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Proposal: Outsider Art Remove “As a daily action, a Wizard may submit a Portrait post to the blog, which contains the word “Portrait” in the title, an animal which exists in a stable and has not appeared in a portrait post before and a link to an image of the animal of the… Kevan 07/15/19 7 07/15/19
Portrait: Stealthy Wild Sponge A rare glimpse of this reclusive creature: Kevan 07/13/19 0
Portrait: Wild Sponge Another ten-second masterpiece: Kevan 07/11/19 1 07/11/19
Portrait: Surefooted Armoured Swimming Sponge Just claiming the daily Food bonus: Kevan 07/10/19 0
Portrait: Armored Swimming Sponge Kevan 07/09/19 2 07/09/19
Portrait: Swimming Sponge A quick sketch of this majestic creature: Kevan 07/07/19 0
Block: Cleanup Crew Following scans of the surface, the orbital supercomputers release a manned T-block of Hydroponics, Life Support, Life Support and Quarters. Kevan 06/19/19 6 06/21/19
Inubiquity ubq323 idles out after a week’s inactivity. Quorum drops to 3. Kevan 06/08/19 0
Card Counting Card idles out after a week’s inactivity. Quorum remains 4. Kevan 06/06/19 0
Illegal Block Placements Looking at the surface of the moon, Derrick dropped a Quarters Module next to a Dock Module a couple of days ago. At the time of the action, this appears to have broken the (since repealed) rule which said that “an architect may not build a Block so that a… Kevan 05/29/19 5 05/29/19
Block: Warehouse The constructor fleet prepares to drop a T-Block consisting of Dock, Corridor, Power, Life Support.. Kevan 05/20/19 13 05/24/19
Ascension Address: Harvest Moon The architects’ shuttle weaves its way out from the space elevator apex, passing giant grey tankers as they drift back to Earth. A year on from the first breaking of the lunar soil, and the helium refineries are running at full capacity, red lights glittering across the dark curve of… Kevan 05/20/19 0
Story Post: New Delivery: ISV Jenny Haniver 1 Engineering 1 Robot 2 Publicity 1 Colonist Kevan 05/17/19 2 05/18/19
Gargle Blast Zaphod idles out after eight days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 2. Kevan 05/16/19 0
Self-Driving Card Card idles out after eight days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 3. Kevan 05/10/19 1 05/10/19
Story Post: New Delivery: Driverless Cars 2 Robots 2 Transportation 1 Publicity Kevan 05/02/19 3 05/04/19
Story Post: New Delivery: Soyfields 2 Biology 1 Engineering 1 Infrastructure 1 Publicity Kevan 05/01/19 2 05/02/19
Story Post: New Delivery: Hospital Deeds 2 Biology 1 Publicity 1 Infrastructure 1 Robot Kevan 05/01/19 2 05/02/19
Story Post: New Delivery: Gene Tank 1 Colonist 4 Biology Kevan 04/19/19 6 04/22/19
Lost in the Woods Luther&Locke; idles out after a week’s inactivity. Quorum remains 4. Kevan 02/14/19 0
Murder They Wrote Now that victory has been locked down, here’s a thread for post-game discussion. Kevan 02/13/19 8 02/14/19
Search #11 The butler, Cartlesham, serves the house’s guests with strong coffee as the investigations continue into the night. Update: Seven clues were found. It becomes Public Knowledge over coffee that Isabel is not the murderer. Kevan 02/12/19 0
Search #10 Unattended candles begin to gutter and smoke in the dining room. Update : Five clues are found. It becomes Public Knowledge that Fire was not the method of the murder. Kevan 02/10/19 0
Search #9 The grandfather clock gives a single, echoing chime. Update: Eight clues are found. Public Knowledge is that Robert is not the Murderer. Kevan 02/08/19 0
Search #8 An owl hoots. Update : Five clues are found. It becomes Public Knowledge that Politics is not the motive of the murder. Kevan 02/06/19 0
Search #7 The hallway grandfather clock whirrs and chimes the half hour, and the searches continue… Update: Four clues were found. It becomes Public Knowledge that Jealousy was not the Motive of Morgan Chamberlain’s murder. Kevan 02/03/19 0
Search #6 Night deepens and a thick fog begins to fill the lawns and gardens of the mansion. Five clues are found. Kevan 02/01/19 0
Search #5 Detectives continue to pad around the corridors of Chamberlain House. Five clues have been found. Kevan 01/30/19 0
Idleopo Edelopo idles out after a week’s inactivity. Quorum remains 4. Kevan 01/30/19 0
Search #4 As the looming clock in the hallway chimes midnight, something of a hush falls over the mansion, and voices drop to a whisper. Three clues are found. Kevan 01/28/19 1 01/28/19
The Curious Incident ShareDVI idles out after a week of inactivity. Quorum drops to 4. Kevan 01/28/19 0
Search #3 Inspections and interviews continue. Seven clues are found. (Note that all clue-finding messages have been upgraded to start with “you believe”, for the benefit of players who are only half listening, given that any finding may now be a red herring under the current ruleset.) Kevan 01/26/19 3 01/27/19
Search #2 Detectives creak their way around the mansion’s stairwells and corridors, searching empty rooms and interviewing the distraught family of the deceased, safe in the knowledge that everything they learn right now is true. Six clues are found. Kevan 01/24/19 0
Search #1 Dessert being cancelled, the assembled detectives proceed to roam through the house. Two clues are found. Kevan 01/22/19 1 01/22/19
Ascension Address: Death of a Chamberlain Two months earlier. The annual Mystery Writers’ Fundraising Dinner at Chamberlain House. Silverware glints and chinks in the candlelight, and lively conversation resounds around the enormous oak-panelled dining room as local dignitaries and police officials exchange anecdotes and questions with fiction writers and amateur detectives. The empty chair at the… Kevan 01/21/19 0
The Loose Floorboard I wish to launder the sum of $52,523. Kevan 01/15/19 1 01/15/19
Silence in Court Diabecko and Naught idle out after 9 and 8 days of inactivity respectively. Quorum drops to 3. Kevan 01/14/19 0
Bunching Up Am I missing an angle, or was Trigon choosing to represent Bananasoft on the 29th illegal? This company was already being represented by Zaphod, and a newly acquired Client “must not be a non-State Client who is already represented by any other Attorney” . Kevan 01/04/19 6 01/13/19
Seasonal Downtime Under Rule 3.3, BlogNomic is now on hiatus until the 27th of December. Merry Seasonal Downtime, one and all. Kevan 12/24/18 0
Disbarred Jacob idles out automatically after a week of inactivity. Quorum drops to 3. Kevan 12/19/18 0
Adjourning StripedMaple idles out automatically after seven days without making a blog post or comment. Quorum remains 4. Kevan 12/14/18 0
Raising the Banner: Success! High on the green glass walls of City Hall, a cleaning team expertly removes a blastproof window frame from the outside and slips through to one of the emptier floors. Within ten minutes, the building is in flames. With a banner roll of 7, security is much laxer than we… Kevan 11/21/18 3 11/21/18
Build: Weapons Since Pushing the Deadline is about to give us two long weeks to change our mind on Pokes’ undiscussed demand that we use force, I begin handing out the petrol bombs. Kevan 11/15/18 0
Order: Take That Mask Off As Speaker, I give an order to “Change Activity to Planning” to the activist known as “pokes”. Kevan 11/06/18 2 11/07/18
Order: Zoom Lens Derrick. If you think storming City Hall is such a good idea, let’s have a Photograph or two of the building’s entrances and exits. Kevan 11/04/18 1 11/05/18
Megaphone Call Derrick timed out as our group’s Leader after 48 hours of declining to do any leading. As your new Leader, I informally request that either Derrick or Brendan changes their vote on “It’s Either This or McDonald’s”, to prevent it from passing, as fighting City Hall strikes me - and,… Kevan 11/03/18 0
Joo Janta 200s Zaphod idles out after a week’s inactivity. Quorum drops to 3. Kevan 10/30/18 0
Ascension Address: The Crash A master control anomaly somewhere in the depths of a server warehouse, and a glittering chain snaps, sending a spike and then a crash around the world, computers reacting and counter-reacting in milliseconds. Currencies veer and slide in the darkness, but as the sun breaks over the larger cities, the… Kevan 10/19/18 1 10/19/18
Memory Deallocation Card, Jumble and Trigon all idle out after a week’s inactivity. Quorum drops to 3 and with only four active players the game falls into Dormancy. Kevan 10/18/18 2 10/19/18
Space Bar 9spaceking idles out after eight days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 4. Kevan 10/11/18 0
New Generation Event With no food harvested the generation was a flat heat between the four Apes who had a Beauty Gene, and Card and Derrick became progenitors. No Culture was gained or lost, and the Neanderthals flourished unopposed. Kevan 09/25/18 0
Entering Dormancy Quincunx is automatically idled after a week of inactivity. This takes the player count down to 4, which puts BlogNomic into Dormancy: proposals and game actions can no longer be made. Dormancy will be lifted if a player joins the game or unidles. Kevan 09/25/18 3 09/25/18
Replacing the GNDT with a wiki page This has been rumbling around as an idea for a long time: replacing the GNDT with a wiki page that we can somehow embed in the sidebar. The GNDT has done a good job over the years and to some extent has set the tone of BlogNomic, but it’s never… Kevan 09/20/18 11 09/25/18
Fossil Record 9spaceking and Derrick both idle out after a week’s inactivity apiece. Quorum drops to 4. Kevan 09/16/18 0
New Generation Event Quincunx and Card were the new generation’s Progenitors. The Apes chose not to fight with the Neanderthals, and successfully outcompeted them for Food. Kevan 09/15/18 0
Flint Napping Axemabaro idles out after a week’s inactivity. Quorum drops to 5. Kevan 09/14/18 0
Poking the Bear Pokes idles out after a week’s inactivity. Quorum remains 6. Kevan 09/07/18 0
Missing Attachments Reminder to Card and anyone else who’s forgotten it that step 4 of drawing is to “Perform the effect of each attached card associated with its state, if that effect is an action.” - the only relevant card at present is Stone Circle, but Card appears to have overlooked this… Kevan 07/26/18 1 07/27/18
Cone of Sleep Pokes idles out after nine days of inactivity. Quorum remains 5. Kevan 07/17/18 0
9spaceking’s game actions 9spaceking seems to be playing cards under the misunderstandings that all cards give you +1 Thaum when you play or attach them, and that the Communities list doesn’t need to be updated when a card you’ve played changes Community stats. Play/attach actions taken by the player this dynasty are:- “Apply… Kevan 07/12/18 12 07/12/18
Ivory Towers Axemabaro and VJRada both idle out after a week’s inactivity each. Quorum drops to 5. Kevan 07/04/18 0
Motivations Here’s the post-dynastic Goal reveal required by the ruleset. As written the Goals of every player other than Derrick would just be “Abandon Ship” or “Religious”, but here’s what people actually tried to set, and how they would have scored if The Log and Line had been voted through:-  Brendan… Kevan 06/19/18 7 06/19/18
Passenger’s Log: Saint Calogerus’ Day “Sails lowered, the Haniver wandered adrift through open waters.” With players voting to enact Lord of the Level Loadstone (rendering illegally-submitted Goal lists legal and applying them) but not The Log and Line (which would have rendered everyone’s Goals legal), I can announce that it’s now the case that Derrick… Kevan 06/18/18 5 06/18/18
Epilogue The Story ended at 15th of June of 2018, 20:22:00 UTC. Every Sailor but Cuddlebeam had the goal of “Abandon Ship”, which was not met as the Haniver was not sunk, giving all those Sailors Reckoning of zero. The idle Sailor Cuddlebeam may have had the goal of “Religious” or… Kevan 06/16/18 1 06/16/18
Homeward Bound Mexianus idles out after eight days’ inactivity. With Cuddlebeam also going idle by request, quorum drops to 4. Kevan 06/16/18 0
Passenger’s Log: Saint Vitus’ Day “A storm was rising over the archipelago, and the crew rushed back and forth across the decks with shouts and disagreements, flashes of lightning stopping them in the most dramatic of poses. The whaling ship Madcap swung towards us in the driving rain, heading back to Anchorage, and I wondered… Kevan 06/15/18 7 06/16/18
Forgotten Gold Cuddlebeam just gave themselves +1 Gold with a comment of “(Forgot. Got that Gold.)” Where did this come from? Was it meant to be a Lore increase from talking to the crew of the Caine? (And is it legal to apply it as “forgotten” when the time has now passed… Kevan 06/13/18 3 06/13/18
Passenger’s Log: Saint Peregrinus’ Day “Long after midnight, the Captain and the Navigator leapt up from their benches at the galley, perhaps a little worse for wear, and proceeded to lower an empty whaling boat. Scattering handfuls of ship’s scarce provisions across the dark waters behind them, they paddled the boat towards the orbiting, moonlit… Kevan 06/13/18 1 06/13/18
Passenger’s Log: Saint Barnabas’ Day “A modern-looking whaling vessel passed us heading back to Anchorage, riding low in the water. Its crew all appeared to be busy below deck, but the sharp voice of its unseen captain hailed us across the open water.” The whaling ship Caine is in the area until the next log. Kevan 06/11/18 12 06/12/18
Passenger’s Log: Saint Calliope’s Day “Our full boat dropped down into the waves, oars and harpoons spiking up in all directions, and I was left alone on the Haniver. As if in response to the launch, a great humpback whale gave a vast, twisting leap from the depths of the ocean, not far from our… Kevan 06/08/18 7 06/10/18
Passenger’s Log: Saint Agobard’s Day “Some confusion on deck this morning as an empty boat was lowered into the water, only to be lifted back up again. Alone at the fo’c'sle, the captain raised and twisted a telescope to scour the silent grey ocean.” Kevan 06/06/18 0
Be it Beast, Boat, or Stone Second Mate Stoneworth idles out automatically after a week’s inactivity. Quorum remains 5. Kevan 06/04/18 0
Passenger’s Log: Saint Petroc’s Day “The Calypso lowered its anchor to tarry awhile until the wind picked back up, its chief harpooneer offering some commiseration on the orca which had now disappeared from sight of the Haniver’s boats.” The whaling ship Calypso remains in the area until the next log. Kevan 06/04/18 9 06/07/18
Passenger’s Log: Saint Inigo’s Day “The reason for the Calypso’s haste soon became apparent, for the whaling ship Eriphyle was in her pursuit. A cry went up from the visiting crew, and they scrambled back to their boat, leaving our steward with a hand still outstretched, and knocking the carpenter and second mate clean over… Kevan 06/01/18 10 06/03/18
Passenger’s Log: Saint Hubert’s Day “The boats were lowered into the crashing waters, and their crews rowed hard into the sun, heading towards a lone orca which had been making a straight and urgent line towards our ship. As our harpooneers neared the creature the reason for its heedless path became apparent, for the whaling… Kevan 05/30/18 18 06/01/18
Where’s Dewaldo? Dewaldo the Cook idles out after a week’s inactivity. Quorum drops to 5. Kevan 05/30/18 0
Passenger’s Log: Saint Heliconis’ Day “After a short parley and an exchange of gifts and knowledge, the Inquisitor drew up its weathered boat and set sail away for the open ocean, while the crew of the Haniver checked their cabins to see that nothing was missing.” Kevan 05/28/18 7 05/29/18
Lost at Sea Third Mate ElMarko idles out after a week’s inactivity. Quorum remains 5. Kevan 05/26/18 0
Passenger’s Log: Saint Aldhelm’s Day “A boom of cannons or thunder from the reef to the north, and our spyglasses picked out the skull flag of The Bloody Inquisitor prowling the waters. Within an hour it was upon us. In our haste to raise the sails, Deckhand Brendan lost his footing and dropped like a… Kevan 05/25/18 8 05/28/18
Passenger’s Log: Saint Didier’s Day “Great commotion and excitement on deck this morning, and not a little confusion, as the Haniver lowered its boats for its first hunt of the season. As the boats splashed down into the water, a great silvery sunfish was sighted for the first time a way off to starboard. And… Kevan 05/23/18 23 05/24/18
Checkmate Second Mate Pokes idles out after a week’s inactivity. Quorum drops to 5. Kevan 05/22/18 0
Passenger’s Log: Saint Zeno’s Day “Mountainous islands dotted the horizon today, but even after a full day’s sailing we seemed no closer to them.” Kevan 05/21/18 2 05/21/18
Too Many Cooks The ship’s cook, Thunder, idles out after seven days of inactivity. Quorum remains 6. Kevan 05/18/18 0
Passenger’s Log: Saint Merililaun’s Day “An uneventful day at sea. From my fogged memories of sailing the archipelago I think we skirted the waters of Dredger Cove today, but without a captain at the wheel and with our second mate still lost in a wild realm of imagination, I fear we may be lost.” Kevan 05/18/18 0
Passenger’s Log: Saint Brendan’s Day “I was losing badly at cards below deck when a cry of ‘land!’ rang out from above. Only the second mate was on night watch, and the Haniver had been wheeling around in open water for days. My fellow gamblers exchanged puzzled looks and as we manoeuvred into a slow… Kevan 05/16/18 1 05/17/18
I’ll Smoke No More Cpt_Koen idles out after a week’s inactivity. Quorum remains 6. The Haniver is without a captain. Kevan 05/15/18 2 05/15/18
Recuperation Still recovering from the accident on deck, Axemabaro idles out after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 6. Kevan 05/15/18 0
Passenger’s Log: Saint Matthias’ Day “I was awoken by a clattering of chain across the boards above my cabin, building up to a great crash and a shout of pain from someone on deck. I was to learn later that the anchor’s chain had snapped and rushed like a cobra across the decking, sweeping the… Kevan 05/14/18 0
Below Decks Diabecko idles out after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum remains 7. Kevan 05/14/18 0
Passenger’s Log: Saint Anthimus’ Day “Waking on the third day of our voyage for a moment I thought myself back home in Anchorage, so quiet and still was the water. I rose and climbed up to the deck, and saw nothing but the ocean spread out clear and blue in every direction.” The Haniver is… Kevan 05/11/18 0
Passenger’s Log: St Brynoth’s Day “Hours passed as the Haniver was loaded, and I remained vigilant that my sea chest would not be lost beneath the stacks of empty barrels and crates of citrus fruit as they were piled into the hold. The sun faded as it swung in the sky, and by noon the… Kevan 05/09/18 0
Ascension Address: Call Me Ishmael Some years ago - never mind how long precisely - having a full purse following a modest and unexpected victory at the card table, the notion finally arrived in my tired head to leave this island. As it was the fledgling city of Auld Anchorage had set down only the… Kevan 05/06/18 2 05/06/18
A Fading Rumble Thunder idles out after 10 days inactivity. Quorum remains 4. Kevan 04/30/18 1 04/30/18
I found the Treasure! Just in case it’s necessary, I should add that I think the Super Treasure is an infinitely long string of zeroes followed by the string “ Super Treasure.”. Kevan 04/27/18 17 04/30/18
I found the Treasure! The Super Treasure is an infinitely long string of zeroes followed by the words “Super Treasure”. Since the Super Treasure is undefined (there is no clause saying that the Kings choose what it is, only that they must hide it), I believe it defaults to this. (“If a game variable… Kevan 04/27/18 1 04/27/18
I found the Treasure! (Post blanked as it had a slight error.) Kevan 04/27/18 0
Six Impossible Things This is the “should announce it in a post or comment when they do so” noise of an admin idling themselves. Have got a busy couple of weeks ahead here, not sure I’m going to be able to keep up with the game. Kevan 03/11/18 3 03/11/18
Painting the Roses Red Can we do something about the colour scheme? I’ve been struggling to stay focused whenever I’ve opened the site today. Not sure if I’m using an outlier combination of browser and laptop monitor (and maybe even eyesight) that’s rendering it in a way it’s not meant to look, but this… Kevan 03/09/18 18 03/10/18
Supply Crate #21 A government supply team gingerly wheel a new crate into the lobby, looking around the room nervously and glancing at their watches before heading back to the truck. Tinned Food • Kindling • Unexploded Ordnance • Earplugs • Sewing Kit Card takes first pick. Kevan 03/07/18 9 03/07/18
Supply Crate #20b Having returned to collect their previous crate, the quarantine support crew deliver a fresh one, never once making eye contact. Water • Crowbar • Lockbox Key • Crowbar Pokes and Card are already in position. Kevan 03/06/18 12 03/07/18