. Quorum drops by two rungs to 5. None of the idled Groups have Visitors at the carnival. Kevan 11/15/22 0
Stuck in Traffic Snisbo and TyGuy idle out after 7 and 8 days of inactivity respectively, having made no posts or comments since the dynasty started. Kevan 11/12/22 3 11/13/22
Factory Recall Wdtefv times out after a full seven days without making any posts or comments. Quorum drops to 6. Kevan 07/12/22 0
Something in the Water Trigon also idles out after a full seven days without posts or comments. Their Buildings become Uninhabited. Quorum remains 5. Kevan 06/15/22 0
Stargazing SupernovaStarbright idles out after seven full days with no votes or comments. Their Buildings become uninhabited, the Gates lose their Baron and SupernovaStarbright disappears from the Queue. Quorum drops to 5. Kevan 06/15/22 0
Auguring: Water Floodwaters surge across the city, inundating the Sardinian Embassy, the abandoned Farm at the Gates, Trigon’s House in the Agora, Lendunistus’s Shop in the Hills and Josh’s Ziggurat. (Note that I’ve interpreted “swap the ownerships of those Embassies in a secretly random manner” to mean that a Flooded Embassy does… Kevan 06/13/22 0
The Open Gates Wdtefv idles out after a full seven days with no posts or comments. They leave the Queue, and their Farm and House at the Gates become Uninhabited. Quorum remains 6. Kevan 06/10/22 0
Stony Ground Jumble idles out, having made no posts or comments over the past seven days. Their Farm in the Fields becomes Uninhabited. Quorum drops to 6. Kevan 06/09/22 0
Auguring: Water, Fire and Conflict Wdtefv’s Temple on the Hill was flooded with Water from the city’s underground springs. A mighty Fire in the Palace destroyed the Temples of Josh and Darknight there, spreading from one to the other. In the confusion, a flotilla of unidentified ships raided the city’s Docks, breaking the district into… Kevan 06/08/22 2 06/08/22
At the Pnyx Of the eleven non-Emperor players of the game right now, seven have made no proposals since the dynasty started two weeks ago, two of those being longer-term players who unintentionally idled out having also neglected to cast any votes either. Two others have only made one proposal each. Why aren’t… Kevan 05/31/22 5 06/03/22
Auguring: Fire in the Odeon A wooden animal sculpture in the Odeon district bursts into flames during the night, burning the Trojan Embassy to the ground. Kevan 05/28/22 0
Elysian Fields Jumble idles out after seven days with no posts or blog comments. My understanding of the Buildings rule is that their Farm in the Fields still exists, but no longer has a valid owner: it must be “owned by a single Guardian or Foreign Power” and Jumble is no longer… Kevan 05/24/22 4 05/24/22
Conflict at the Hill Violent unrest breaks out at a political assembly on the Hill, spilling out into the streets. The crowd are eventually brought under control, but in doing so Baron Lendunistus loses the respect of the district. Kevan 05/24/22 0
Auguring No Buildings were removed from Atlantis on this day. Kevan 05/21/22 0
Ascension Address: The Fall of Atlantis “Now in this island of Atlantis there existed a confederation of kings, of great and marvellous power, which held sway over all the island, and over many other islands also and parts of the continent…” The assembled guardians of the city file out from between the pillars of the oracle’s… Kevan 05/18/22 2 05/18/22
Post-dynastic discussion A post for discussion of the dynasty that has just ended: what worked and what didn’t, why people did the things that happened in the dynasty and didn’t do the things that didn’t, and what future generations can learn from it. Kevan 05/18/22 10 05/19/22
Story Post: Primary Source: Bronze Mechanism Corroded bronze mechanism recovered from anchor site, possibly some kind of clockwork timing device. Kevan 05/15/22 0