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Idling away I fear I have to idle out. Have fun! mideg 06/11/15 1 06/12/15
Story Post: Review af a Madman Grumpily, Mad-Tongue Moody entered the restaurant. Everyone looked at him expecting to get to know the name of the next Reviewer. He only grunted: “Chiaki Ramen, Spicyness 6! Now, where is the garbage you call food around here? Let’s get this over with.” With that, he proceeded to taste Darknight’s… mideg 05/09/15 6 05/11/15
Story Post: Trade Journal The local Reviewers have been profiled in a trade journal and have given some idea of their respective tastes: Name - Spiceyness - Favorite Ingredient Antonio Fusilli - 3 - Potato Bruce Haggis - 5 - Eggplant Chiaki Ramen - 6 - Potato Dominique Labaguette - 10 - Eggplant Esmeralda… mideg 05/03/15 0
Story Post: Review: Fusilis Tasting of Tastefull Tastes Antonio Fusili came to the restaurant and tasted what was presented to him. First, he was pleased to invite his good friend, Mad-Tongue Moody, to review the restaurant again. He was quoted “grmbl” when asked if he expected a better result. Since all characteristics of him are well known to… mideg 05/03/15 3 05/04/15
Story Post: Review of the Restaurant This Review is brought to you by Dominique Labaguette. He was pleased to announce that Antonio Fusilli will be coming to the restaurant again. While doing so, he revealed that Fusili does eat meat, every now and then, and definitly is NO vegetarian. He the proceeded tasting the various meals… mideg 04/26/15 14 05/03/15
Story Post: Bruce Haggis Review of Recipes Hearing about the first star ever given out to one of the Cooks managed by the Restaurant Manager, Dominique Labaguette asked and received an invite to be the next Reviewer. He is well known for his, literal, sweet spot of 10 for Sweetness. This weeks Reviewer, Bruce Haggis, published his… mideg 04/21/15 9 04/24/15
Story Post: Review with the word Review in the title ... TWICE After hearing so much about the new Restaurant managed by mideg, Bruce Haggis urged the manager to invite him as next Reviewer, and thus it was decided. He was quoted; “Whatever that grumpy old Moody fella doesn’t like cannot be that bad!”, right before explaining exactly how much Sourness a,… mideg 04/18/15 15 04/20/15
Story Post: Review: Even more gigantic fail The next Reviewer will be Antonio Fusilli. In a recent interview, he mentioned that his Sweet Spot for Sourness is 1. Mad-Tongue Moody almost ripped his tongue out when he tasted the Entry Recipes provided by the Cooks. Kevan’s “Eggplant Surprise” received a rating of - - - - -.… mideg 04/15/15 6 04/17/15
Story Post: Gigantic Fail The next Reviewer will be Antonio Fusilli. In a recent interview, he mentioned that his Sweet Spot for Sourness is 1. Mad-Tongue Moody almost ripped his tongue out when he tasted the Entry Recipes provided by the Cooks. Kevan’s “Eggplant Surprise” received a rating of - - - - -.… mideg 04/14/15 2 04/15/15
Story Post: Review: The Beginning The next Reviewer will be “Mad-Tongue Moody”. The last Reviewer could not rate any Entry Recipes since there is none and there were none. mideg 04/07/15 17 04/14/15
Ascension Address: Restaurant Opening The hectic in the kitchen is organized - more or less. Every cook is rushing for ingredients, making recipes and nervously preparing the meals for the restaurant reviewer arriving later that week. The last trainee has burned all the recipes though and restaurant reviewers change every week. Trying to impress… mideg 04/06/15 4 04/07/15
Day of Observance: The end is nigh I hereby anounce a Day of Observance. This ends the current season. The incoming weather is Hurricane. This post is nigh until further notice. mideg 03/28/15 4 04/02/15
For a better Understanding Dependent on Grandstanding. If Understanding passes, this proposal does nothing. In rule “Death and Reincarnation”, change “If a Townsperson is in a perilous condition and their Home is neither empty nor only containing a single Human, any Townsperson may (and should) make them die by setting their Home to “@”… mideg 03/18/15 2 03/18/15
This autumns Day of Observance I hereby announce the Day of Observance! Thus, this season, which is Autumn / Fall, hereby ends. mideg 03/10/15 4 03/11/15
Wiki and GNDT Account Hey, I tried to access the GNDT and log in to the wiki today but couldn’t. The GNDT doesn’t accept my PW ( the one used for the blog) while the wiki doesn’t even access my username. Maybe the wiki- and/or GNDT-account have been deleted? How can I reestablish control… mideg 02/27/15 3 02/27/15
Awakening to the smell of peace Please unidle me. mideg 02/25/15 1 02/25/15
Thanks for the fish I do not like where this dynasty is going. There is seldom a day where I do not find illegal moves. For a time I tried to correct them and tried to construct Rules that would allow better control from others and also from oneself, but I grew tired of… mideg 07/20/11 1 07/20/11
Again, no CFJ, but please be more careful, admins My proposal “Proposal: Dying? I don’t care!” was adminned by Kevan. It was mostly legal, but this is nomic, so mostly legal is not enough. In his adminning, Kevan did not include a tally of votes. My vote as an author was an implicit FOR, which was not counted. This… mideg 07/11/11 2 07/11/11
No CfJ for bad, but not harmful, admining I’d do a CfJ here but I wouldn’t know what to put in there that has consequences, so: Coppor adminned the proposal “Team Effort” while the older proposal “y u no acid” was still pending. Thus, “Team Effort” should not have been adminned. I don’t think that this had any… mideg 07/10/11 3 07/10/11
Subrules are undefined!?! As part of the Rule “Keywords” insert between Subject The “subject” of a blog entry is the part of the Title of an entry which is after the first colon. If the Title does not contain a colon, then the whole Title is the subject. Any entry whose subject is… mideg 06/24/11 1 06/24/11
Random Movement I have a little problem. (Emphasize: little!) I tried to reproduce what happened with all the Zombies. They suddenly seem a lot closer than before, which makes them look bigger, uglier and more dangerous. (And the smell, the SMELL!) Anyways, when I traced the steps Yoda took when he shambled… mideg 06/21/11 7 06/22/11
New Player: ME! :-) Hi, I’d like to be added as a new player. I hope not to fail anyone and have fun. mideg. mideg 06/02/11 4 06/04/11