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Lawsuits Mk II REPRESENTING: ais523, Amnistar, Chronos Phaenon, southpointingchariot Create a new rule, “Lawsuits”, with the text: In today’s economy, who wants to work when other people are around to do it for you? Therefore, as a daily action, a Player, known as the Lawyer, who has 4 or more SP may spend… Amnistar 10/30/11 4 10/30/11
adaptable proposal For the rest of this proposal the term ‘WikiPage’ refers to the edit of WikiPage by Amnistar with the Comment ‘Final Draft’. If multiple edits of WikiPage exists by Amnistar with the Comment ‘Final Draft’ this proposal has no effect. If this proposal is enacted re-calculate votes only counting EVC… Amnistar 10/28/11 11 10/28/11
Idea to discuss When making a proposal reduce your SP by 1, to a minimum of 0. When a proposal you authored is enacted or failed, increase your SP by 1. Limits on the number of proposals you can have at any given time are ignored for this game. This directly ties SP… Amnistar 10/26/11 2 10/26/11
idea prototype Each player is either a Free Agent or is Employed by another player. This status is tracked in the GDNT column ‘Employment’. This is either Free Agent or the name of an Active Player. If at any time a Player’s Employment is anything but Free Agent of the name of… Amnistar 10/26/11 6 10/26/11
Discussion about Self-Kill clears Alright so this is something I’ve been thinking about and, especially with this many people playing and proposals going the full 48 hours before being passed or failed I would like to have an open discussion about the benefits and downsides of allowing people to self-kill a proposal and have… Amnistar 10/25/11 19 10/26/11
The Sixth MetaDynasty needs a header Anyone Artistic out there want to make a Metadynasty header for us? Amnistar 10/25/11 5 10/25/11
Rewording thoughts for CfJ to prevent past enactments If two or more Artists actively disagree as to the interpretation of the Ruleset, or if an Artist feels that an aspect of the game needs urgent attention, then any Artist may raise a Call for Judgment (abbreviated CfJ) by posting an entry in the “Call for Judgment” category, at… Amnistar 10/23/11 7 10/23/11
this is not yet a proposal Replace all instances of Artist within the ruleset with Player Replace all instances of Critic within the ruleset with Emperor Create a new dynastic rule “Factions” with the text: Each player has a Faction which is a string of characters no more than 10 letters long tracked in the GDNT.… Amnistar 10/21/11 17 10/21/11
invasion idea Throwing this out here as a concept. Let me know if there are any obvious errors and ill propose it tonight after work. Repeal all Dynastic Rules. Create a new dynastic rule “Factions” with the text: Each player has a trait Faction which is tracked in the GDNT. At any… Amnistar 10/21/11 22 10/21/11
I’m back I’m back in the game. Amnistar 10/20/11 1 10/20/11
He Lives Sup guys, long time no see. I’m back and I’m better than ever. Okay that may be a lie, but I am back! Amnistar 08/24/11 5 08/26/11
Story Post: I return Special Agent Amnistar has come back from an overseas trip and is ready to get back into the swing of things. I’d unidle myself but it’s been awhile and I’m afraid I’ll break something :P Amnistar 10/01/10 5 10/02/10
Here’s Amni I’m back my friends, I unidle. Amnistar 10/08/09 0
Shall we make it 5? I’m Baaaaaack Amnistar 06/25/09 1 06/25/09
Story Post: [General’s Order] Tell me how you really feel The list is massive specificially so people can post disputes against various orders, please don’t dispute all the oders, and give me an idea, in your dispute, whether you’re wanting a loyalty gain/loss 1. Soldiers shall not participate in a skirmish without attacking 2. Soldiers shall not attack without killing… Amnistar 02/24/09 24 02/28/09
skirmish thoughts so thoughts? what do we need to change? Amnistar 02/20/09 13 02/21/09
[Skirmish - Inactive] Training To prepare our soldiers for the coming of the Enemy, and due to the fact that no Skirmish can currently end, we begin our training. Enemy Combatants: 0 x Scrub Robots - Health - 2 Damage - 1 Death count: 1-Wk 1-Rodlen 2-Darth 5 - Kevan 6-Dev 21 - Clucky… Amnistar 02/19/09 112 02/20/09
[General’s Order] Doubt is against regulation 1. A Soldier shall not make a post or comment with a question about the existance of the Enemy. -Arth disputed this, no response. 2. A Soldier shall not make a post or comment with a question about the lack of Skirmishes - Disputed by Rodlen, no response. 3. A… Amnistar 02/17/09 32 02/21/09
Story Post: First draft of Enemy Combatants. Create a new rule named “The Enemy” with the following text: There exists a force of unlimited entities known as Enemy Combatants. These entities are considered equal to Soldiers in all ways save that they are not tracked in the GDNT nor do they initiate any actions, n. Each of… Amnistar 02/11/09 9 02/11/09
Ascension Address: Atten-hut! At east Soldiers. Recently we’ve received reports of the Enemy in our territory. This is ill tidings as our forces have shrunk recently. They outnumber us and outgun us. Something needs to be done. The Government has brought together you, the most elite of all the military, together to create… Amnistar 02/11/09 5 02/11/09
[Guessing] Here we go now. Gourmet Drag Racing on Mars Amnistar 02/10/09 6 02/10/09
Story Post: [guessing] just trying to get a lead my guess is: Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the First Grand Solar Race! Itinerary: Earth, Saturn, Mercury, Ceres Menu: Hearty Green Soup without Soylent Green, Extreme Lactose Delicacy Also, I will give 20 Credits to each of the first 5 Members that sign up for this Event, but only if… Amnistar 02/08/09 4 02/08/09
[Guessing] Finaling things up Mars Ceres Extra *Here’s hoping this works* Amnistar 02/05/09 1 02/06/09
[Guessing]Workin’ it out My guess is: On taste the drag around. Amnistar 02/05/09 1 02/05/09
[Guessing] Here goes nothing I’m going to guess: “Race for a Morsel on Mercury” Amnistar 01/29/09 4 01/29/09
[Guessing] Space Truckers I would like to put forth the guess that the theme of this dynasty is: “Space Catering Service” Amnistar 01/20/09 5 01/21/09
Musings of an Amnistar So, a comment that I’d like to make, of my own personal opinion on some things, not at all reflecting anything official, or even related to this specific nomic. Namely, the difference, in my opinion, between cheating and abusing a loophole in the rules. Cheating is, in my opinion, deliberately… Amnistar 01/09/09 0
Get Relics out there Factions should create means of gaining control of their faction relics. And please, ensure that it is done in such a way that a member that is not part of your faction could feasibly posses the relic. Amnistar 01/04/09 10 01/05/09
The Chairman Speaks WHEREAS I am the duly elected Chairman of the Faction of MIC; WHEREAS I lead The People to a brighter future; THEREFOR let it be known that Oze shall be my Vizier of Issues and SpikeBrennan shall be my Vizier of Propaganda. WHEREAS The People must have leadership; WHEREAS I… Amnistar 12/25/08 1 12/25/08
interest check Don’t have the proposal room for it but…lemme know what you think. Also, if you guys like it, feel free to propose it on your own. Replace the text of “Needless Bureaucracy” with: WHEREAS the Government of the People’s Republic of MIC knows that it is best to avoid confusion… Amnistar 12/19/08 1 12/20/08
It’s not funny anymore. I have used my power as admin, with Darknight’s help, to prune the CfJ’s. We have simply deleted the CfJ’s that we felt were spam and cluttering up the game. We deleted CfJ’s that had no effect on the gamestate. Amnistar 12/18/08 15 12/18/08
Story Post: Jason Lives! December 18, 3:55 PM The man that Arthexis shot coughed, it was obvious he wouldn’t make it, but there was a smile on his face. He reached up, his hands shaking and pealed off the Latex mask he was wearing. It wasn’t Jason that Arthexis had jumped, but Amnistar. He… Amnistar 12/17/08 1 12/17/08
Time to bring out the Big Guns I’m returning to the game, Unidle me please. Amnistar 12/17/08 1 12/17/08
Historical Documentation If anyone wants to go into the Wiki and put up proposals of Interest, and some commentary for Yoda’s dynasty, I’ll see what I can do to help get you a few extra supporters. :P Amnistar 08/05/08 2 08/05/08
Election Year Create a new Dynastic Rule “Election” With the text: Each Candidate has a statistic ‘Votes’ tracked in the GDNT. A Candidate’s Votes can be any whole number. The default value for any new Candidate is equal to the ‘Votes’ of the Candidate with the lowest number of Votes. Each Candidate… Amnistar 08/04/08 1 08/04/08
A brave new world! Thog happy to be in charge. Thog like you all very much. Thog glad we have peace so long. Thog think someone else should be president now. Thog bored. Thog say election time!  Repeal all dynastic rules except Rule 2.1 G-Man. Change Adventurer to Candidate and Dungeon Master to President… Amnistar 08/04/08 5 08/05/08
Roguh draft of first proposal Create a new Dynastic Rule “Election” with the following text:  Each Candidate save the President has a statistic ‘Votes’ tracked in the GDNT. A Candidate’s Votes can be any whole number. The default value for any new Candidate is equal to the ‘Votes’ of the Candidate with the lowest number… Amnistar 08/04/08 13 08/04/08
A hunting we go. - Suggestion Requirements - none Available Space - 5 Start Time - 07/27/08 00:00:00 (UTC) Length - 5 Days (Until 7/31/08 00:00:00 (UTC) Purpose - This party will be sent out to hunt for food for the group, as well as help make the city they are staying near a better place.… Amnistar 07/25/08 4 07/25/08
Character Sheet Set - Go! initial values set-up in character sheet. If you change your race, please update the sheet yourself, and check my work, someone. Amnistar 07/16/08 0
A question for people in the dynasty Do we want to make this Dynasty a PvP dynasty with dual-like stuff ala the Pirate/Ninja dynasty? Or would we prefer something more along the lines of the Valkyrie dynasty, where we fight generic monsters? Amnistar 07/14/08 6 07/15/08
Character Sheets - Test version 1 Create a new Dynastic Rule “Character Sheets” with the following text: There exists a wiki page Character Sheets that is considered a gamestate document. This page contains a list of all Active Adventurers and the name of their Character.. The default name for a Character is the same as the… Amnistar 07/10/08 5 07/10/08
Vengence makes for a good unidler. Unidle ME. I dislike Clucky and must vote against him! Amnistar 07/08/08 0
Rejoining I was told you were a bit short on Admins, so I have been coerced into coming back to the game :) Player count rises to 12, Quorum rises to 7. PlayerGet(Amnistar) Amnistar 05/20/08 2 05/20/08
Story Post: Lola Montez found Lacking The Esteemed Ron Hubbard went and looked at the accounts of one Lola Montez and found something disturbing. She had been using acorns from Yoda’s private stash to fund an illegal underground gambling ring. Luckily Ron found the ring and put an end to these activities, taking a small portion… Amnistar 12/04/07 5 12/04/07
Einherjar Candidate: Joe Weider Name: Joe Weider Stats: Scholastism: -4 Combat: +4 Wits: -2 Cha: +2 Male Sane Honorable Special Ability: Once per week the owner of Joe Weider may attempt to have Joe “Train” another Einherjar. To do so the Valkyrie Rolls 1DICE10 and subtract the current combat score of the Einherjar being… Amnistar 11/27/07 5 11/27/07
Trade I offer my Honinbo to Josh in exchange for a 25 acorns. Amnistar 11/25/07 2 11/25/07
Einherjar Candidate: Magnus Hirschfeld Name: Magnus Hirschfeld (The first doctor to perfom a successful sex-change surgery Special Abiltiy: At the end of a skirmish, if the winner of the skirmish is not the same valkyrie that owns Magnus, then a random Einherjar of the Valkyrie that won changes their sex from Male to Female,… Amnistar 11/25/07 4 11/25/07
Einherjar Candidate: Julia Ceaser Name: Julia Ceaser Cha: +3 Moxie: +5 Cha: +3 Scholarship: +3 Combat: -3 Female Sane Honorable Amnistar 11/24/07 1 11/25/07
Einherjar Candidate: Pharoh Necho II Name:Necho_II Combat: +5 Wits: +3 Charisma: +2 Male Sane Honorable Special Attribute: If the Valkyrie that owns Necho II has any Einherjar that are female or dishonorable, Necho II gains -2 to all statistics during skirmishes. If the Valkyrie that owns Necho II has no Einherjar that are female or… Amnistar 11/23/07 9 11/25/07
Einherjar Candidate: Honest Abe Name :Abe Lincoln Charisma: +8 Wits +4 Moxie: +6 Male Sane Honorable Amnistar 11/22/07 6 11/24/07
Einherjar Candidate: Rincewind Name: Rincewind * Wit 6 * Scholasticism 4 * Combat -4 * Moxie 1 * Gender [male or female] Male * Sanity [sane or insane] Sane When it passes Honor: Honorable Amnistar 11/19/07 2 11/19/07
Question about new Dynasty Alerts Now, we all have this option that we either checked yes or no for, when a new dynasty starts, do we want alerts? My question is, as an admin, how do we send out those alerts? Is there a mailing group or something? I’d love to send out an alert… Amnistar 11/09/07 4 11/09/07
No guns for you! Reverted Brendan to peasant as he is not able to just take on the role of Soldier (unless I missed something?) Amnistar 11/05/07 5 11/05/07
Ghost Smithing The sounds of hammer rang through the night, keeping awake the villagers, though they were to afraid to leave their homes, for fear of a werewolf attack. In the morning, they investigated the source of the sounds, Amnistar’s old gun shop. Inside they found a freshly made gun, with a… Amnistar 11/03/07 3 11/04/07
Interactivity for the deceased IS there any way that people can think of that we could somehow involve the deceased in the gameplay for this nomic? I ask because as a deceased I have nothing which will keep me around as a play, and am seriously considering idling out until the next nomic, simply… Amnistar 10/25/07 1 10/25/07
Possibly Victory Ideas I have an idea about how we could do an interesting mafia/nomic combination for winning. Since the mayor is dead, it makes sense that the people of the town would elect a new one. Thus, let us have a rule concerning the “election” which presents the possibility that we can… Amnistar 10/24/07 0
Villagers can have teeth too Create a new sub-rule of Occupations “Military Occupations” with the text: If a Villager has an Occupation which is listed in the “Military” section of the linked page, then they are trained in the art of combat, and if they ever become the target of the Werewolves, the Mayor rolls… Amnistar 10/17/07 6 10/18/07
Wandering Stranger As the sun rises into the clouds of the dawn, a silhouette is seen against the rising light. A new member of the town has arrived from the west, and though his clothes are torn, he seems willing and able to participate in the town’s activities.  Unidle Me! Amnistar 10/17/07 3 10/17/07
Dancing is just a distraction! create a new dynastic rule “Monkey Ladder” with the text: Each Monkey has a number Position tracked in the GDNT which is between 1 and X where X is the number of active monkeys. The default position for each monkey is X, except for the Top Banana, whose position is… Amnistar 08/13/07 4 08/14/07
Back Into Action Monkey see, Monkey Do, I’d like you to make a monkey out of me :) Amnistar 07/30/07 3 07/31/07
Leave of Abscence Unfortunately real life interferes at the most inopritune times. I’m gonna have to go idle for a bit :-/ Sorry bout that. Amnistar 05/31/07 0
Activity Lag So, this dynasty seems to be rather lackluster, not on the part of members, but on the side of the admins. Is there a particular reason that we have decided to not pass things? I have a personal reason in that I recently graduated and moved, but *hopefully* that’s over… Amnistar 05/26/07 4 05/27/07
Story Post: Pay Day Due to the amazing response from the starting up of the company, the CEO has deemed that all those that work for GT deserve a little something for all their hard work. Keep up the pace everyone! Amnistar 05/03/07 0
Created Pieces Reminder Remember to include the Date Added when you put na entry into the Created Pieces wiki as required by the rules. Amnistar 05/03/07 2 05/03/07
Resting the Machine, take 2 in rule 2.3.2 “Variables” change the following: *Name: The name by which the Variable is refered (and any abbreviations by which it may be refered). *Creator: The name of the Worker(s) considered responsible for adding the Variable to the Machine. *Possible States: A description of the possible states the variable… Amnistar 05/02/07 3 05/02/07
People who work need jobs, Draft 2 Create a new Rule “Position” with the text: Each Worker has a value “Position” tracked in the GDNT. This Position is tracked by a 3 letter abreviation and is chosen from the list below. Each Position has the following attributes: =Position Acronym= Name: The full name of the Position Job… Amnistar 04/30/07 7 04/30/07
People who work need jobs Create a new Rule “Position” with the text: Each Worker has a value “Position” tracked in the GDNT. A worker may only have 1 position, and it is tracked using a 3 letter abrieviation listed in parenthesis. Each Position has the following: Name: Name of the position and it’s 3… Amnistar 04/30/07 7 04/30/07
Goldberg Machine, take 2 Create a new Dynastic Rule “The Machine” with the text:  Rube Goldberg machine or device is any exceedingly complex apparatus that performs a very simple task in a very indirect and convoluted way. The Workers of Goldberg Technology are responsible for creating such a machine. The Machine has many pieces… Amnistar 04/29/07 10 04/30/07
Ascension Adress Thank you all for coming to this efficiency meeting. I know you all are a bit worried about the recent merge between our companies, but don’t worry, Goldberg Technologies has job openings for everyone, and we aren’t going to be having any cutbacks, or stuff like that. In fact, we… Amnistar 04/29/07 0
New Mission Available There is a new Mission: “The Great Escape” posted on the mission site. If anyone has any questions about how this mission works, let me know, I can understand confusion on this one. Amnistar 03/28/07 1 03/28/07
New Mission Available There is a new Mission: “Crime Doesn’t Pay” posted on the mission site. Amnistar 03/28/07 0
Fixing the Red October Change the text of the Red October gadget in the mission “Hunt for the Red October” to add the following at the end: The agent that possesses this gadget may cross the Iron Curtain freely. Amnistar 03/28/07 2 03/28/07
Agents with no loyalty have no lives Tiberias is now idled due to lack of affiliation declaration. Total Agents is 8, Quorum remains 5 Amnistar 03/27/07 0
New Mission Available There is a new Mission: “Hunt for the Red October” posted on the mission site. Amnistar 03/26/07 0
Mission Succesful! The Mission “Fake Passports” has been completed and is now closed. Amnistar 03/26/07 1 03/27/07
Catch me if you can Body deleted…Oops. Amnistar 03/21/07 2 03/21/07
An Agent was spotted Crossing Checkpoint Charlie As per rules Amnistar 03/21/07 0
NEw Mission Available There is a new Mission: “Bombs Away” posted on the mission site. Amnistar 03/20/07 0
Fixing the Prison In the rule “Prison” change the text: Another Agent rescues the Agent in prison by moving into the Location where the Prison is, then reducing the the number of Land, Air and Sea tickets on their GDNT by 1. to Another Agent rescues the Agent in prison by moving into… Amnistar 03/19/07 3 03/19/07
Mission: Fake Passports OPEN Moved to Amnistar 03/16/07 0
Mastermind Gadget Request Gadget Name: Handcuffs Gadget Function: If the possessor of this Gadget is in the same location as another Agent e may give this gadget to them and they are sent a prison based on the Affiliation of the Agent that gave away the Gadget: *World: World Prison *Mastermind: Mastermind Prison… Amnistar 03/15/07 3 03/16/07
Mission: Basic Training OPEN Moved to: Amnistar 03/15/07 0
Assigning Locations Mkay, I’ve got everyone’s location assigned and was sending out emails, but then I realized something. I can only send out one email every 5 minutes, and I’m not sure which emails were actually sent and which werent, so if I gave you your location, that’s it, otherwise send an… Amnistar 03/15/07 0
Mission v.2 edit: removed text to avoid confusion. Amnistar 03/14/07 3 03/14/07
Mastermind Gadget Request Requester: Amnistar Gadget Name: Diamond studded cane Gadget Function: If the Mastermind possesses this gadget e is not subject to the limitations of traveling across the Iron Curtain. If any other Agent has this gadget, e may excape from the Mastermind’s Prison by giving it to the Mastermind. Amnistar 03/13/07 3 03/14/07
Contacting the Mastermind For any purposes that you need to contact the Mastermind, send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)/*= 0)out += unescape(l[i].replace(/^\s\s*/, '&#'));while (--j >= 0)if (el[j].getAttribute('data-eeEncEmail_iCmLtAoYOf'))el[j].innerHTML = out;/*]]>*/. If you do so, make the subject of the email, your USERNAME Amnistar 03/13/07 0
Where were you trained? Create a new Dynastic Rule “Training” with the following text:  Each Agent has an aspect “Training” tracked in the GDNT representing the name of the Spy Organization where the Agent was trained, chosen from the list below. An agent may not change their training unless specifically allowed by the rules.… Amnistar 03/10/07 2 03/10/07
Customizing the Look. So, I’ve got a picture I like here:, and the colors look pretty good, though I’m open to suggestions and changes if people have them. Amnistar 03/10/07 10 03/10/07
Ascension Address Hello Agent. Don’t bother denying it, I know the truth. You are one of the top Agents of the World. My name is…well, call me the Mastermind. I’m sending you this because I know you’ve got the skills neccessary to be a very powerful ally, and so I’m extending the… Amnistar 03/09/07 0
Debate on Motion to track ability to make motions - Amnistar 20:30, 7 Mar 2007 (GMT) laying groundwork for rules that take away (or give back) an Iudex’s ability to make motions Amnistar 03/07/07 0
Debate on Motion to add Political Affiliation to voting Amnistar 17:54, 1 Mar 2007 (GMT) To possibly make things easier when calculating voting results. Amnistar 03/01/07 5 03/04/07
Debate on Motion to Prevent Misunderstandings 17:10, 28 Feb 2007 (GMT) just to keep us all honest and whatnot Amnistar 02/28/07 2 02/28/07
Debate on Motion to Declare Party Affiliation - 19:55, 26 Feb 2007 (GMT) Whereas every Iudex has eir own agenda, and whereas every agenda is supported by many Iudices; therefore I move the adoption of the following resolution, A new text field will be entered into the GDNT with the title “Political Affiliation”. Any actor with this field blank is considered to have… Amnistar 02/26/07 16 03/06/07
Gossip causes Problems Everyone remember that you now have a single gossip story and it could affect how you do things (such as myself getting diverced and having to change locations) Amnistar 02/22/07 0
Joining in the Fun Heard about this from a friend in one of my classes and thought that I’d look into it. Looks like a load of fun and am really interested in getting involved. Amnistar 02/08/07 2 04/12/09