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Duplicate post (Sorry.) The Duke of Waltham 12/01/19 0
Checking out In the sub-rule “Inactive Vanguards”, add a new paragraph as follows: During a Battle, any Adventurer who is not Unconscious or the Monster may add an asterisk to their own name on their character sheet; from that moment and until the end of the Battle then occurring, that Adventurer is… The Duke of Waltham 11/21/19 3 11/21/19
Pointing to card For reasons that shall remain known only to myself, for the time being. (The Monster cannot talk, after all.) The Duke of Waltham 11/20/19 0
The Second Transformation [Monster] Near the Cathedral’s crossing, Kevan is sitting with his back against a massive pier, looking haggard and pale but very much human. The small party of Adventurers is sitting around him, having a quick bite and taking stock of the battle that was raging not long ago. As Kevan tries… The Duke of Waltham 11/18/19 1 11/19/19
Boonless According to the rule “Boons”: An Adventurer with 0 Boons cannot use Battle Actions. This still makes no reference to Human Battle Actions, and therefore continues to include the Monster. Kevan’s first Battle Action was as a Monster Vanguard, in part thanks to the fact that this rule said “Combat… The Duke of Waltham 11/18/19 3 11/18/19
Petition for admission I hereby declare my wish to join your ranks as a new player. Pretty please? The Duke of Waltham 11/04/19 6 11/05/19