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Idle me Could an admin please idle me? I’m not sure I really have the time to dedicate to BlogNomic right now, especially given things like the speed of the queue and the size of the edit window. ais523 08/30/21 2 08/31/21
I can’t get the ruleset wiki to load For whatever reason, isn’t working for me (other BlogNomic subdomains, and other websites, work fine) – it times out when I try to load pages on it. As a consequence, I’m going to hold off on vetoing things / writing proposals until I can actually read the rules. ais523 08/25/21 1 08/26/21
Ascension Address: Legislature At Work With the decline of the Royal Court in the late 18th century, its legislative body, once the seat of power for an empire, no longer served any useful political function. However, organisations of this age and venerability don’t go down lightly. Lawmaking started out as politics, but it evolved into… ais523 08/21/21 4 08/22/21
To revert or uphold? Something which perennially seems to lead to arguments is what to do when there’s been a mistake (by which I mean, someone inadvertently doing something that wasn’t permitted/possible according to the rules). I think it would be worth having a discussion about the correct course of action in this respect,… ais523 08/07/21 7 08/08/21
So, it turns out that most of our Glyphs don’t exist “If a room contains a Sigil from a Vampire Lord then no Glyph may be created for that Vampire Lord, and vice-versa.” This seems pretty clear to me: if you have a Sigil, you can’t have a Glyph. Nothing about this rule says it has to be the same room.… ais523 07/26/21 2 07/26/21
An offer Anyone interested in the new trading mechanics? I’m looking to buy a Favour from Jumble or Chiiika or both, and would be willing to offer the inclusion of their names on my Glyph on the Cliff Edge in return. ais523 07/01/21 2 07/26/21
Unidling Could an admin please unidle me? ais523 06/10/21 1 06/10/21
Idle me As a consequence of the previous Wheel spin (which gave me a 50% chance to catch up with the leaders, thus was worth trying), I’m now too far behind to have much of a chance in this dynasty, and don’t find it much fun to play when I don’t have… ais523 06/01/20 8 06/02/20
For people who are still trying to get random words into the ruleset I decided to just roll 5DICE6 twice to see what happened (with no immediate ruleset impact). The first (“Amnesiac”) roll produced 24315 “dubbed”, which is possibly not that interesting (you could sort-of make it work, but probably not). The second (“Past Memory”) roll produced 64262 “unmade”, which is much more… ais523 05/27/20 4 05/27/20
Post-dynastic discussion So, given that the dynasty’s now over and there’s no point in keeping secrets any more: what Role did everyone have, anyway? Even though it ended in a rather unsatisfying way, we might still be able to piece together what the gamestate was, and that will be useful for historical… ais523 05/26/20 11 05/27/20
Story Post: It’s always in the last place you look I search my pockets. ais523 05/21/20 1 05/22/20
Now that unidling actually works Given how much attention I’ve been playing to BlogNomic recently, I may as well participate more directly. Unidle me. ais523 05/21/20 1 05/21/20
You all suck at cleanup I thought you should know that you majorly screwed up the ruleset a few dynasties ago, but nobody noticed at the time and the problem has mostly fixed itself by now. There’s still a bit of damage to the ruleset, though, so someone might want to submit a proposal to… ais523 05/19/20 13 05/20/20
Idle me This dynasty has too many daily actions (already!) that need to be performed every day in order to be in the best position to win it (because they can be traded for other people’s dailies). As such, attempting to win it would be really bad for my personal life (I… ais523 10/09/15 8 10/09/15
Story Post: Passing the Mantle I nominate Thrawn as the new Warden. ais523 10/07/15 0
Attack: Purplebeard With the Warden out of action, Thrawn and I are taking over. ais523 10/05/15 5 10/05/15
Attack: Aname Tantusar and I have been conspiring to kick people while they were down. ais523 10/04/15 4 10/05/15
Story Post: Attack: Aname Tantusar and I have been conspiring to kick people while they were down. ais523 10/04/15 4 10/04/15
Unidle me Given that the new-player-lockout proposal has gone up, I’d at least like a chance to participate even though I’m coming in late. Would an admin please unidle me? ais523 09/25/15 2 09/25/15
I’m idle right now, but something that probably needs fixing According to the ruleset, accepting a Test means that you must complete its Task by the Competition Deadline. As I understand normal BlogNomic terminology, doesn’t this mean that all Rats who accept the Test are deemed to complete its Task (perhaps with gamestate changes to match), even if they actually… ais523 07/27/15 0
Wiki account Could an admin create me a wiki account, please? Also, please idle me for now. I might or might not come back later in the dynasty. (I know this looks like a weird combination, but there’s a few dynastic histories that need fixing.) ais523 02/24/15 4 02/24/15
Error: You have surpassed the Private Message sending limit for a 24 hour period Can we get this limit increased? As it is, I’m being locked out of participating in the Dynasty by the software. (I’m going to send Kevan emails to substitute for PMs, for the time being.) ais523 02/20/15 10 02/21/15
I’m not enjoying this dynasty I was enjoying this dynasty earlier, but things are getting increasingly upsetting. My main problem is that it’s impossible to accomplish anything without the support of several other players, but I’m not getting that support even when it’s in those players’ best interests. For example, we haven’t had a trial… ais523 02/19/15 18 02/20/15
Discussion: A technical suggestion I’ve been thinking about two problems recently, which seem connected: Frequently, players will forget to categorise a post (most commonly leading to a Proposal that isn’t, and spamming up the blog if the mistake isn’t caught within 5 minutes). This just creates a little extra tedium all round. Sometimes, I… ais523 02/17/15 11 02/18/15
Life Support sabotage This mission just failed despite being a) Rostered; b) with a valid Command Team; c) with a Command Quorum. In other words, the mission was either Sabotaged or Tampered with by _Fox_, Sylphrena, or Brendan, even though there’d be no Clearance benefit either way from doing so. Thus, one of… ais523 02/17/15 10 02/18/15
Mysterious GNDT update Latest update: 12/02 12:15 (UTC) (Kevan) Bucky’s Emotions = Paranoid, Calm, Fatigued, Disabled [was Paranoid, Calm, Fatigued] (Bucky has become Disabled somehow.) Looking through the ruleset, I’m guessing this was a phaser shot? I can’t see any other reason in the ruleset that Kevan would have been able to do… ais523 02/12/15 5 02/12/15
Time to unidle I wonder if it’s been long enough that people have stopped trying to Disable me? Please could an admin unidle me, anyway? ais523 02/12/15 1 02/12/15
Ruleset history archive? I was looking through the old dynastic histories recently, and noticed that some were missing their Final Ruleset (which is normally theoretically possible to recover via reading proposals, but would be a pain). The wiki’s history only goes back to the server move. Does anyone (Kevan? 75th Trombone?) happen to… ais523 02/05/15 7 02/06/15
Idle me This is a blatant scam in order to prevent myself being Disabled via Trial, because it would make it quite hard to participate in the dynasty (there’s basically nothing I can actually do, besides vote and propose, which isn’t so interesting). Could an admin please idle me? (It’s not like… ais523 02/03/15 6 02/05/15
Unidle me I’m too busy to play right now, but might play later on in the dynasty. It looks like the way the rules are going at the moment, getting in now is necessary to not upset things if I unidle later. So could an admin unidle me now please? I’ll likely… ais523 01/23/15 2 01/23/15
Oh right, I’m idle Could someone unidle me, please? ais523 06/17/12 1 06/17/12
I idle I idle. Because I’m not Keba. ais523 06/16/12 1 06/16/12
Story Post: Unblocking a Chakra: Dynasty 100 If I were enlightened, I would be able to achieve victory this dynasty (rule 2.2.4). And I currently occupy this dynasty. This is the condition required to unblock a dynasty, and nothing in the rules prevents the unblocking of dynasty 100 itself. (I’ll leave the unlocking of the chakra until… ais523 06/11/12 3 06/13/12
May as well Someone unidle me, please? ais523 06/11/12 1 06/11/12
A huge mess Just found a pretty serious bug that I think you should all know about so that you can fix. (I’m idle so can’t make a CFJ about it.) Rule 2.2.8 says “Any non-Ruleset document on the Blognomic wiki that would qualify as gamestate under the final Ruleset of a dynasty… ais523 06/10/12 3 06/11/12
The Black Market Given that communication is quite important this dynasty, I thought I’d make this thread for people to coordinate possible Assisted Actions, if they feel like publicly doing it on the blog. Enjoy! ais523 01/14/12 2 01/23/12
Ascension Address: Let’s get this started An anonymous note turns up just inside your secret hideout… Too long have you all worked as a disorganised rabble, stealing for your own benefit and competing over scraps of unimportant drug deals. I am sending this note to each one of you, to let you know: I know about… ais523 01/09/12 0
We apologise for the delay, and any inconvenience caused I’d just like to say that I’m sorry for not starting the next dynasty yet. I’m a little exhausted, having a few problems with my RL sleep patterns, and I’ve tried a couple of times to write the start of the dynasty and not really managed it. I may be… ais523 01/06/12 9 01/07/12
Just a note… It seems I screwed up my attempts to Drive yesterday, accidentally entering the wrong set of routes in the GNDT. I’m assuming nothing since was legal (even my Assignment Request, because it was based on the wrong number of routes), as they each updated the GNDT to an impossible state,… ais523 12/19/11 0
A rant about daily actions and timing scams From the GNDT timestamps:  09/11 17:55 (UTC) - ais523 10/11 00:02 (UTC) - ais523 The timing is obviously not a coincidence. I want to talk about daily actions, and in particular, the 6 hour limit on consecutive uses of the same daily action. First off, the 6 hour limit does… ais523 11/10/11 21 11/11/11
ADMIN REMINDER: Announcing arrival For everyone trying to count votes: note that an admin cannot register a human as an Artist unless they make a post announcing their arrival. If their arrival was announced in some other way, such as making a vote, it thus means that it was not their post announcing their… ais523 10/21/11 17 10/22/11
My Sparrowscript/Alethioscript/whatever it’s called nowadays has stopped working Is it working for other people, or down for everyone? Playing BlogNomic is quite hard without it; I remember I almost gave up on BlogNomic before it was invented because it was so hard to track everything going on, but the script + an RSS feed reader has served me… ais523 10/11/11 5 10/11/11
Not Quite Square The Same Colour As The Background ais523 10/08/11 6 10/09/11
The best sort of unidling post is a minimalist one ais523 09/30/11 5 09/30/11
Hey, what’s up with the GNDT? The GNDT lists no players and shows no history. What’s happened to its history? ais523 09/30/11 1 09/30/11
Getting out before I’m cut to pieces Could an admin idle me, please? ais523 07/08/11 1 07/08/11
I was trying to stay in the running for this dynasty, but the grind has got too bad Could an admin please idle me? ais523 06/18/11 1 06/18/11
Hey, everyone CoV on the DoV Just a heads-up to everyone: Yoda doesn’t have economic dominance after all, he’s only Chairman of the Board of 6 corporations. (His meeting to become Chairman of BNS has not yet been approved.) So go and vote AGAINST on the DoV before it passes due to apathy! ais523 05/16/11 8 05/16/11
Cayman Island Holding Corp. - Shareholder Meeting: Declaration of a Dividend Dividend Amount: 100000 Record Date Information: ais523: 51Roujo: 49 ais523 05/14/11 0
Startup: Cayman Island Holding Corp. (CIH) A Venture to create a new Startup, Cayman Island Holding Corp. ais523 05/13/11 2 05/13/11
Story Post: A conspiracy approaches The Conspirators have been informed. If you haven’t been told by me that you’re a Conspirator, you definitely aren’t. ais523 04/12/11 6 04/14/11
Ascension Address: A tour of the Bureaucratic Meadow Welcome, Mister Wolfson! I am the Tourism Facilitation Supervisor, and it looks like it’s my job to show you around the Bureaucratic Meadow. I hope you like your stay. Feel free to take a look around. Our biggest attraction is our amazing political system. You wouldn’t imagine that sheep could… ais523 04/11/11 0
Adding a lock I lock Boston Manor. ais523 04/05/11 1 04/05/11
The trains finally started running again Please could an admin unidle me? (On another note, there’s something very wrong for me with the textboxes in the make-a-new-post page. They use my default background color - dark gray - and a custom foreground color - dark gray. Really, they should set both the foreground and the background,… ais523 03/29/11 0
Mysterious antics Could someone please unidle me? (I’m not going to stick around long, likely; just planning to perform a couple of actions then idle again.) ais523 02/07/11 3 02/07/11
Idle talk costs lives Could someone idle me, please? ais523 10/02/10 1 10/02/10
[Competition] OK, if I can’t trust you to keep answers secret, I’ll set the questions (Not a proto.) The Riddler will post three puzzles as comments to this post; one soon after this competition is posted, and the other two on separate occasions in the future. In order to encourage Befuddled to join sooner rather than later if they join at all, when a Befuddled… ais523 09/24/10 6 09/27/10
[Proto-Competition] Nomic Invasion Wooble wrote, in Agora:  If I haven’t voted yet, I vote AGAINST each proposal from 6834-6841; without a recent referee’s report I can’t be bothered to figure out who’s on my team, and I’m not voting FOR an interested proposal by a non-team-member as a protest against our Honored Speaker… ais523 09/21/10 13 09/24/10
Story Post: [Competition] Competition Competition Whenever a Befuddled other than the Riddler creates a competition, and the proposal which allowed him to create the competition contained the exact text of that competition, that Befuddled gains a Medal. ais523 09/12/10 7 09/19/10
[Proto-Competition] Puzzle solving! [Putting this out there to see any obvious issues, etc, before posting it. We probably need a rule to prevent people revealing answers to each other first, although it would be hard to enforce; how trustworthy are Blognomickers in general?] A Puzzle Submission is a puzzle labelled as a Puzzle… ais523 09/09/10 8 09/12/10
Story Post: [Competition] Fixed proposal count Comments to this post in the form “Guess: [6-12 September 2010] 5 proposals” are considered to be Guesses; each specifies a week and a number of proposals. Guesses are ignored if they duplicate a previous non-ignored guess, if they are made later than the end of Wednesday on the week… ais523 09/09/10 3 09/09/10
[Proto-Competition] Proposal count (Not a competition, because that rule hasn’t passed yet, and to give feedback for possible improvements. This is an example to show the sort of thing I mean. Come up with your own ideas, and propose to make them into real Competitions!) Comments to this post in the form “Guess:… ais523 09/06/10 8 09/08/10
Ascension Address: Ascension Address: Your flight has been diverted Scene: a Cessna 150 flying from Funafuti International Airport to Gotham City. Fourteen passengers are somehow crowded into the back of the plane, which has been customised with many bizarre additions over the years to provide extra space. A small television is sitting in the middle of the floor; a… ais523 09/06/10 3 09/09/10
[Corporation] Rocky Express We make strange rocky objects, then ship them elsewhere. Only ais523 and Darth Cliche can join. ais523 09/04/10 2 09/04/10
[Corporation] Rainbow Express We have a beautiful multicolored logo. Our other purposes are mysterious. Only Darth Cliche and ais523 can join. ais523 09/04/10 2 09/04/10
Getting quiet enough to rejoin Could someone unidle me, please? ais523 08/29/10 1 08/29/10
Paradox So, suppose there’s a Citizen with higher Clearance than the rule “Information Clearance”. Unfortunately, the rule forgets to exclude itself; thus, for the purposes of rule, a Citzen with higher Clearance than rule is not a Citizen, according to rule; except that this cancels the effect of… ais523 08/12/10 3 08/13/10
Story Post: Because flurie figured out what my scam was I accuse ais523 of being in The Secret Police. I accuse ais523 of being in The Secret Police. I accuse ais523 of being in The Secret Police. I accuse ais523 of being in The Secret Police. I accuse ais523 of being in The Secret Police. I accuse ais523 of being… ais523 08/05/10 9 08/06/10
Spam vs. good play I have a scam that allows me (alone) to get up to ULTRAVIOLET clearance, but it’s very spammy (it’ll require me to make six story posts). Should I do it anyway? Or shall I just demonstrate one round of the scam and become ULTRAVIOLET by CFJ, or something? Or something… ais523 08/05/10 4 08/05/10
Historical loose ends I’ve been looking through recent dynastic histories to see if there was anything missing (like the Theme of arthexis’ dynasty…) I assume that given that it’s well over a year ago now, there’s no harm in revealing this now, so: could anyone who played through the Fourth Metadynasty reveal what… ais523 07/27/10 7 07/28/10
Which reminds me… If keywords have been replaced by an Ascension Address between this proposal’s proposal and its enactment, make the same keyword replacements on this proposal before enacting it. In rule 1.2 “@s”, immediately after Some @s are Admins, responsible for updating the site and the Ruleset, and are signified as such… ais523 07/26/10 0
Making mistakes… I’ve just noticed that last time (and possibly earlier times) I Found the Stairs, I didn’t then Find Treasure, a compulsory action. (What a complex ruleset we have…) Should I do so now? Or just leave it? Or something else? ais523 07/25/10 5 07/26/10
You get idlers on NAO too… Could someone unidle me, please? ais523 06/02/10 6 06/03/10
Lack of time Could someone idle me, please? ais523 05/21/10 0
Story Post: Leader’s Debate: New Players The current leaders are Ienpw III, Kevan, and Josh (purely because I voted to break the tie for third; I’ll unvote after making this post). Leading candidates are invited to comment on how their dynasty would treat new players. Would it be a grind, where new players have pretty much… ais523 05/04/10 11 05/05/10
Ascension Address: Let’s settle this the good old-fashioned nomic way It seems to me that what’s happening at the moment is a big discussion over who should take the next dynasty, what the theme should be, etc. BlogNomic has a perfectly good way to settle who the leader of a dynasty should be; it’s known as a dynasty. Also, apparently… ais523 04/26/10 0
Next dynasty discussion Although I have a few ideas for a dynasty, I may not have time to run an upcoming dynasty unless it requires an unusually low amount of Emperor attention. I can probably create a dynasty like that, but I’ve been thinking of passing the mantle. Darth Cliche and Ienpw both… ais523 04/24/10 14 04/25/10
Raiding, week 4 Nobody at all tried raiding last week; it’s as if everyone was scared or something. New Treasury contents: 120 Iron, 120 Wood, 60 Quicksilver, 60 Caffeine, 36 Cogs, 12 Gems, with a Guard Level of 11. Feel free to discuss your raid here. ais523 03/29/10 11 03/31/10
Raiding, attempt 2 The following Commoners Raided last week: Anonyman (x2), Darth Cliche (x2), Josh, Keba (x2), Purplebeard (x2), Put (x2), for a total of 11 Commoner’s worth of combat potential. As a result, the raid succeeds; one share of the proceeds is 18 Wood, 18 Caffeine, 4 Gems, but all but Josh… ais523 03/22/10 3 03/24/10
Raid results The Commoners who raided this week were Anonyman, Darth Cliche, Josh, Keba (x2 due to Armour), Roujo, Purplebeard, and Tecslicer. That’s 8 Commoners; unfortunately, 9 were needed for the Raid to succeed. It looks like somebody betrayed your little group… As a result, I feel confident in using the same… ais523 03/15/10 21 03/21/10
Trade route time Just a note: the Trade Routes for this week are now up on the wiki. I probably won’t change them every week; to avoid bias, it’s best to decide when to change such things in advance, so I’m adopting a policy of deciding at random (with a 50:50 chance) whether… ais523 03/12/10 1 03/12/10
Raiding discussion post As you may have noticed, a shipment of resources (400 Coal, 50 Wood, 50 Iron) is coming over the moor to the Mad Prince’s Manor, guarded by 8 huge metal automata, venting steam, breathing fire, and flying around in an ominous manner. Still, because it would be hilarious to watch… ais523 03/09/10 10 03/13/10
Story Post: Mad Prince’s Land Sale I hear some of the Commoners have been clamouring for more Land! Well, I was never one to stand in the way of progress, but there isn’t enough to go round, so here’s the price I’m charging for a plot of Land:An amusing and flavourful limerick, plushaving had a Coal… ais523 03/05/10 12 03/06/10
The Switch never happened… ...but it is, right here, right now. The ruleset and gamestate of the nomic originally played at hereby become the same as the ruleset and gamestate of the nomic played at, including the location (i.e. that the game is played at; this is a matter related to… ais523 03/01/10 13 03/02/10
The revenge of the return of the son of the corrected nephew of the arrows, part III Create a new rule, “Flavour Rewards”:  When voting on a proposal, Commoners should include an arrow icon (:ARROW:) in comments in which they vote, if they think the proposal is particularly flavourful or has good flavour text; this is not a voting icon, but can be used additionally to voting… ais523 02/27/10 13 03/01/10
Ascension Address: Notes from a Commoner’s Diary Wednesday March 4, 1908My television almost overboiled at the news; King Anthony has gone missing! He apparently never returned from his airship trip to the New World. There's no sign of what happened to the ship as yet, but I fear that it may have been captured by pirates. Or… ais523 02/26/10 5 02/27/10
Idling Could an admin idle me, please? ais523 02/05/10 2 02/05/10
PM limits My PM inbox is getting close to filling; however, I don’t really want to lose some of the history of BlogNomic by deleting messages. Is there any easy way that I could download the PMs I already have for backup? Failing that, is there any large reason not to increase… ais523 01/23/10 2 01/24/10
Guessing the will If a rule “Bloodline” exists, create the following subrule, “Genealogy”, to it:  As a weekly action, a Guest may ask the Executor (via PM or other private means of communication, such as private message on IRC) which of two Guests (other than the Guest asking) has the lower degree of… ais523 01/14/10 1 01/14/10
Blognomicbot and the topic I’ve told Blognomicbot to put the topic in the info it outputs, as well as the list of people talking. The scripts here need updating to handle that (Kevan says only someone with the password to the server can do that.) Hilariously, the current script seems to take the topic… ais523 01/14/10 0
The historical record A note to the Djinn: could you keep a secret record of all wishes made (who made them and their exact wording) somewhere, so we can put it on the wiki, or in the blog, at the end of the dynasty as a record of what happened? ais523 01/12/10 5 01/12/10
Automatic vote counter Blognomicbot is finally getting new features. I’ve added an automatic vote counter to it (it knows all the core rules to do with voting, e.g. self-kills, CoV, deferential, etc):  <CallForJudgement> !votes fiat_lux <blognomicbot> SELF-KILLED! FOR: Oze, Darknight, Bucky, Scaramouche, Ienpw III, Josh, NoOneImportant, SingularByte, Kevan; AGAINST: ais523, Darth Cliche, Hix,… ais523 12/17/09 11 12/23/09
Concept discussion: Non-Wish gameplay I think that this dynasty is only likely to work properly if it has some sort of non-Wish gameplay; wishes are all very well, but we’re unlikely to get interesting results unless we have some separate gameplay for the wishes to screw with . Do people agree with me on… ais523 12/15/09 11 12/15/09
Idling Just for a bit; could an admin please idle me, and then unidle me a few minutes later? ais523 12/08/09 0
Unidling Could an admin unidle me, please? I’m watching enough that I may as well participate. ais523 12/03/09 3 12/03/09
Idling Could somebody idle me please? Based on the proposal that’s just passed, this dynasty’s going to be another grindy disaster, and I don’t want to be a part of it. ais523 11/06/09 1 11/06/09
Ascension Address: A new metadynasty has started This is the Fifth Metadynasty. I’m just posting an ascension address so that automated things that depend on them realise that we’re in a new dynasty; I haven’t actually won. ais523 10/07/09 0
Let’s play nomic Replace all instances of Survivor in the ruleset with Player, and all instances of Leader with Emperor. Create a new dynastic rule, “Core Rule Protection”:  For the purpose of counting votes on proposals to change the core rules, a vote FOR a proposal that would change a core rule only… ais523 10/07/09 4 10/07/09
Los Angeles Metro I can’t see the page linked from the ruleset; it crashes the browser in the public access terminal here (Firefox 3 under Vista); IE under Vista doesn’t display it either (it just goes back to the previous page immediately). ais523 10/04/09 1 10/05/09
Zombification antidotes Create a new dynastic rule, “Antidotes”:  As a weekly action, any Infected Survivor may attempt to take a Zombification Antidote, however, they may only do this if they have received permission (in a comment) from at least half the non-Infected Survivors, and this action may only be taken five times… ais523 08/26/09 3 08/26/09