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Dread Pirate Jack vs Captain Spikebrennan Early in the morning, Waffles Revenge sidles up to her next victim, Rum, Sodomy & the Lash. With a blood curdling scream, Dread Pirate Jack and his four trusty killer penguins board the ship, and face Captain Spikebrennan and his first mate, Polly the Pulveriser. Jack 03/19/08 1 03/19/08
Lady Luck smiles on spikebrennan Lady Luck has chosen to give 53 gold to all Pirates with Parrots! [DICE2:1 DICE5:3 DICE100:53] Jack 03/19/08 0
Dread Pirate Jack vs Captain Darknight As the sun dawns over the East, Waffles Revenge draws up alongside Captain Darknight’s ship. The Dread Pirate Jack and his five killer penguins board The Lockjaw Mermaid, ready to plunder. Jack 03/16/08 2 03/16/08
Idle Night Holy Night Night is idle, quorum drops to 10. Jack 03/13/08 0
Pretty Pictures Assuming the proposal below passes, I have started a wiki page to keep pictures of our Pirates/Ninjas and the names of our ships, for future reference. Gallery of Captains Jack 03/03/08 2 03/03/08
Admin-type Question So, how do we change the layout of this blog, to update it to the current Dynasty? Jack 03/03/08 2 03/04/08
Ascension Address: The Ascension of Jack Yarr! Pirates and Ninjas have been waging a war for many a year, and now be the time to settle it. Be ye a Pirate, or be ye a Ninja, this be the time to end the battle of all battles. May the best Captain win! Repeal all rules and… Jack 03/03/08 0
Hiatus ala Jack Hiatus time! Thanks for the great Dynasty, Spikebrennan. I believe I am the new Dealer, and so am looking for ideas for a new Dynasty. Jack 03/02/08 26 03/03/08
Let’s End This! Aaronwinborn, I challenge you (to yet another duel). Jack 03/01/08 2 03/01/08
Third Time Lucky I will give you one more chance, Aaronwinborn, to best me in a duel. Therefore, I challenge you! Jack 02/28/08 3 02/28/08
High Noon It’s time to settle this! Aaronwinborn, I challenge you to a duel at high noon. Jack 02/26/08 3 02/27/08
Quickdraw Jack vs Annie Oakley Jack decides to take singlehandedly rob the train, but will he be able to defeat Annie Oakley? Jack 02/17/08 1 02/17/08
Wiki Account I don’t think I have a Wiki account. Could an admin possibly set me up one? Thankee! Jack 01/13/08 3 01/14/08
Unidling Jack is no longer idle. I apologise for forgetting to announce my idling. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! Jack 01/06/08 1 01/06/08
Jack has arrived! Greetings to all. I am Jack, and I have arrived. Meykóng bar þá blómakinn svo fríða! Jack 12/05/07 2 12/05/07