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Back Again I wish to become unidle. Spice 09/11/12 1 09/12/12
Unidling I wish to unidle. Spice 07/25/12 1 07/25/12
Wiki Password Please? Could I please get a wiki password? Spice 06/27/12 2 06/28/12
Please Idle Me Quorum will remain at 8. Probably. Spice 06/17/12 2 06/17/12
Unblocking a Chakra: Dynasty 44 As per “Community Respect”: An alive lifeform may occasionally make a post to the blog called “Request for Victory”. All lifeforms who are currently alive should respond to the request with either a FOR or AGAINST vote. If all alive lifeforms vote FOR the request for victory, the lifeform who… Spice 06/08/12 9 06/10/12
Registration I request to become a Time Monk. Spice 06/07/12 1 06/08/12