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I am a farmer. I unidle myself, raising Quorum to 12. Hix 05/17/11 0
Vacation to Airstrip One I’m setting myself to Idle. Hix 08/04/10 0
Grinding of the worst kind. As things currently stand, there is _significant_ advantage to frequently checking the blog to see if the lights have just turned off, so you can sneak off to another room and avoid being attacked (or, if you’re a Murderer, to attack before anyone can move away). This will be the… Hix 01/19/10 3 01/19/10
“Consecutive” questionnaire All rune sequences that we deal with this Dynasty are likely to be finite in length, so I think we can agree that it will be unnecessary to ever specify “finite sequence” from here on. We will, however, be needing to refer to one sequence being “inside” another, and the… Hix 11/06/09 3 11/06/09
Just saying… From the Ruleset: “Each Dynasty is headed by a single Player, known as the Leader” “When a DoV passes, all other active DoVs are failed, and a new Dynasty begins with the Player who made the DoV as its Leader.” “The Hiatus continues until the new Leader posts an Ascension… Hix 11/04/09 8 11/06/09
Story Post: [Guessing] some helping verbs. Am Is Are Was Were Be Being Been Hix 02/05/09 4 02/05/09
Einherjar candidates Date: 17 December *** Hix 12/17/07 16 12/21/07
Skirmish the 4th: The Final Chapter Clucky wins an Artistry Skirmish with a Skirmish Rating of 18 (Chivalrybean 12, aaronwinborn 10, Amnistar Jack and spikebrennan 4, lots of zeroes, Yoda and Rodlen negative, Bahro -25) even though the expected artistic assistance from Heimdall was absent. Abe Lincoln becomes female. Emperor Norton causes Bahro to lose a… Hix 12/14/07 0
Einherjar candidates Date: 10 December ... Hix 12/10/07 12 12/17/07
Skirmish 3: The Return of Charisma Notes on the most recent skirmish: Pharoh Necho gets -2 and +1 to Charisma from his abilities. Loki gives -2 to Charisma for each of Clucky’s Einherjar; Churchill raises Shakespeare and Hildegard to his level. Totaling up the Skirmish Ratings, Asgard clearly beats Folkvangr, and aaronwinborn has the highest, with… Hix 12/07/07 1 12/07/07
Einherjar candidates Date: 3 December This means that lots of new recruits are available. They all have special attributes, so please check the wording and report any anomalies. Oh, and please bid on them! We’ve just had another (rather good, in my opinion) Einherjar sell for 1 Acorn. Hix 12/03/07 25 12/10/07
Skirmish 2: Electric Boogaloo Passed out Einherjar to the high bidders, and took the opportunity of an empty unrecruited list to run a skirmish (the skirmish rule needs work concerning this issue). Loki has challenged us to a dance-off! Jeanne d’Arc, Beowulf, and Lola Montez attracted the largest crowds of onlookers by far, while… Hix 11/30/07 7 11/30/07
Einherjar Candidate: Mohandas Gandhi Mohandas Gandhi Wit +4 Scholasticism +3 Combat -10 “There are many causes that I am prepared to die for but no causes that I am prepared to kill for.” Artistry +3 Charisma +9 Mysticism +9 “Yes I am [a Hindu]. I am also a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist and… Hix 11/28/07 5 11/29/07
...and Igthorn in a few hours Oracular rufio, BobTHJ, Icarus, and Tesla4D have not commented in 8, 9, 10, and 11 (respectively) days, and have been idled. Quorum becomes 9. Hix 11/28/07 8 11/28/07
Einherjar New ones. Let me know if any of the abilities are broken, so I can remove them before giving them to the high bidders. Hix 11/27/07 7 11/28/07
Was it just a clever ruse… ...or did I screw up? Johnny Appleseed should not have been given to Loki; I just went and double-checked that all of the bids I received have been recorded on my master list of bids, but discovered that a single bid was mistakenly left off—a bid on Johnny Appleseed. Kevan… Hix 11/24/07 2 11/25/07
Story Post: About your performance… Early this morning, a small group of 14 Einherjar raided the Library of Loki. Their mission was to locate and steal back a small number of powerful spellbooks that fell into enemy hands last month. Under General Tzu’s command, they effortlessly defeated the small force guarding the Library. After locating… Hix 11/23/07 2 11/23/07
A mess of Einherjar Alfred Hitchcock to Chivalrybean for 25. William Jennings Bryan to Bahro for 20 Miguel de Cervantes to Bahro for 26 Honinbo Shusaku to Amnistar for 12 Jeanne d’Arc to Darknight for 26 Lola Montez to Yoda for 30 Johnny Appleseed to LOKI The first Skirmish will be soon, and then… Hix 11/23/07 2 11/24/07
Einherjar Candidate: Lise Meitner Lise Meitner Scholasticism +8 (Numerous contributions to physics; notably, the discovery of nuclear fission, and the possibility of using it to cause an explosive chain reaction) Combat -6 Moxie +2 (Successfully fled Nazi Germany as a Jew, despite the authorities having been tipped off as to her imminent flight. On… Hix 11/21/07 0
Bidding results Elias gets Hypatia for 50 and John Coltrane for 30 Rodlen gets Bill Gates for 45 and Rasputin for 30 Amnistar gets Sun Tzu for 30 Hix 11/21/07 0
These ones have special attributes Jeanne, Lola, and Johnny are up. Still waiting on a proposal before doing Leeroy. Hix 11/21/07 0
Valhalla welcomes Jack, Oliver, Roman, and Rincewind. Rodlen brings us Jack Sparrow from Davy Jones’s locker for 50 acorns. Josh exhumes Oliver Cromwell’s spirit for 15 acorns, shortly before his body is subjected to a posthumous execution. Josh also seems to think that a loss of 10 acorns is worth the benefits of having “Mad Baron” Roman… Hix 11/21/07 5 11/21/07
4 More Einherjar available. Waiting on Proposals before doing anything with Leeroy or Jeanne. Hix 11/20/07 1 11/21/07
Einherjar Candidate: Honinbo Shusaku Honinbo Shusaku Wit +2 Scholasticism +7 Combat -5 Tinkering +2 [Male,Sane,Honorable] Hix 11/20/07 0
Keep ‘em coming 5 more Einherjar are up. I have been sending confirmation emails upon receipt of bids, so if you’ve bid but haven’t gotten the confirmation, speak up. Hix 11/19/07 0
Story Post: Einherjar Candidate: Sun Tzu Sun Tzu Combat +10 Artistry +2 Charisma +4 [Male,Sane,Honorable] Hix 11/19/07 2 11/19/07
Story Post: Einherjar Candidate: Hypatia Hypatia of Alexandria Scholasticism +7 Combat -8 Artistry +3 Tinkering +5 Mysticism -7 [Female,Sane,Honorable] Hix 11/19/07 2 11/19/07
Commence Bidding The first 4 Einherjar are up on the wiki. The only changes I made were to Jack Sparrow. I made him sane, and changed his +/- 1 stats to zeros. To bid, contact me at 108Hix at gmail dot com. Please sign your emails with your blognomic username to make… Hix 11/19/07 5 11/19/07
Ascension Address: Ascension Address Ragnarök is upon us, my Valkyries, and I must say that I am somewhat disappointed in the quality of the heroes you have been providing lately. I hardly need remind you that we require spirits of warriors who have died bravely in battle to aid us in the final battle… Hix 11/18/07 6 11/19/07
Igthorn and Rodlen autopsy results. Neither is a werewolf. Both were killed by poison. Hix 11/16/07 0
Sorry to doubt you, Chivalrybean New autopsies have been performed on all dead villagers, confirming that Darknight was the only werewolf among them. Hix 11/14/07 1 11/15/07
An announcement, followed by an explanation. I Quit. Because I wanna. Hix 11/14/07 5 11/14/07
Secure communication Naturally, there will be quite a bit of extra-blog communication going on during this dynasty, most of which ought to remain private. I don’t wish to suggest that any admin here would ever cheat like this, but it should be known by everyone that it is _possible_ for an admin… Hix 10/15/07 2 10/15/07
News Flash banana, Brendan, and Zephyr go idle, dropping Quorum to 6. Robots can now be constructed, and the days of self-killed Proposals not counting toward the limit are over. Hix 09/14/07 2 09/14/07
Teuthos is finished. Let’s post our 500x250 pixel portions in comments to this post. Hix 09/02/07 9 09/03/07
Wiki vandalism Has anyone noticed that there has been a TON of spam on the wiki? This much spam hasn’t been seen for as long as I can remember. How effective are the tools we have available for blocking these vandals? Hix 09/02/07 5 09/06/07
Story Post: This time, it’s for real. I have added a single entry to the Created Pieces Page. This Story Post explains my action. Hix 05/03/07 0
Story Post: Story Post? I have added a single entry to the Created Pieces Page. I hope this Story Post helps to explain my action. Hix 05/03/07 4 05/03/07
Draft for “Making the Machine work” If there is no rule called “The Machine”, then this proposal has no further effect. Create a new sub-rule of “The Machine” called “The Machine in action” with text: At any given time, the Machine is considered to be either “Running” or “Standing by”. At the moment this paragraph is… Hix 04/30/07 4 04/30/07
Application for Gadget Approval Hix here, requesting to acquire the following gadget (request made at 23:22 on 12 March 2007): Gadget Name - Emergency Pants What it Does - If an Agent has the Emergency Pants gadget, e may remove it from eir list of gadgets and simultaneously set eir own “Gadgets” entry in… Hix 03/12/07 8 03/14/07
Mantle? Although I’m perfectly willing to actively run a Dynasty, I don’t mind passing the you-know-what to someone with a theme idea. Speak up if you’re interested. I know that Amnistar has some sort of James Bond / Secret Agent / Spy vs. Spy stuff in the works, which sounds pretty… Hix 03/09/07 1 03/09/07
Idyll Edomethus, Tesla4D, and The Doctor have not made (Blognomic Blog nor Motions wiki) entries since February. Hix 03/09/07 0
Debate on Motion to Fantasy-Rules-Commitee-type rule . Hix 03/06/07 6 03/07/07
Debate on Motion to Procedure for Re-voting on Motions - 15:18, 27 Feb 2007 (GMT) Disallowing multiple votes on a Motion. This is obviously a pretty serious loophole, so please let’s pass this through quick-like. In the meantime, curses upon anyone unscrupulous enough to abuse it. Should anyone decide it’s serious enough to warrant fixing via Proposal, please also include a clause in said Proposal… Hix 02/27/07 1 02/28/07
...and then there were 18 JoshuaGross has not voted since 22 Jan, and is now idle. Fidelio is next in line to go idle (at 0311 UTC on the 3rd), but since there are no voting opportunities while we await the AA, we should be a little generous and wait a little longer than that,… Hix 02/02/07 1 02/03/07
Is there a SuperAdmin in the hovse? As far as the Game is concerned, alethiophile is now an admin. I request that a SuperAdmin convince EE that this is the case. Feel free to delete this post afterwards (or at least unsticky it). EDIT: I’m not a SuperAdmin, but it’s now taken care of. -Elias IX Hix 01/23/07 5 01/23/07
Jupiter in Virgo (Done after the CfJ resets Jupiter to Leo) Hix 11/28/06 0
Jupiter in Cancer Stop worrying, everyone. It turns out that Jupiter was just hiding behind the Moon. Hix 11/05/06 0
Uranus in Virgo Please, no snickering. Hix 11/04/06 1 11/04/06
Mercury in Aquarius There’s a link up on the sidebar to a Zodiac Wiki for keeping track of the Planets’ alignments. It’s not the official authority on the alignments (maybe it should be?), but I’ll update it frequently. Please help out by recording any Planetary motion you are responsible for. Hix 11/03/06 0
idlings Cayvie and Chronos go idle. Quorum drops to 6 Hix 10/30/06 0
Not a bad idea I sell my soul. Hix 10/30/06 0
HIATUS, people!  sheesh. GGAA! Stop doing stuff*! Now I have to go on a massive reverting spree. *Roughly speaking, you may only ignore this sentence if your immediate idea of “stuff” is one of the following: idling, unidling, making a CfJ, voting on a CfJ, making a DoV, voting on a DoV, or… Hix 10/30/06 5 10/30/06
Public opinion poll I ask all Vegetables to leave comments on whether they think that Anarchists cannot influence other Vegetables. I assume this conclusion is based on “These Vegetables are considered to be Rotten for the purposes of this Rule”, which appears in Rule 2.3.1 and thus should not restrict attempts to influence.… Hix 10/13/06 4 10/13/06
Really bad Haiku/Beard Dyeing Competition/If Clucky accepts “Look over yonder. Is that a dead rat, or what?” “No—just Clucky’s beard.” Hix 10/10/06 2 10/10/06
Apparently, my weblog entry must have a title. As I recall, my tastes are similar to those of Quazie, so I “pass the mantle” (Hmmm… I guess that phrase doesn’t appear in the Ruleset anymore. Anyway, see the parenthetical note in the last paragraph of Rule 1.9 if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) to former Minister… Hix 09/25/06 1 09/25/06
The Devil’s Tools Corlindale and Shadowclaw go idle. Quorum drops to 9. Hix 09/04/06 0
idling/unidling announcements Cavaliere Pugrins unidles while quorum is 6. Then aran idles as requested. Then I idle Tesla4D and The Lone Amigo (not voted in a week). Quorum is now 5. Hix 08/25/06 0
The Distant Past C-jump (valid date, my first action) C-swirl (no reqirements) Hix 08/16/06 0
Curse you, Rodney Influence Drip succeeds. Today’s Modus Ponens includes: Range Moving Backward my full Range (Haven’t Range Moved recently) Continuum Swirling the year to -65,000,000 again. Hix 08/16/06 0
snenop sudom I continuum swirl the year to -65,000,000 (No Requirements) and march in time a single day (Existance Requirement satisfied). Influence Drip success follows. Hix 08/15/06 1 08/15/06
Much Obliged I used “A Slow Drip”, losing 1 Influence. Then I Modus Ponens to Range Move (Tengaar comes too) to 2059/3/18 (I’ve waited long enough), and then to Continuum Swirl the Focus Date’s day of month to 7 (no requirements). I make a new Node Event at my new TL: 2059/3/18… Hix 08/13/06 3 08/14/06
Some corrections I’m making some corrections, since some actions were taken based upon incorrect assumptions. I don’t think we have to declare them all illegal, but to fix them up, I have to employ a certain amount of mind-reading as to the Traveller’s intent. I’ll post my changes here as I make… Hix 08/13/06 4 08/14/06
Modus obigitory-postens etc. Performing (in this order) “Continuum Jump” to 2006/12/31 (no previous actions, FD is valid. check), “Continuum Swirling” the Focus Date to 1489/12/31 (requirements vacuously fulfilled. check), and “Range Moving” to 2006/7/24 (never Range Moved before. check) via Modus Ponens. Another Node Event shows up: 2006/7/24 Elias IX, having ignored the… Hix 08/11/06 0
Your GNDT a splode Okay, peoples, we have a temporary problem. I was performing the simple task of editing the second GNDT (you know, the one which had just the “Time Travel Variables” in it, and should now have the “Focus Date” in it.), but when I clicked the “save” button, my changes were… Hix 08/08/06 3 08/08/06
Story Post? Some minor changes to Keywords and the wording of a Node Event I have made. The summary of the changes you can find here. Hix 07/25/06 0
Some idlings Excalabur idles at eir request. The Doctor (recently known as Gabriel) and Thorolf idle due to lack of activity. Quorum drops to 7. Hix 07/12/06 0
Lack of Shiny. Hey, whatever happened to the “Time Crystals” Proposal about crystals that temporarily set your Shiny to maximum? That Proposal was well on the way to being Enacted, but I can’t find it in the Ruleset; it’s nowhere to be found in the blog, either! Hix 07/10/06 1 07/10/06
Zed Some malfunction has set the RHS of each Formula to “z”. That, or “z” got tired of being equal to zero all the time. Using Formula “t-(w-100)=z” Da Vinci idles. Quorum remains at 9. Beowulf Event Node added. Note that there may now be Pending Local Proposals older than some… Hix 07/09/06 1 07/09/06
Node Event Marcello witnessed the attack on Abbot Stefano. Naturally, when he got around to writing his memoir, this event got a whole chapter devoted to it. Could it be that Marcello unknowingly witnessed a far more important event that occured around the same time? (Added Marcello’s node at 1440/3/3) Hix 07/04/06 0
Ascension Address: Ascension Address All Travellers within a 10 billion second radius from 1419/11/26 16:12:44 are to report to that time immediately. I know many of you are on important assignments, but your presence is needed here. I have just accomplished the rather trivial task of ensuring that the Abbot of the Badia a… Hix 07/04/06 4 07/04/06
woodchuck A Ritual has been performed. Something’s not right…. My body feels… different. Hix 06/29/06 2 06/29/06
Going quiet I undergo a Vow of Silence Hix 06/25/06 0
Quorum=floor(1/2*12)+1 Idling Isolde. Hix 06/22/06 0
15-2=13 James Mullard and Iron Man are idle. Quorum drops to 7. Hix 06/14/06 0
Yo, Ninth! Elias IX has permission to borrow my book on Latin Declensions, as long as this post exists, and has not been edited by Hix. Hix 06/10/06 2 06/11/06
Groundhog Using Encrypted Rule 3 to gain some fitness. Hix 06/05/06 0
Chipmunk I’m taking a Vow of Pacifism. Hix 06/04/06 0
Our New Arrivals Two Monks appear at the Monastery Gate. Brothers, please join me in welcoming Iron Man and Isolde. Quorum rises to 6. E-mails have been sent to both of you with your GNDT password information. Hix 06/03/06 2 06/03/06
Squirrel I’ll undergo a Vow of Pacifism Hix 06/02/06 0
Another Clever Title A Ritual has been performed. Hix 06/02/06 0
This is the Title of my Post I used an Encrypted Rule Hix 06/01/06 0
A new face zorenathres joins us. Quorum rises to 6 Hix 05/28/06 0
I hope I’m not breaking anything… It seems that the Abbot approved of the Plague Story Post several hours ago, but did not update the Gamestate (which I believe should happen immediately after e approves). I’m gonna go ahead and make the changes (to save em some time), but if anyone feels that only the Abbot… Hix 05/20/06 0
Hint, please Spending the Knowledge for the hint on Cipher IV Hix 05/09/06 1 05/09/06
Did some stuff including a use of an Encrypted Rule. Hix 05/08/06 0
Again Encrypted Rule use Hix 05/07/06 0
A title Taking an action under an Encrypted Rule Taking an action under an Encrypted Rule Hix 05/06/06 1 05/06/06
get the silk bag from the graveyard duck Using the third Encrypted Rule. Hix 04/16/06 0
It’s a secret to everybody Encrypted Rule use. Undergoing a Vow of Silence. Starting right… about… Hix 04/14/06 0
Manual Labor Using an encrypted rule… ...and it won’t be the last time. Hix 04/14/06 0
Occult Knowledge Found a new item: Manual of Gainful Exercise I wonder how charged it is? Oh my—I’m taking another action under an Encrypted Rule. Hix 04/13/06 1 04/13/06
It’s all very “hush-hush” So I was trapped in a wall of nothingness for a while, which gave me a lot of time to think. When I finally got out, I wandered into the chapel and saw the Abbot kneeling before the altar. He stood up to greet me as I approached, so I… Hix 04/12/06 1 04/12/06
Taking a Vow… ...of Silence. Hix 04/06/06 0
Iota Eta Pi I can’t comment to lars’s most recent proposal; the link is screwed up because of the post’s unusual title (I think). Hix 03/29/06 2 03/29/06
An unofficial post Bucky may declare victory at any time. Hix 03/16/06 1 03/16/06
move log moved ashore, then to the crew’s quarters Hix 02/21/06 0
Going Places Went ashore to shop. Came back to the Forecastle Deck. `God save thee, ancient Mariner ! From the fiends, that plague thee thus !—Why look’st thou so ?’—With my cross-bow I shot the ALBATROSS. Hix 02/20/06 2 02/20/06
*sigh* Boarding. Adventuring. Crew’s $.25’s. Rum. Holds. (Hey! When did the cents key disappear from my keyboard?) Hix 02/19/06 2 02/20/06