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The Rabbit’s Calling for Tea Time Can an admin please idle me? Galtori 07/11/11 1 07/12/11
Story Post: Dana’s Welcome A’ight kids. I know everyone only just got ‘ere, but I wanted to welcome y’all to our farm m’self. I hope y’alls trip from the city wasn’t too long. We still got a lot of seeds from the winter, so don’t y’all go worryin’ ‘bout runnin’ outta seeds. Just make… Galtori 05/17/11 0
Startup: Bahama Vacation Resorts (BVR) We’re too good to be true. . . .Or are we? Galtori 05/15/11 2 05/15/11
Hello World! Hello all, I am new to Blognomic but was introduced by a good friend Yoda. I hope to join you all and wade through all the rules and fun. I will try to be active, but finals week may slow me down for about one week. After that, I have… Galtori 05/01/11 4 05/01/11