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Disconnect I idle, quorum remains at 3. Zack 02/18/24 0
Story Post: Takedown Notice ATTN ALL AGENTS: It has come to light that Agent JonathanDark has broken the code of silence and played a facilitating role in law enforcement investigations into our operation. Consequently, the Agency is operating at threat level black effective immediately. Agents Josh and Vovix have been identified by authorities and… Zack 02/13/24 0
Story Post: Newsletter 13.02 Greetings, Agent. You may have heard rumors of law enforcement investigations into our operation. Rest assured, there is no cause for alarm. Your identity is safe and all communications with the mainframe are securely encrypted. We are operating at threat level blue. Carry on, and godspeed.  Agent Rankings 1.… Zack 02/12/24 4 02/13/24
Story Post: Newsletter 12.02 Greetings, Agent. We have opened a secure channel to broadcast this newsletter to our most trusted Agents. Use this information discretely. As always, the mainframe is ready to assist with whatever you may need. Godspeed.  Agent Rankings 1. 2. and 3. There have been no new… Zack 02/11/24 0
Tech Support Noqturn will be mentored by JonathanDark. Zack 01/25/24 0
Ascension Address: Virtual Void Hello, Agent. You have proven yourself to be quite remarkable. Rest assured that your commitment to the agency has not gone unnoticed. Few operatives have achieved what you have in such little time. As a reward for your loyalty, you have been granted access to the Mainframe. Consider it a… Zack 01/24/24 0
Pilgrimage Please idle me, I can’t keep up with everything right now. Zack 12/09/23 1 12/09/23
A Challenger Approaches Unidle me, please! Zack 10/15/23 1 10/15/23
Idle Please idle me. Zack 02/16/22 1 02/16/22
New Mentorship The employee Brendan is now mentoring the new employee TABBAT. Please make sure they complete all training materials, and don’t let them near the hyposolid storage bay until they sign the required liability waivers! Zack 02/08/22 0
Story Post: Progress Report, Week 2 Good afternoon, boring box squad! I hope you’re all having a nice, relaxing weekend. Can you believe it’s already been two weeks since we set out on this boxtastic adventure? I couldn’t be more excited for our future, and I wanted to take this opportunity to report on our progress… Zack 01/29/22 5 01/30/22
Ascension Address: Boring Box Company Welcome to orientation, new recruits! The Boring Box Company™ is excited to see so many fresh faces joining our workforce. Now, I know you’ve all heard the rumors floating around, but our lawyers want me to assure you that everything we do here is strictly above board! What? You want… Zack 01/16/22 0
As good a time as any Unidle me please. Zack 01/13/22 1 01/13/22
Idling I have too much to keep up with for right now, please idle me. Zack 10/25/21 2 10/25/21
Checking in Could someone unidle me, please? Zack 09/25/21 1 09/25/21
Bloodthirsty Could someone unidle me? I’m dying to play this round. Zack 06/09/21 1 06/09/21
Please idle me I don’t have a lot of free time right now. Zack 05/17/21 1 05/17/21
Story Post: Proposta: Bucky and Raven1207 There’s something going on here, I can sense it. Zack 03/02/21 1 03/03/21
Story Post: The Path of Treachery Hello, you merry band of Electors! I’ve heard many stories about this place, and it’s a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance. I’ve made the long and treacherous journey to the Chamber of the Great Council to see for myself what goes on here. As I’m sure you know, word… Zack 02/26/21 7 02/27/21