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Free Guess Loophole Rule 2.2 says, “As a weekly action, a staff member may buy one Guess for a number of Credits equal to ten times the current number on the Time Bomb.” The Time Bomb rule was recently repealed. Therefore, regardless of what that thing on the sidebar says, the Time Bomb… Wooden Squid 01/28/09 1 01/28/09
[Guess] Nebulae My guess is that this dynasty’s theme is the creation of stars and planets in nebulae. Wooden Squid 01/16/09 3 01/16/09
Make me a player Hello, my name is Wooden Squid. I used to play BlogNomic a long, long time ago under a different name. I want to play again. Wooden Squid 01/15/09 33 01/18/09