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Dynasty discussion post Let’s talk about this dynasty while we wait for the interdynastic nothingness to cease. I have my thoughts on the wikipage for this dynasty. I can copy anyone’s comments from this thread to the wikipage as well. Trigon 05/03/20 1 05/03/20
Hello once again! I unidle. Trigon 04/08/20 3 04/25/20
Story Post: Respawn #15 Derrick and Naught have a very eventful day. Card learns magic. The sound of three new cockroaches makes it very hard to focus on anything, including writing this log.  There are: 3 monsters in the Overgrown Forest, 0 monsters in the Dank Cave, 5 monsters in the Labyrinthine Canyon, 1… Trigon 04/09/19 0
Story Post: Respawn #14 Dawn breaks, and the first adventurer to come out and fight is Naught. They travel to the Ruins from town for the rather menial task of slaying bats; however, they have brought a bow, which speeds up the process. They also destroy a new monster, covered in fruit. Finally, after… Trigon 04/06/19 0
Story Post: Respawn #13 There are: 0 monsters in the Overgrown Forest, 3 monsters in the Dank Cave, 3 monsters in the Labyrinthine Canyon, 1 monster on Shadow Mountain, 4 monsters in the Eldritch Ruin, and 2 monsters in the Dragon’s Lair. Trigon 04/04/19 1 04/04/19
Night #13 Why did I ever add the nights proposal? This is tedious. Trigon 04/01/19 2 04/02/19
Story Post: Respawn #12 The newcomer, Card, hunted first today, swiftly felling a bat and a boar, taking two wings and a tusk as a prize. It’s clear this isn’t their first time playing the grand game overhanging the universe’s existence. They camp in the Canyon. Derrick, eager as always, rises next and slays… Trigon 03/30/19 0
Night #12 It’s once again nighttime. Get camped if you haven’t. Trigon 03/29/19 0
Story Post: Respawn #11 This day seemed especially long to the adventurers. The first kill went to Derrick, who stabbed the strange man mumbling about death. Derrick claims they’ve been cursed, but then again, there was that strange incident yesterday, so who knows what’s going on. Next, Naught takes their turn. They slay a… Trigon 03/27/19 2 03/28/19
Night #11 Sorry about my tardiness, I’ll get around to the respawn ASAP after this. Trigon 03/27/19 0
Story Post: Respawn #10 Today, many monsters were slain. Zaphod rises early. They swiftly kill a strange squidlike monster rumored to carry Cryptic Clues and more of the same, a cockroach. They return to town with a stomachache that refuses to go away, even into the late hours of the night. Some people believe… Trigon 03/21/19 0
Night #10 The sun once again falls below the horizon. It becomes nighttime. Many are already camped. Some are not. Trigon 03/20/19 0
Story Post: Respawn #9 The Adventurers set up camp. In the night, the number of monsters of nearly every known manner appear all over the wilds, especially concentrated in the cave systems. As the Adventurers wake up, they notice an energy boost, as if they could fight far more monsters today than they could… Trigon 03/18/19 0
Night #9 The sun is gone and it is Nighttime. If you have not camped, now would be a good time to do so. I will perform the ninth respawn in two hours. Trigon 03/17/19 0
Story Post: Respawn #8 Another boring day occurs. We need a win condition badly. A cockroach appears in the Eldritch ruin. The monsters are distributed as follows: ###Overgrown Forest (0 monsters) ###Dank Cave (3 monsters) 1.Bat 2.Man-Eating Worm 3.Shrieking Cockroach ###Labyrinthine Canyon (1 monster) 1.Spider ###Shadow Mountain (2 monsters) 1.Bat 2.Bat ###Eldritch Ruin (2… Trigon 03/13/19 0
Story Post: Respawn #7 A rather uneventful day passes. A goblin and a boar die and an attempt is made at another goblin’s life. The adventurers go to sleep that night knowing that any disembodied force that might be guiding their hunt would be displeased. Yet another cockroach surfaces in the cave. Fortunately, no… Trigon 03/10/19 1 03/10/19
Story Post: Respawn #6 Finally, one of the worms in the canyon has been slain. Adventurers pokes and derrick allegedly teamed up today against one, deafening it with captured shrieks and then strangling it. The two other adventurers in town listen to pokes tell the story and then each tell theirs. The three eventually… Trigon 03/06/19 0
Story Post: Respawn #5 Zaphod returns to Town on the fifth day, dejected. Apparently Cockroaches are harder to kill than Boars. They become the first adventurer from the party to visit the weaponsmith. Back in the wilds, the hunt continues. The newcomer to the party slays a bat to prove their worth, but no… Trigon 03/02/19 0
Story Post: Respawn #4 A worm and a bat appear in the caves. A boar appears in the canyon. A cockroach appears in the ruins. The monsters ambush the party, some lose 3 health. Trigon 02/26/19 0
Story Post: Respawn #3 The party is now well split-up. It seems each member has chosen their own path. Two adventurers sleep in town, Allo being tired from a successful hunt. Goblins and Boars lay dead in the wilds, where the rest of the party sleeps alone. As the adventurers sleep, tiny but loud… Trigon 02/23/19 0
Story Post: Respawn #2 When Adventurer pokes jumps out of a bush to attack a goblin, the entire camp flees. Some to the caves, some to the canyon, some to the mountain, and some to the ruins. In the frenzy, Adventurer Zaphod swings wildly, knocking a bat out of the sky. Most of the… Trigon 02/18/19 0
Story Post: The First Respawn Just over the hill, a goblin camp is spotted. Five goblins huddle around a fire, and four bats are roost in the trees surrounding the fire. Trigon 02/14/19 3 02/17/19
Ascension Address: The Untamed Wilds A party of adventurers arrives in a town at the edge of civilization. What lies beyond is an endless wilderness. Very little is known about it other than that it is very large and very dangerous. Many claim it’s full of ferocious monsters. Most people would stay as far away… Trigon 02/13/19 0
J’accuse…! This is an accusation. Joshua was the killer. He did it with poison in the Billiard Room for the purpose of revenge. Trigon 02/12/19 3 02/12/19
Post-dynasty discussion thread. As stated by Kevan on Slack:  Haven't got the time for an analysis or an ascension today, but it'd be good to have a blog post for people to have a post-dynastic discussion on, given that Slack is impermanent. (And not every player is here on Slack anyway.) So in… Trigon 01/20/19 5 01/21/19
got some dirty clothes This is a Laundering Post. I wish to launder $32,825. Trigon 01/14/19 1 01/14/19
After the Raid After the raid on city hall, five names began to be whispered among the people.        Kevan Brendan pokes derrick Trigon   Loyalty Police Police Peace Unknown Govern Accuracy 2 (+4) 5 (+10) 2 (+4) N/A 3 (+6)  Broke taboo Y Y N (+2) Unknown N (+2)  Heat… Trigon 11/22/18 4 11/23/18
Reporting in I file the following report: 62998210c67cb2a4bd425a1b3d0a83f5 Trigon 11/21/18 2 11/21/18
Speaker’s command I command Brendan. My order is as follows: Change activity to Training Trigon 11/09/18 0
Upgrading our Hardware Amend “Running the Program” by doing the following:  Change the text: to read:  Change the text: into the “JavaScript + jQuery 3.3.1” section of the Hardware, with the cursor at line 1 to read: in between the two lines beginning with “//” in the bottom-left section of the… Trigon 10/02/18 1 10/03/18
Wow this place is deserted I stopped playing because this dynasty just didn’t seem that interesting to me. Well, I see it’s time to rejoin, on only because I want this game to survive. Unidle me please. Trigon 08/26/18 4 08/27/18
Deal me in, boys Okay, not actually since the whole card-drawing and playing part hasn’t started yet. But I would like to cease to be idle. Trigon 06/26/18 1 06/26/18
Story Post: Changing things I change my affinity to Void and spend 3 power to create a void shard. Trigon 11/18/17 1 11/18/17
Story Post: Trick or treating I spend one treat to get five moves. I travel to the hardware store. I have 4 moves left. I spend 2 treats to equip an expensive superhero costume. I move to Main Street, then to Pumpkin Boulevard, then to Sidewalk, then to the Joneses. I have 0 moves left.… Trigon 10/31/17 1 10/31/17
Sorry for my idleness I’m back now, please unidle me. Trigon 10/27/17 1 10/27/17
I’m joining the game! Hey nerds! Say hello to your newest prince (that’s me). The first Nomic game I played was the reddit-based /r/nommit. That died a few months ago, but I’ve been thinking about joining another one. And today, I did. Trigon 09/12/17 5 09/12/17