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Schoolwork Takes Even the Best of Us Sphinx idles by his request, dropping quorum to 4. Wakukee 10/08/13 0
Unidling I wish to unidle, and am doing so. Quorum remains 8. More on the story as it develops. Wakukee 06/12/13 0
Some polite changes In rule 1.7, Victory and Ascension after the section reading: A DoV may be failed if any of the following are true: It has been open for voting for at least 12 hours, and it could not be Enacted without either at least one of the Votes AGAINST it being… Wakukee 11/12/12 2 11/12/12
It’s been a while. I would like to be unidled for the next dynasty. Wakukee 11/12/12 1 11/12/12
For Honor, and Glory! I unidle. Quorum remains at 23. Wakukee 10/24/11 2 10/25/11
Unidling Bucky Dynasty? Sounds like fun to me. Please unidle me. Wakukee 07/02/11 2 07/02/11
Whoops. As a new dynasty has now officially began, I would like to formally request that I be unidled. Wakukee 01/09/11 2 01/09/11
Unidling I am not overly interested in this dynasty, but it seems that the nomic is coming to the consensus that it should end. I also have been reading over the core ruleset and disagree with several points. See proposals for more. I thus unidle. Wakukee 01/01/11 7 01/02/11
Wakukee Arrived. I unidle per my own request. Quorum Remains at 8. Wakukee 09/05/10 0
Fix! I’ve made a small adjustment to the weblog so that when you click on a post from a search page or from the “all posts by this member” page, it gives you the actual page rather than a blank screen. If you notice any problems suddenly popping up on the… Wakukee 08/10/10 6 08/14/10
Not idle. lilomar illegally idled me before I should have gone idle. I call shenanigans. Also, any changes to gamestate because of this SHOULD be reverted, it anyone wants to go over it. Wakukee 08/10/10 4 08/11/10
Lost in transcript Can people start PMing people wo they accuse when they make accusations? If several posts are posted in a day, spme caual players will miss if they have been accused. Thanks. Wakukee 08/03/10 11 08/03/10
Pow! I unidle! Wakukee 07/30/10 0
Warning: Self Destruct Will Commence in X Seconds… This post is a warning to all pending members and members with 0 posts to activate your account and make a post or comment, as I intend on deleting all pending accounts (as I have managed to keep most spam accounts from activating their accounts) and accounts with no posts… Wakukee 04/27/10 2 04/28/10
Vote Wakukee; Fredrico 2010! If you are not familiar with Working on the Space Station, check it out Here. Vote Wakukee for the Space Station Dynasty! Explore space with your friendly Space Octopus Pal! Fight dangerous aliens (maybe)! Become the Ultamate Adventurer(tm)! Wakukee 04/26/10 3 04/27/10
Unidle I, Wakukee, hereby unidle. Wakukee 04/24/10 0
Dynasty not over Despite the BS DoV rallying 5 for votes, it fails as Roujo’s Def serves to cancel out his for vote, though it is not counted as a Def. The DEF symbol is a voting icon, and thus counts as Roujo’s latest vote, meaning that he cast no vote, making it… Wakukee 04/24/10 12 04/25/10
Unidle Unidle me please. Wakukee 02/17/10 2 02/19/10
“History.” I’ve removed yuri’s (Ienpw’s) “history of Blognomic” page from the front page of the wiki. Why? Because it is useless to gameplay, contains little to no information which is in any way useful, and because the “information” in it is trivial—the time the author of the page had a name… Wakukee 01/18/10 3 01/19/10
Possible Map? I personally think that the Kill Dr. Lucky map could be workable for this dynasty. Here are 2 images of the board, from two editions. Please post here saying if you agree that they could work or not, and which you would prefer. In kill Dr. Lucky, you start in… Wakukee 01/14/10 14 01/14/10
I wish to be unidled. Yeah, I logged on today to unidle, only to find a DoV! Well done? At any rate, I still want to be unidled. Can an admin do this for me? Meanwhile, I think I need to clean up some spam accounts… Wakukee 01/13/10 5 01/13/10
Seriously though. The 1.5th dynasty of Darknight? Really? Lets just stick to the 1st Dynasty of Wakukee, and we can call DK’s next dynasty his 3rd, eh? Wakukee 12/26/09 2 12/27/09
Explanation Needed. Falkuon and Uvthenfuv, what do you have to say for yourself(s)? Wakukee 12/19/09 18 12/20/09
Wishes I have now granted 3 wishes, each for a different player. DC wished for all players’ Power to be set to 18. Scarmouch then wished for his own power to be set to 17 immediately. Bad call, bud. SingularByte wished, about a week ago, for all player’s Power to be… Wakukee 12/17/09 4 12/23/09
Universe Protosal We need to state the the only legally binding rules of the game are in the ruleset, I.E. saying that “Anyone can Dance” in the universe page is not legally a rule (You cannot make a game action “Dance”). The Universe page is used only for definitions, not rules effecting… Wakukee 12/17/09 11 12/23/09
At least I’m not Sicilian. Then he would really be screwed. DC has fallen victim to one of the classic blunders! Never be generic with a Djinni! He has made a wish, which I have agreed to fulfill, but failed to give a time at which it will take place! Don’t worry, I’ll probably only put it off a few thousand… Wakukee 12/16/09 7 12/16/09
Djinn in a Lamp I have left the name of the rule “Djinn in a bottle, baby” as bottle rather than lamp, in order to maintain the reference. All other instances of bottle were changed to lamp. If you have an objection to this, please make a CFJ. Wakukee 12/12/09 0
Mach II Create a new rule Entitled “Wish Fulfillment” reading: Each Adventurer (as well as the Djinn) has a value for the statistic “Wishes”, which is tracked in the GNDT. An Adventurer may never have less than 0 wishes. Each Adventurer starts with 3 Wishes, and the Djinn starts with a Wishes… Wakukee 12/11/09 3 12/11/09
Ascension Address: You run your hands off the side of a dusty lamp… *Crash! Boom!* **Pyrotechnics** “Mwa, ha ha! I am free! 10,000 years of slumber, I finally awaken! Free at last, free at last! Thank God almighty, I’m free at last! None shall reign in my infinite- eh? Adventurers? So you have freed me! I see how it is. Very well! In… Wakukee 12/09/09 13 12/10/09
Note on the legality of my DoV The DoV was perfectly legal, as the rule states that a DoV may not be posted for 5 days ONLY if the first DoV was failed by a number of votes exceeding quorum. At the time of the DoV’s failure, it had a number of against votes that was equal… Wakukee 12/09/09 3 12/10/09
Idle I request to be idled. I idle, after having idled ais, then unidle myself, then Ais. Wakukee 12/08/09 0
Spam Accounts Based on the 4 current spam accounts I have looked at, I believe that we can ban all the spammers of this type by banning the IP 79.18*. There are no non-spam accounts with this IP, but I would still like to see what you think about such an action… Wakukee 12/01/09 8 12/03/09
Sadly simple technical question. I SHOULD probably know this, but is there any reason as to why my computer does not want to display the javascript function which makes the idle and unregistered idle players collapse? It works o most computers, but this one just doesn’t seem to “like” it. Am I missing a… Wakukee 11/27/09 1 11/27/09
Spam accounts. I have created a new member group, Spam, for accounts we deem to be spam. These accounts have no privileges, they can’t even post, but are kept around such that we can notice any trends in them which we can use to deal with them in the future. Please place… Wakukee 11/25/09 0
The pursuit of Idleness. OddRon goes idle. Quorum remains at 6. Edit: Actually, it looks like quorum drops to 6. Someone miscounted the previous number of players, possibly when adding nooneimportant, and frogot to update quorum. Wakukee 11/25/09 2 11/25/09
Admins post (simplified) a: Needed changes. 1. We need to change the admin permissions so that admins can delete accounts. Currently we have NOT resolved the issue I found with the Captcha accepting the correct word for any image rather than just the one that appears, so we are under attack by spam accounts. Admins need… Wakukee 11/15/09 7 11/16/09
On adminship. This post is currently here to remind me to fill it out. I had some serious reflections on things we need to do with certain admin permissions and teaching admins more effectively, but about half an hour’s work typing was erased as I was making some finishing touches thanks to… Wakukee 11/08/09 2 11/10/09
Unidling for the new dynasty Please unidle me. Wakukee 11/06/09 2 11/06/09
Idle Wakukee goes idle. Wakukee 11/01/09 0
Concept: New Sidebar I am currently working on drafting a new, smaller and hopefully more visually pleasing, sidebar, which will be optional for use via an account checkbox. It will probably take a while. Normally I could do it in one long sitting, but I have a lot of work to do. Expect… Wakukee 10/12/09 17 10/15/09
Spam, spam, spam, fitess, and spam? As I was casually perusing this nomic’s fine list of recently registered players, I found myself quite intrigued by the number of new player who all had full, often strange names, each with a startling lack of posts and an email containing some iteration of the word “fitness”. I also… Wakukee 10/12/09 7 10/13/09
Return of CFJ What do you think about adding Call for Judgment (Member #7) to the author drop down menu once more? If there aren’t too many objections, I will do so. Wakukee 10/12/09 13 10/12/09
Mass-Idle. I idle, then unidle. Then I repeat the process 22 more times. Just thought you should know. Wakukee 10/03/09 1 10/03/09
Of note. PMs fixed. Wakukee 09/30/09 1 09/30/09
Unidle Would someone please unidle me? I am ready to hunt down the cultists, and the “dead"line in nearly here! Wakukee 09/24/09 4 09/24/09
Plan of action So here’s the situation: The blog will not, aparently, accept comments with vote icons (and nothing else) in them. So, while 75th and Excalabur sort this out, be sure to have text in all of your comments as well. That or, if no one objects, post :FOR :, :AGAINST :,… Wakukee 08/30/09 15 08/31/09
Story Post: Who gets things done? WE get things done!!!! Yuri and I took about 15 minutes learning and changing a basic javascript to hide/unhide the idle player list, and then putting it into effect. Then we took about 45 minutes trying to figure out why it didn’t work, until I discovered a missing “. Click the “idle players” to… Wakukee 08/25/09 4 08/25/09
Dun Dun Dun! Can the person who updated the colours and header for last dynasty (yuri’s, I believe) please PM or E-mail me the colors used (in hexidecimal preferrably)? I would like to use them for somthing. Thanks. Wakukee 08/24/09 8 08/25/09
Fix I believe that I have fixed the problem excalibur brought up about the error message after every comment, but in order to do so I had to temporarily allow error messages to appear to ALL player… itt is fixed now, but I thought I’d let you know why you may… Wakukee 08/23/09 2 08/23/09
Wiki Admins: Quick question for Wiki admins (Bucky and Amni): Can wiki admins make others admins? If so, could someone make all (active at least) admins wiki admins as well? Because we went a long streak with no wiki admins to add new wiki accounts.If not, please say so in a comment… Wakukee 08/22/09 9 08/23/09
...Wait what?? Just occured to me, but… why is it that the Braid references showed up in the vacation dynasty, but not the time-travelling one?? Wakukee 08/13/09 4 08/15/09
Idleage Geographyrules and Wakukee go idle. Wait… make that just geo, there. Quorum drops to 8. Wakukee 08/13/09 0
Good Deed Name: Repeal Prohibition Step 1: Enact prohibition. Step 2: Realize the futility of it all. Step 3: Bring failures to the attention of congress. Wakukee 08/05/09 3 08/06/09
Header. Still working on getting the Header just right… sorry about that, but its alright as is, no?—EDIT: The header should now be right. My first header ever. Than you, thank you, hold the applause. I think that it’s pretty darn good. What say you? Wakukee 07/30/09 15 07/30/09
Have to go… sorry. I have to leave in just a few seconds, but I notice that both Rodlen and comex should be idle. Can someone take care of this for me? Thanks, I’ll be at the beach. Wakukee 07/23/09 0
Mysterious New link The new link on the sidebar was added by me. It is not a rickroll. Seriously. Actually, it links straight to the CP home rather than the “Make a new Post” page, which is convienient for admins with slow computers. I was going to link it straight to the admin… Wakukee 06/25/09 2 06/25/09
Un-Idling. I, Wakukee, un-idle. Wakukee 06/22/09 0
Idling. I, Wakukee, go idle. Wakukee 06/22/09 0
W-w-wha?? Wait a second… did the blognoic time change for some reason?? Normally, a new day would have started 4 minutes ago… I WANT ANSWERS, PEOPLE!! Wakukee 06/17/09 10 06/18/09
Wakukee’s Diary Entry—06/15 Oh, g-d. I think I lost them. Where the **** did the raptors get lightsabers?!? Anyway… man, I’ve been running all around the bunker… not doing much but hiding and running, yet I somehow succeeded several challenges and won a voting event. How odd. I don’t remember any of this.… Wakukee 06/15/09 0
Wakukee’s Fruit Picking Mmm… Tangelo. Yum. Wakukee 06/15/09 4 06/17/09
What’s with the Cluck? * +10 for each point of Fame that Contestant has; * +1 for each point of Looks that that Contestant has; * +3 for each point of Luck that that Contestant has; * +5 for each Insider who Supports that Contestant; * -12 for each Insider who is Voting for… Wakukee 06/12/09 0
The “[Challenge] Double 0” Comment Post. A comment post. Wakukee 06/07/09 14 06/07/09
Actually, I’ll take it stirred this time. Tuxhedoh goes idle. Quorum drops to 12. Whee! My 1’st idle. Wakukee 05/25/09 0
Diary Entry - 5/18/09 Wakukee Oh boy. I am so excited to be here—I never thought that I would be on a gameshow. And the prize! $1,000,001!!! ... Wow. I hope I win, but these other people are pretty nice too. I really did not expect them to trust me, but, to my great suprise… Wakukee 05/18/09 1 05/24/09
Veto Hey, Kevan? Can you please upload the new veto that DC made? I was able to update everything except the image that shows up when you click on the icon in comments, so I reverted it all. I did fix a few minor thing in the process though. If you… Wakukee 05/16/09 2 05/16/09
Adminned Okay,I am an admin now, so can someone PM me the GNDT admin password? Wakukee 05/16/09 9 05/16/09
Member Issues TAE currently is in the category “member”... as I remember from what Amni told me a while ago, that category is slightly messed up, and thus everyone is under the category of “idle”... So… it’s probably a good idea to set his category as such. Or he could probably succeed… Wakukee 05/14/09 3 05/14/09
Congrats. You know, I, when I saw the GNDT and ruleset, spent like 10 minutes trying to figure out a plan to beat ais… but after that, I stopped, even though I had a few perfectly good ideas (like royalty pooling). Why? Because he deserves it. He played the whole dynasty,… Wakukee 05/13/09 2 05/14/09
Where in the World is Carmen Sand- ..err Blognomic? Out of curiosity, is there a way, other than IRC, to track which Blognomic players are logged on? It would be helpful, especially if it also detected whether they have refreshed the page in the last 15 minutes, as many simply leave a computer logged on. Hmm? I don’t personally… Wakukee 05/08/09 1 05/08/09
In The Idle-Time, When The Quorum Is Right… Looks like tuxhedoh ought to go idle. Last post was at 1 am on the 1st. It’s almost the 9th now. Should affect the final voting. Can an Admin (as I cannot do this myself ...yet) handle this ? Wakukee 05/08/09 1 05/08/09
Dear Admins, Some Help Please? So DC just PMed me, saying that posts made via the “quick save” feature were invisible (which was odd, since I am not an admin, and he is). I checked it out, and they are invisible from the main page (though they ARE visible from the archives). So is there… Wakukee 04/25/09 7 04/27/09
This Post Is Invisible? According to DC, this post should be invisible, and we need to update the ruleset. Is it? Do we? Wakukee 04/25/09 1 04/25/09
Actually, I Think it Was Chuck This TIme. Looks like “Rogue Admin” (AKA Bob) is back. Act 5 is… gone. Wakukee 04/18/09 4 04/19/09
Story Post: As ais goes out, WAK makes his move back in. Please unidle me. I think that I can have a good bit of honest fun in this dynasty : ). Wakukee 04/13/09 1 04/14/09
Internomic II and more. I would like everyone to comment as to their position on entering Internomic. I, and others, would like to know Blognomic’s standing on the new Nomic. Wakukee 03/23/09 16 03/26/09
So how is this going to end? Amni has stated that he has been very busy lately, and would like us to propose a victory condition that can be met soon. I would like the current active soldiers (Amnistar especially!) to post some victory condition ideas here. Then we can take an unofficial vote of what idea… Wakukee 03/03/09 4 03/04/09
Once more into the Idle, my friend! Wooble’s last comment was on Feb. 18th at 8:02 PM. It is now Feb. 25th at 9:49 PM. Wooble should go idle and quorum should drop to 10. P.S. The general will not be saved or condemned. The proposal was S/K’ed. Wakukee 02/25/09 0
Story Post: A taste of your own medicine… Rodlen mentioned the *** (you know… the group mentioned in #15 of Amnistar’s orders) in his last report of Qwazukee. I report him for doing do. Wakukee 02/24/09 2 02/24/09
Lets try to become a neutral medic so that I am impartial. Why is there not another skirmish? This is not my true opinion, nor is the other disloyal comment I have made on this post. I am meerly trying to become neutral. Wakukee 02/20/09 3 02/21/09
Story Post: Hehe Devenger. Devenger pulled a Gnauga. I report him for his quotation of DC. Wakukee 02/17/09 8 02/18/09
That’s not fair… Just so you know, I don’t think that it is fair for me to mess with Qwaz’s account. I would Seriously NOT mess with his admin powers were he an admin. In fact, If I did, I would allow you to ban me. Don’t be mad at Qwaz for what… Wakukee 02/12/09 10 02/14/09
All the Cool Kids are Doing it… Unidle me. It looks like this dynasty is coming to the climactic endgame! Remeber to give me the 75 credits +2DICE10 arth owes me. Wakukee 02/10/09 4 02/10/09
No! Not all of BLOGNOMIC! Dear Blognomic, It was not me. I am not responsible for the events that are about to occur. If the IRC was traceable, I could prove it. Do not blame me.—Wakukee Wakukee 02/07/09 19 02/07/09
Story Post: It’s no fun with him around, anyway Idle me. But first, please fix my GNDT access so that when I return I will have access. I will stay idle until a new Dynasty begins or Clucky goes idle. No reason this should have been deleted -Amnistar Wakukee 02/02/09 11 02/03/09
Story Post: Clucky’s Turbo Clucky can only take X actions in turbo mode, where X is 15 for his vehicle. Thus, Wakukee’s guesses should be 3, and Clucky’s guesses should be 8. Also, my password no longer works for the GNDT for some reason. Since Clucky can undo his translocations, I’m giving myself back… Wakukee 02/02/09 7 02/02/09
[Taste] DDA Emergency Gourmet Ration Mmmm… Yuk! Truly delicious. During a routine dimention shift, I found myself quite peckish, and sought out the fine cook of the ship I was traveling on. He whipped me up this marvelous dish which I devoured at once. An excellent recipe which I must recommend. 5/5 stars. “Shift Complete”… Wakukee 02/02/09 1 02/02/09
And all is better. arthexis: 02-02-2009 08:05:11 UTC Wait a sec. I just realized I got this backwards. What I meant was that only ONE word from this guess appears on the guess!! I guess that my english is not as good as I thought…  And everything is resolved in Blognomic land. Now we… Wakukee 02/02/09 5 02/02/09
[Guessing] 1 Word! The theme is: Race to taste moon cheese. ? Arth you never responded to this -Amnistar Wakukee 02/01/09 6 02/04/09
[Taste] Extreme Lactose Delicacy One would think that a mix of rotten dairy products, rotten water, and fictional curdled milk harvested from the craters of the moon would have an unpleasing taste, but I have found quite the opposite. This “Extreme” Lactose Delicacy is a gift from the heavens (literally). The over-rotting taste of… Wakukee 01/31/09 0
What the?!? Rogue Admin??? Who just turned all the text italic?!? Okay, that’s resolved, but seriously, why is the Time Bomb still around? Wakukee 01/31/09 19 02/01/09
Idlehammer ++++ Teucer, The Cube, Jmrdex, and SingularByte are due to go idle. Wakukee 01/29/09 7 01/30/09
Heads up, take 2. @arth: You still should include the station of ingredients with their names on the recipies. People are just cleaning the fridge and then posting new of the same name ingredients with different stations. Wakukee 01/29/09 2 01/29/09
Lets not be hasty now… Some now idle members, like the cube, should not have gone idle. He will go idle tomorrow, but that is not the point. Don’t idle people until they are actually idle. Also, Spikebrennan seems to be still adding to the ingredients page even though he has not posted on the… Wakukee 01/29/09 3 02/02/09
Unofficial Hints :for: This page exists to track all the public unofficial hints. Current Hints: There are an even number of characters in the theme, including spaces. The letter “A” appears in the theme 3 times. The letter “C appears in the theme 2 times. The letter “M” appears in the theme… Wakukee 01/28/09 24 01/30/09
I curse you to Idlenatation! Spikebrennan goes idle. Several others will go idle tommorow. Wakukee 01/27/09 1 01/27/09
Idlenicity Wooble goes idle. Wakukee 01/26/09 2 01/26/09
Story Post: Hey, Arth! Heads Up! @Arthexis: You may want to post the station of an ingredient with its name on the ingredients list. Otherwise, people could just add a new ingredient by the same name without a station. Also, you may want to do something to keep people from making ingredients with the same names… Wakukee 01/25/09 8 01/26/09
Being and Niceness I don’t know about everyone else, but I intend on making any unofficial hints I get public so that people have a chance of guessing correctly. I figure that Arth will offer more like the current hint later on in the dynasty. Wakukee 01/25/09 0
Hey Rawlin, comb hear! Rodlen (or any other admin for that matter), could you help me find out for sure whether or not comment editing is traceable? Just go to the comments and edit them as instructed. If they are traceable, I will re-propose my earlier proposal banning vote-editing. Wakukee 01/23/09 7 01/23/09