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GNDT password Could an admin please send me my GNDT password? It appears the one assigned to me back in 2007 no longer works. Thanks! BobTHJ 06/20/12 2 06/21/12
Unidle Please unidle me. BobTHJ 05/27/12 0
It has to be done Weighing the options carefully in his head, the Archbishop makes his choice. Carefully, he removes his white collar and black priest’s robe. It was time to take matters into his own hands. I resign as Archbishop. BobTHJ 11/14/07 0
A Newcomer in the Night Inquisitor BobTHJ carefully guides his horse down the narrow road into the valley. The town of Zahndorf lies just ahead. In the darkness of night he can see lamplights in the windows of several residences. It had been several months since he last visited the village. When the church learned… BobTHJ 10/25/07 5 10/25/07
I wanna Conga! Unidle and monkeyify my please :) BobTHJ 08/01/07 1 08/01/07
Idle me I’m going to be pretty busy over the next few weeks. Please idle me for the moment. BobTHJ 06/30/07 1 06/30/07
Patent Pending “use a patented phrase” has been patented by Bobcorp. BobTHJ 06/10/07 2 06/11/07
Part added The Rabid Monkey has been added to the Created Parts page. BobTHJ 05/09/07 2 05/09/07
Story Post: Energy Relay Updated The Energy Relay has been updated in accordance with the new rules. BobTHJ 05/09/07 0
Story Post: Prepare to Power Up! The Energy Relay has been added to the Created Parts page. Is anyone else having trouble with this page displaying correctly? Or is it a browser caching issue on my end? BobTHJ 05/03/07 0
Request For Victory Requesting Victory for BobTHJ BobTHJ 04/27/07 1 04/27/07
Nourishment through Death Under the rule Death add: Whenever an action taken by a Lifeform is directly responsible for the death of another Lifeform, that Lifeform gains X Nutrition, where X is half of the Dead Lifeform’s Nutrition (rounded down) BobTHJ 04/24/07 2 04/24/07
Traits for Evolving Lifeforms Add the following to the list of Inactive Traits:  Blubber Layer Cost: 40 DNA Points, 1 Complexity Requirements: Body Mass 3 Effect: Occasionaly, this Lifeform may pay 10 DNA Points to gain 1 Nutrition Adaptable Cost: 80 DNA Points, 2 Complexity Requirements: Brain Size 2, Unique Ability 2 Effect: This… BobTHJ 04/19/07 0
Correcting my DNA points Due to not reading it closely, I had been calculating the cost to Evolute incorrectly and therefore was spending twice as many points as was required. I was calculating the formula to be A*10*(2)^(x+1) instead of A*10*(2)^X. Just FYI in case anyone was wondering why I gave myself 50 points… BobTHJ 04/18/07 0
Joining the Game Respectfully requesting permission to become a lifeform :) BobTHJ 04/13/07 0