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Someone said Cesna of Destiny I’m all buckled up, let me join the game. Thanks! arthexis 11/30/21 3 12/01/21
Greetings Fellow Kids I request to be unidled. arthexis 03/23/17 1 03/23/17
Acknowledgments I am happy to see that my plans for the metadynasty matured more or less like I expected. In fact, they probably went too well. By creating rules that allowed people to propose faster and with less fear of getting stuck with bad proposals, a lot of Core Rules have… arthexis 11/10/11 2 11/10/11
Get your Paradigm On! Economical paradigms passed and now, if you pick a Paradigm within the next 48 hours, you get 1 Free SP. Claim yours now, for the motherland!! arthexis 11/02/11 3 11/02/11
Trivia of the Day Did you know that people can be hired when they have 0 SP, even if they are already hired by someone else? How cool is that? arthexis 10/30/11 1 10/30/11
Dynamic Idling Time I have an idea, but I want to see if it makes sense before proposing anything: Whenever the number of players goes up, time to reach quorum goes up, conversely the game slows down. This is terribly counter-intuitive, but kind-of-expected. So I would propose changing the number of days before… arthexis 10/25/11 21 10/26/11
Unidle Unidle me please. I was in the process of doing it myself, then realized I forgot the GNDT password. arthexis 10/23/11 1 10/23/11
Much to your chagrin I de-idle myself. Quorum stays at 12. arthexis 01/03/10 1 01/03/10
Unidle me plz I got bored with not playing. Unidle me please. arthexis 10/17/09 4 10/20/09
Idle me plz Idle me. arthexis 10/15/09 4 10/16/09
Throwing a bone to other players If any one wants to get free points, propose this: Create a sub-rule, “Express Self-Kill [3 Points]”: A Player may “Express Self-Kill” on one of their own Proposals, by making an AGAINST vote on it together with the text, “EXPRESS”. Any Proposal that has been Express Self-Killed in this manner,… arthexis 10/09/09 4 10/12/09
Theme Proposal: Points Okay, what about making the whole theme about points? I like Bucky’s propoposal on its simplicity, but completely dislike the Merits concept. Why? It’s the same thing as Groundhog dynasty, and that one went really great, right? So why don’t we center ourselves against a simple resource like Points and… arthexis 10/07/09 9 10/08/09
Ok the mechanics of this dynasty are messed up Really they are: 1) There are like 3 or 4 different forms of attacks, depending on different stats, which are mostly random or easily maxed out. 2) Items and Locations are irrelevant. 3) Almost nobody seems interested in battles, given how ineffective they are. One would have guessed a Zombie… arthexis 09/19/09 3 09/19/09
I attacked Darth Cliche Per rule “2.6 Attacking Your Friends” I have just successfully attacked Darth Cliche. However, in observance of rule “2.3.1 I’m Being Watched” I cannot change his Status to Wounded. Nothing in the rules says that the damage against him is somehow prevented or cancelled, so he has in fact taken… arthexis 09/17/09 3 09/17/09
Announcement: Check out what kept me busy this week Ok, this may be considered advertisement, but since it is not really spam and not disallowed by the rules, I’m posting it here: I’ve created a new nomic. Check it out, it’s here: It’s still an early beta, but I’m trying to push a professional looking product with this… arthexis 09/03/09 6 09/04/09
Proto-Proposal: Attack of the post-apocalyptic Zombies from a planet near Mars Create a new rule called, “Still Alive”: Survivors have a GNDT tracked attribute called ‘Status’, which can only have one of these values: ‘Healthy’, ‘Wounded’, ‘Fallen’ or ‘Infected’. New Survivors have a status of Healthy. If a Healthy Survivor suffers damage, their status becomes Wounded. If a Wounded Survivor suffers… arthexis 08/25/09 8 08/25/09
I’ll drink the acid (literally) I’ve unidled myself. Quorum raises to 10. I’m gonna make your lives harder (in a fun an challenging manner, you’ll wait and see…) arthexis 08/24/09 6 08/25/09
Idle me plz Please idle me, I’d rather not play anything DC related. arthexis 08/24/09 5 08/24/09
Non Proposal: Praetors Once I, Arthexis Augustus (The Fifth) become supreme Triumvir of the Blognomic Imperium, I shall name two Citizens of our Empire as Praetors. Only the two most loyal Citizens will be named in this fashion. Praetors will have complete command over my Imperial Armies and will receive the highest honors… arthexis 08/23/09 0
Pop Goes the Princess Create a new rule, “The Princess is in this Castle, but does not want to meet you”: There exists an entity known as The Princess which shall be tracked by this rule. The Princess has a countdown which is an integer value that is currently 10. If no Proposals have… arthexis 08/20/09 7 08/21/09
Story Post: Good Deed of a Psychopathic Philanthropist Name: Why is it that time flows only forwards? * Step 1: Flashback three or more Mementos in a single week. * Step 2: Propose a non Groundhog rule that allows Time Travel to the past. * Step 3: Prevent arthexis from suggesting a Good Deed called “Why is it… arthexis 08/13/09 5 08/14/09
Theme Please BTW Quaz, and others: we need a theme for the dynasty, don’t really like the beach one to stay. I would suggest using Mr. Resetti as our dynasty mascot:  Or not? arthexis 07/30/09 6 07/30/09
Non Proposal: Possible Future Themes Ok, as usual I have come up with three ideas for a dynasty. I’ve considered several factors into this ideas, the most important of them is to make them as interactive as possible. Because of that, all three are based on direct competition, and they are as quirky as you… arthexis 07/24/09 8 07/25/09
Make some proposals Yuri, please at least give it a try and propose something. Give us something to work with. arthexis 07/02/09 4 07/02/09
Thrwoing you some ideas I’ve been out of proposals slots for a while now, but I have many ideas, so I will throw in some that anybody can propose and feel smart like me: * A weekly action that can be taken while in the bedroom, that costs 3 looks and gives another Contestant… arthexis 06/04/09 4 06/05/09
Diary Entry - 05/24 arthexis What the hell is going on now?! Was that just an earthquake this morning? No, not at all, that felt like an explosion in the outside! But… how do I know that? Have I been close to explosions previously in my life? This place is indeed a bunker, I’ve made… arthexis 05/24/09 4 05/24/09
Diary Entry - 05/20 arthexis What is this place? Why am I here? Most importantly… who am I? Why don’t I remember everything? I don’t know anyone here, now have I been able to locate an exit. I’ve been listening in to the conversations and from the looks of this all, it seems like some… arthexis 05/20/09 0
First Poll Draft (Not a Proposal) Create a new Glossary entry after “3.1 Flavor Text”, called “Polls” which shall read: There is a specific type of post called a “poll” which contains a question, and two or more answer options. If a given poll is not a type of post which can be enacted (passed) or… arthexis 05/18/09 5 05/19/09
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? For a while back, I started to wonder: would it be too hard to have some sort of polling system integrated into EE? I don’t even know if others like the idea, but I am sure some of you might have thought about it before. Yes, we can do poll-like… arthexis 05/17/09 7 05/18/09
Unidle me please just once more Forgot to vote to keep from idling… I probably won’t do much until next dynasty starts, though. Could you unidle me, please? arthexis 05/07/09 2 05/08/09
I wish to unidle I’d do it myself but I never learned how. arthexis 03/11/09 6 03/12/09
Next theme maybe? As usual, I am gonna jump the shark and jump start the debate on which dynastic theme we should do next. I know people might still be playing through this dynasty, but due to its low response rates and little proposal activity (and the little activity there is seems to… arthexis 03/06/09 10 03/07/09
Arth says goodbye Everything is going very slow, and right now I have other issues to attend. Idle me, please. arthexis 02/26/09 4 02/27/09
Story Post: [Important Information] On the true nature of the enemies of our Great Nation, Part I To my loyal compatriots: You might have heard that some of our men have begun questioning the EXISTENCE of the enemy, a situation that simply saddens us. Why? Because it means that there exists some that are not convinced about the THREATS that the enemy poses to our society, to… arthexis 02/20/09 13 02/22/09
Story Post: Report - I told you so I report Rodlen for enacting a proposal (thus taken an action) that reduced the Health of the General. arthexis 02/20/09 2 02/20/09
Story Post: [Event] The End The following are the Itinerary and Menu for the last Event of my Dynasty: Menu: Cake Itinerary: Earth, Luna, Mercury, Phobos, Charon, Venus, Europa, Mars This is the continuation from where the Ascension Address left off: Writer: So you get this bunch of Drag Racers that have to compete in… arthexis 02/10/09 4 02/10/09
Seven There are seven words on the Theme. arthexis 02/09/09 0
Six There are Six Words on the Theme. arthexis 02/09/09 3 02/10/09
Five There are five words on the Theme. arthexis 02/09/09 0
Story Post: Announcement: The final race is coming! Some day during this weekend, I will create a grand event. The First Place will get an extra special prize hint (amongst other prizes), enough so that they might win instantly if they are smart. I want the dynasty to end with a bang, so everybody that wants to, still… arthexis 02/09/09 8 02/09/09
Story Post: The winner is you The answer to the question is “B”. Per Hix’s tally, the following Members may feel free to obtain 1 guess and 20 Credits: Kevan Amnistar DarthCliche WoodenSquid Qwazukee Have fun with the hint. arthexis 02/07/09 6 02/08/09
Story Post: [Event] Semi-Finals Across the Universe Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the First Grand Solar Race! Itinerary: Earth, Saturn, Mercury, Ceres Menu: Hearty Green Soup without Soylent Green, Extreme Lactose Delicacy Also, I will give 20 Credits to each of the first 5 Members that sign up for this Event, but only if at least 5… arthexis 02/07/09 22 02/09/09
Story Post: This Week’s Quest I am giving a free Guess and revealing the exact number of letters that appear in the Theme to the person who crashes into the most enemies starting from now and until Tuesday is over (according to UTC time). Whenever you make someone crash successfully, please make a comment here… arthexis 02/02/09 41 02/04/09
Story Post: Why o why does it have to be so bad? I never understood why this Tuna Recipe lists the actual can as one of the ingredients. When I took a bite out of it, it cut my tongue and almost killed me! Please avoid this recipe at all costs. The “Grilled Tuna Fish in a Can” has been given two… arthexis 01/28/09 2 01/28/09
Economic Rescue? Hey guys I just noticed that another proposal I made suddenly disappeared! And I clearly remember that Proposal already having some votes on it! What’s wrong guys, who deleted it? arthexis 01/26/09 0
Unofficial Hints, Part 2 This time I am gonna give out a SINGLE word on the theme to the first person that successfully cooks 3 recipes, and at least 1 of which must be a goal recipe. I’ll send this hint through PM to the winner of this challenge, so that it can be… arthexis 01/23/09 6 01/25/09
News Flash! UPDATE: Yoda has chosen letter ‘A’ (a very obvious choice): It appears 3 times on the Theme. There are three new types of Vehicles ready to be bought… except they may be a little expensive right now. Hopefully this will get people to invent some mechanics that will allow them… arthexis 01/22/09 1 01/22/09
Unnoficial Hints, Part 1 I’ll make a little contest: You guys pick one Member of the Staff, it can be anybody. To select that person, include that person’s name on a comment to this post. I will only count the first choice you make, and only for comments with only one Member name. I… arthexis 01/21/09 27 01/22/09
Story Post: [Maintenance] Dust Storms blocking visibility The following Stations are currently under Maintenance and unavailable for visiting through the Sol Road: Ganymede, Hyperion, Mars and Ceres. Members currently in those stations should take special precautions for the bad weather. Maintenance is expected to end on February 5, current year. arthexis 01/19/09 5 01/20/09
Ascension Address: The Ascension Address you voted for: Guess the Theme Dynasty Director: Yeah, well… What can I say? This is the most awesome Dynasty idea I’ve ever heard Arth. We are gonna put it to practice immediately. Writer: Most honored, sir! What was the part you most liked? Director: Perhaps it’s the part after they go there and do that, I… arthexis 01/14/09 5 01/14/09
Ideas for the next Dynasty I have three ideas that I’d had in mind for sometime now, in case I ever won a dynasty. So, I’m gonna post them and you guys can decide which one you like. If for some reason I don’t win, feel free to use any of these ideas anyways. 1)… arthexis 01/11/09 13 01/12/09
I’m taking that BLO Relic back Per BLO rule “13 Your chance for the limelight”: “As a weekly action, a Citizen may take The Gun and may choose to either reload it with bullets or to shoot erself. To perform either action, the Citizen shall make an overly dramatic display of daringness in any Story Post,… arthexis 01/08/09 0
Story Post: [BLO] This is a Story Post? THIS IS A GUN!!! The gun has 10 shots, give it your worst… arthexis 01/07/09 1 01/08/09
Story Post: [BLO] Anouncement in Style Now we have classes in BLO. Since I am the Stylist, I am allowed to grant any class to anybody, and thus would like to set up a little competition: Propose a Class and if your proposal passes, send me a PM. In your PM include any one Class and… arthexis 01/05/09 2 01/05/09
Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Today is Christmas according to Blognomic Rules, so… Merry Secular Holidays again to everybody! I hope you’re having a cool holiday, no matter where you are and what you believe in :) arthexis 12/18/08 5 12/18/08
Story Post: Goodbye ability to achieve victory. 3:45 PM Arthexis kills Jason with a round of bullets. arthexis 12/17/08 0
Story Post: The truth is something you cannot have December 18, 3:35 PM “Hello, Jason” says the old antiquarian, the guy named Arthexis. He was the kind of man that was easily overlooked, and yet always liked it that way. The man holds Jason’s wallet in his hand and Jason’s DDF ID in his other hand. “Sorry that I… arthexis 12/17/08 1 12/17/08
Battle of the Nomics (Draft) Create a new rule called “Factions”: There exist three Factions called BLO, GNO and MIC, respectively. For each one of these factions, there exists a Ruleset and a Gamestate to which those rules apply. Every rule existing in the Blognomic ruleset is considered implicit in each Faction’s Ruleset, even if… arthexis 12/17/08 19 12/18/08
Metadynastic Proposal? There’s a big chance that we will end with a metadynasty next. Because of that, I’d like to propose having a contest for the next dynasty just after it. Something really simple: a poll where each player gets to propose a theme for a dynasty and then vote on the… arthexis 12/15/08 57 12/18/08
Story Post: Plots get seeded, relationships get adjusted. 13:45 PM Nothing happened at this time. arthexis 12/14/08 7 12/15/08
Story Post: Plot almost ready for harvest 1:43 AM, December 5 Arthexis, the antiquarian hears a loud noise not far away, the impact shaking his establishment slightly. He gets up, picks up his teapot and ours some water into a cup with leaves. “Hmph, they’ll see… they’ll repent for not believing me. I’ll do it myself….” arthexis 12/05/08 0
Story Post: Watering the Plot November 20, 2:00 AM “Yeh, yeh… I got the thing you wanted. Took me quite a while to decipher it, but I thinks its good now. Pick a place for the meeting and I’ll bring it to ya. Arth’s not risking making this deal at the old store. Oh, and… arthexis 11/19/08 0
Story Post: Duel to First-Blood: Fight for the Crown So, who wants to win this dynasty? :) arthexis 11/14/08 11 11/14/08
Rituals at the New Dawn Its the beginning of a new season and the appropriate rituals need to be performed. For the honor of the Patriarch! arthexis 11/09/08 12 11/11/08
Rituals: The Sun God Imanesh demands sacrifice! The Sun God is demanding sacrifices, lest a terrible curse befall our tribes, Let the Rituals begin! arthexis 11/02/08 19 11/09/08
Rituals for the favor of Aggrothar Brothers and Sisters! The War God Aggrothar must be honored by the sacred hunt of the warrior beasts! Let’s begin the sacred hunt and feast for the Honor of our Champions! arthexis 10/29/08 15 11/02/08
Proposal of a Proposal I have already made 2 proposals right now, but I have an idea to improve on Kevan’s combat mechanics. It is probably longer (but certainly because I want to make everything as clear as possible), and I’ll take a while to write it down before I can actually present it.… arthexis 10/22/08 1 10/22/08
Blognomic News Channel Your official source for Blognomic politics. arthexis 08/31/08 59 09/14/08
To keep the campaign up and running… I am unidling myself. Quorum is now 7. arthexis 08/24/08 0
I make and unidle roll Unidle me. arthexis 07/09/08 1 07/09/08
Weapon Research: Poisonous Rail Gun Name: Poisonous Rail Gun Requirements: Your name is arthexis. Power: Set your Standing to 800 in the GNDT. The power of this weapon is equal to your Standing after the increase. Stock: No. arthexis 05/12/08 10 05/19/08
Request for Comments: Speed up? I want to propose something to make this Dynasty speed up, but wouldn’t want to try it out before knowing if others feel the same. If someone else wishes to beat me to it and propose something akin before I do, feel free. Things I think could help make the… arthexis 05/05/08 3 05/06/08
Wiki oops I attempted to add an item to the doomsday device, but alas I don’t have a wiki account. What should I do? arthexis 04/21/08 0
It keeps happening… ... arthexis 04/15/08 0
Ignore this Post Ignore this Post arthexis 04/09/08 0
No sailing without ship Append the following text to Rule Ships: A Captain whose Ship has been sunken may not set er Location to any value other than Home Port, until e buys a new Ship.  Add this text at the end of Rule Treasure Maps: If the same Treasure Map is claimed by… arthexis 03/24/08 2 03/24/08
Back to business Hi all! I had to undergo an unexpected appendicectomy last week, and had to go offline without due notice. But I am back home and ready to play again. Unidle me, please! arthexis 03/19/08 1 03/19/08
Story Post: Another one rides the Train Evening, arthexis here! I’ve stumbled across this place and would certainly like to play. However, I will begin doing so as soon as a new round starts. I will be around here lurking and watching meanwhile. Thanks! arthexis 02/26/08 3 02/27/08