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Idling post I request to be made Idle Sgeo 10/30/11 2 10/30/11
Bug in one of the feeds It relies on the top post, and for various reasons, I’m not sure the person below me would be ok with this. If I see what I think I’m going to see, I’ll comment on this post. Sgeo 10/23/11 4 10/24/11
Note to Admins about Call for Judgment: Cleaning up the CfJ’s Do not independently admin the CfJs mentioned there until the cleanup CfJ passes. As far as people on IRC can tell, that would cause the cleanup CfJ to fail. Sgeo 10/22/11 2 10/22/11
[not-BLO] Bugfix As I am not a non-Idle Citizen of BLO, I cannot make a faction-only proposal, however, rule 10 in the BLO ruleset is broken. Here’s a bugfix (mandatory pun not included) Change Rule 10 to read Citizens are not known for being in two or more places at once, mainly… Sgeo 12/24/08 2 12/26/08
arthexis’s rolls Is it just me, or is arthexis not rolling properly? I’m tempted to reroll for em… Sgeo 12/23/08 13 12/23/08
Register I wish to register as a Character/whatever the new term’s going to be of BlogNomic. Sgeo 12/19/08 0