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Its a brand new day I just decreased all robot’s AC by 1 to reflect the automatic change that rule 2.2 caused. Galdyn 08/22/10 0
Reinstatment I request to be unidled as the dynasty appears to be ending. Looking forward to a new one. Galdyn 08/15/10 1 08/15/10
Solitary Confinement I hereby request to be placed in solitary confinement, so that my ineptitude does not become a problem for Friend Computer. Translation: I request to become idle because I, unfortunately, never got the feel for this dynasty. Galdyn 08/08/10 2 08/10/10
The Best One for the Job As Darth Cliche said, I am officially passing the mantle of RNG to lilomar. My reasons. First, my theme idea while, I think it is a good idea is not the best idea to follow up the NetHack Dynasty. Therefore I would like to save it for a time where… Galdyn 07/27/10 1 07/27/10
Protosal: Revamp of Monsters and Combat Change the text of rule 2.7 to A Monster is a type of game entity; each one has an internal ID, a name, an initial number of HP, an amount of Damage, which is two integers (a number of Dice and a number of Sides), a speed, intelligence, and possible… Galdyn 06/13/10 0
Protosal: How fast is fast? In rule 2.7 change the following text An encounter starts out Ranged. A Ranged encounter becomes a Melee encounter when it has been continuously on the same floor as an @ for at least 24 hours, and has continuously been a Ranged encounter for at least 24 hours. If there… Galdyn 06/12/10 2 06/12/10
Protosal: What I learned from Experience. Add a new Rule to the Ruleset. Call it “Experience” and give it the following text: Each @ has a certain number of Experience Points, tracked in the GNDT under the column “XP”. An @‘s Experience Points are initially 0. Each @ also has an Experience Level, which is initially… Galdyn 06/12/10 5 06/13/10
GNDT problems I am not able to change my equipped weapon or armor in the GNDT is there some reason for this. Also armors need to more than they currently do because currently any armor without an enchantment does nothing even if it is equipped. Galdyn 06/09/10 2 06/10/10
Laws This is more of a question than anything else. Rule 2.13.1 defines a law as A Law is a Dynastic Rule proposed to be added to the Ruleset by the Blognomicker in question. Yet from the context I cannot figure out who the Blognomicker in question is. Am I missing… Galdyn 05/19/10 6 05/20/10
New Player - Galdyn New Player here. Sounds like fun, new to the whole nomic idea except for the card game fluxx which has limited rule changes. Look forward to playing some games with you guys. ~Galdyn Galdyn 04/28/10 1 04/28/10