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An Editor sans newspaper Could I get unidled please? lordcooper 11/11/12 1 11/11/12
Unidle me please I figure I’ll be having another go at this. lordcooper 11/04/10 2 11/04/10
Returning Unidle please? lordcooper 04/28/10 1 04/28/10
Proposal: Blueprint: Vacuum Storage If “Proposal: He be stealin’ ma things man” passes, add a new Part to the ruleset, as a subrule of Rule 2.2 (Inventions), called “Vacuum storage”:- Cost: 15 Iron, 7 Quicksilver, 3 Cogs, 5 Wood Power Requirement: 15 When attempting a burglary, the owner of an Invention which has vacuum… lordcooper 03/04/10 2 03/04/10
Sorry, can’t access IRC in work Could an admin fail both of my proposals please? Both have been self killed. lordcooper 03/04/10 1 03/04/10
Wiki account Could an admin create a wiki account for me please? lordcooper 03/03/10 14 03/04/10
I need a better workshop! Create a rule: Workshops Each commoner owns a workshop in which to store their parts, inventions and resources. The workshop is also the only location in which inventing is possible. All resources and parts are considered to be inside the workshop at all times rather than being carried by the… lordcooper 03/02/10 5 03/03/10
Arrived Signing up ready to start in the next dynasty. lordcooper 02/25/10 5 02/26/10