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Special Purpose Visit I’m unidling myself. Quorum remains 4. Bucky 09/12/23 0
Idle Rights Exercised I idle myself. Quorum drops to 3. Bucky 08/09/23 0
Disclosure of many private communications During the interregnum preceding this dynasty, I made a large number of illegal private communications, which I only today realized were illegal. The full text of those communications, as well as a couple by Kevan and JohnathanDark may be found here: Bucky 07/14/23 3 07/14/23
Disclosure of Motivations Remember how I’ve been trying to pass variants on Issuing NPC Pronoun Permits for a while, to restrict or eliminate the pronoun replacement clause in “Spelling and formatting”? My actual motivation was to stop an extremely broad gamebreaking scam. “E” is a spivak pronoun. It also happens to be a… Bucky 07/05/23 2 07/06/23
Story Post: Large Spinning Cyan Jewel The stars of Felina will guide me. Bucky 07/05/23 1 07/05/23
Story Post: Post Crackdown Headcount I send a psychic ping through the protoplasm that my level 4 status grants access to. Bucky 06/29/23 0
Story Post: Mindjacking: Gigantic Blurry White Jewel The stars of Draco will guide me. Bucky 06/27/23 3 06/27/23
Story Post: Mindjacking: Gigantic Blurry Onyx Jewel The stars of Draco will guide me. Bucky 06/25/23 1 06/26/23
Story Post: Psychic Ping Performance A thought rings across the Psychic Dreamscape, carrying with it a simple question and the statement that I am level 3. Bucky 06/25/23 0
Psychic Pinging I perform a psychic ping. My level is 3. Bucky 06/17/23 0
Story Post: Superencryption 2 lemon have been connected to a node of the Post Singularity Consciousness, encrypting their data! Bucky 06/17/23 0
Story Post: Mindjacking: Microscopic Reflective Cyan Figure The stars of Leonis will guide me. Bucky 06/14/23 4 06/15/23
Story Post: Mindjacking: Small Blurry Grey Star The stars of Felina will guide me. Bucky 06/09/23 1 06/09/23
Story Post: Mindjacking: Small Blurry Grey Disc The stars of Felina will guide me. Bucky 06/08/23 1 06/08/23
List of Citizens and Roll Result Thanks to a last second growth tick, the list of citizens was: Bucky, Bucky, Bucky, Bucky, Chiiika, Chiiika, Chiiika, Chiiika, Chiiika, Chiiika, JonathanDark, JonathanDark, JonathanDark, JonathanDark, JonathanDark, JonathanDark, Josh, Josh, Josh, Josh, Josh, Josh, redtara, redtara, redtara, redtara, redtara, redtara And the winner was: Bucky Bucky 05/30/23 1 05/30/23
First [Regional Development Forum] Regional Development Forum for UnnamedRegion2 UnnamedRegion2’s current capability is 9. Motions included: Cadence (Procedural): Change the Development Cycle of UnnamedRegion2 to 6 and cause Kevan to achieve victory. Build (3 Effort): Build a Residential Zone in Szolnok. Build (3 Effort): Build a Residential Zone in Nagelburg. Bucky 05/16/23 6 05/19/23
Protosal: Metadynasty Starter Kit (assumes another votable matter has repealed dynastic rules and started a metadynasty first. If not, do that here) In the rule “Dynastic Tracking”, change “Construction Site” to “Generic Nomic Data Document”. Add a new dynastic rule, “Theme Mutation”, to the ruleset. Give it the following text:  As long as it… Bucky 05/03/23 6 05/04/23
Self Unidling I’m unidling myself. Quorum rises to 7. Bucky 05/03/23 3 05/03/23
Self Idling I’m going idle. Quorum falls to 7. Bucky 01/17/23 0
Advancement 15 Report Nigel Cartlesham and Grandpa Fuller rode the Ferris Wheel together. Both obtained an F stamp, and Grandpa additionally found childlike Joy for a J stamp. Anderson Cooper scored an 18 on the Ball Toss, also finding Joy for a J stamp. Chase Pleonexi took control of the Robot at the… Bucky 12/05/22 0
Heir Appointment Anderson Cooper. He is the most devoted Ball Tosser, finding Joy in the contest, and is the sole crowned Champion. He is the Robot’s only friend, having accompanied it on the Ferris Wheel. And he’s one of the few connoisseurs of the Food Court. Therefore, I appoint Anderson Cooper as… Bucky 12/05/22 0
Advancement 14 Report Bucky Bot and Anderson Cooper rode the Ferris Wheel together. Bucky Bot received an F stamp and Anderson Cooper, who had the bot’s remote, received an R stamp. Tom Hand scored a 19 on the Ball Toss, but Shaquille O’Neal hit an impressive 27 to become the Ball Toss Champion.… Bucky 12/03/22 4 12/03/22
Advancement 13 Report Shaquille O’Neal and Jackie Chan rode the Ferris Wheel. Jackie Chan found Joy in the process, gaining the J stamp. Cornelius Overbold scored a 22 on the Ball Toss, and Kate Dubose scored a 19. Nigel Cartlesham won the first round of the Arena Dome, becoming Dome King and ejecting… Bucky 12/01/22 0
Stamp Black Book, 3rd edition According to my calculations, the Rarity Values of the currently circulating Stamps are: B 19 T 18 Y 18 M 16 J 15 F 11 Z 1 All others: 20 (but will decrease to 19 or less when actually obtained) Bucky 11/29/22 0
Advancement 12 Report Grandpa Fuller entered the Maze. Sophia Vergara briefly became the Ball Toss champion with a score of 22 before Jackie Chan topped her with a 25. In between, Shaquille O’Neal scored a 16. The Stalker, Chase Pleonexi, took control of the Robot at the Robot Race. Finally, long lines settled… Bucky 11/29/22 0
Advancement 11 Report Grandpa Fuller bought Popcorn at the Popcorn Stand. Nigel Cartlesham scored 13 at the Ball Toss due to greasy hands. If he somehow did not have greasy hands, he scored 25 instead. Cornelius Overbold scored 22 and Katelyn Dubose scored 21. Jackie Chan did a lap at the Robot Race… Bucky 11/27/22 1 11/27/22
Queue Advancement 10 Report Bucky Bot and Grandpa Fuller rode the Ferris Wheel together. Jonny Sims entered the Maze. Martin Blacktree bought Brisket. James Sash bought a Souvenier at the Gift Shop. Tom Hand scored 17 on the Ball Toss. As the fourth member of his Group to be admitted this turn, his toss… Bucky 11/25/22 7 11/26/22
Stamp Black Book, 2nd edition According to my calculations, the Rarity Values of the currently circulating Stamps are: T: 19 M: 16 J: 15 F: 11 Z: 1 All others: 20 (but will decrease to 19 or less when actually obtained) Bucky 11/23/22 2 11/23/22
Queue Advancement 9 Report Kent Tucky and Anderson Cooper rode the Ferris Wheel together, both gaining an F stamp. Jonny Sims bought Brisket. Bucky Bot bought Popcorn. Cornelius Overbold and Katelyn Dubose failed to set new Ball Toss high scores with scores of 20 and 17 respectively. Cornelius Overbold found Joy in the process,… Bucky 11/23/22 0
Queue Advancement 8 Report Katelyn Dubose rode the Ferris Wheel, finding Joy and a J stamp. Lucrezia Giolitti entered the Maze. Jackie Chan entered the Bathroom. Nigel Cartlesham bought Barbecue. Shaquille O’Neal bought Popcorn. Anderson Cooper scored 26 on the Ball Toss, becoming the new Champion. Cornelius Overbold scored 15. Grandpa Fuller did the… Bucky 11/21/22 5 11/22/22
Stamp Black Book, 1st edition According to my calculations, the Rarity Values of the currently circulating Stamps are: J: 17 M: 16 F: 13 Z: 1 All others: 20 (but will decrease to 19 or less when actually obtained) Bucky 11/20/22 2 11/21/22
Advancement 7 Report Lucrezia Giolitti and Martin Blacktree rode the Ferris Wheel. Martin was awarded an F stamp. Lucrezia earned a J stamp for riding for the third time. Nigel Cartlesham entered the Bathroom. Cornelius Overbold scored a 20 on the Ball Toss, then Anderson Cooper scored a 19. Cornelius is the new… Bucky 11/19/22 2 11/20/22
Summaries of Turns 2 and 3 Since the other turns all have associated blog posts, I figured I’d put out a late unofficial version for the two turns where it wasn’t done or required. During the second turn: Katelyn Dubose and Jackie Chan rode the Ferris Wheel. Efren Vaughan, Cornelius Overbold and Anderson Cooper took the… Bucky 11/18/22 0
Turn 6 Queue Advancement Summary First, some gamestate corrections. Natalia Bouchard, Myung Guerin and Pontius Honeycutt were listed as being in the Plaza, in addition to their true location in the Gift Shop. Efren Vaughan was incorrectly listed as being in the Gift Shop, having failed to roll to leave the Maze. Correcting these errors… Bucky 11/17/22 0
Turn 5 Queue Advancement Summary Jackie Chan and Lucrezia Giolitti rode the Ferris Wheel, but both already had an F Stamp. Nigel Cartlesham entered the restroom. And Sophia Vergara took control of Bucky Bot. Bucky 11/15/22 0
Advancement 4 Report Mr. Sash and Mrs. Giolitti handed each other F Stamps at the Ferris Wheel, Mr. Cartlesham slipped into the bathroom, and Mrs. Dubose acquired something or other at the Popcorn Stand. Bucky 11/13/22 0
Front Gate Notive It looks like some of our newest visitors have forgotten to award themselves a Z stamp. Don’t worry, you still have it, you just need to take note that you have it (in the Visitors table in the Information Center). Bucky 11/11/22 0
Notice: Queues have Advanced I’ve tentatively scheduled Advancement for 22:00 ± 2 hours on alternating days. Bucky 11/07/22 0
JohnathanDark’s Mentorship TyGuy6 has established a Mentorship mentoring JonathanDark. Bucky 11/05/22 0
Mentorship Rotation Bucky has volunteered to mentor Benbot. nixnull’s mentorship has expired. Bucky 11/04/22 0
Ascension Address: Ascension Address Welcome one, Welcome All! The Blognomic Carnival is open, and I have a great deal for y’all. As some of you no doubt already know, I’m retiring from the business next month. I’ve gotten most all I wanted out of this ol’ funyard, but I want to see smiles coming… Bucky 11/04/22 0
Raven1207 has been unidled This was requested in the comments to “Bucky Burgers”. Quorum rises to 7. Bucky 11/04/22 0
[Activity] Rodlen Memorial Barbeque Contest Let us play a Cook Off game in honor of our beloved former DDA commander who drowned while producing a Reality TV episode. Speaking of Reality TV, I’ve dug out my old Bucky Burger recipe for the occasion. Bucky 11/02/22 1 11/04/22
Out the Door Axemabaro goes idle due to inactivity. Quorum drops to 5. Bucky 11/01/22 0
Story Post: Dynasty Cut Off Per the rule “Chop”, I hereby announce that Trapdoorspyder has won the die roll and the dynasty. Bucky 10/11/22 0
Wandering In I’m unidling myself. Quorum remains 6. Bucky 09/01/22 0
Sidebar correction The sidebar incorrectly said the player count is 12 and Quorum is 7. The actual list of active players has 14 players. Quorum is therefore 8. Accordingly, I have corrected the numbers in the sidebar. Bucky 08/22/21 3 08/23/21
Notice of Violation After marking Tracking Conflict enacted, I erroneously concluded it was instead Unpopular and marked it failed. This falls into the same problem as the DoV, except that the gamestate updates had platonically occurred prior to the CfJ becoming illegal and thus weren’t prevented, and even though it’s illegal it can’t… Bucky 08/21/21 2 08/21/21
I unidle I unidle myself; Quorum rises to 8. Bucky 08/12/21 0
Idling myself Quorum drops to 5. Bucky 03/27/21 0
Protosal: Veto Conditions Brendan has threatened to deadlock the Universal part of the dynasty over Veto conditions. I think it would be more productive and on-theme to negotiate than to merely threaten. And that requires the veto conditions to all be explicitly spelled out. This is the starting point, after input from Clucky.… Bucky 01/27/21 8 01/28/21
Dynastic Vision First, the pun aspect of the dynasty. In one respect, it’s a simulation of a peace conference, with the Player as referee. In another, each Emperor is running his own nomic dynasty, with the Player playing all of them simultaneously. At this point we seem to be leaning more into… Bucky 01/25/21 2 01/25/21
Ascension Address: Summit It is a great honor for me to address the sovereigns assembled here. I understand that you have gathered today to settle a great many disagreements. I further understand the need for an impartial speaker to direct and mediate the proceedings, who is not himself a party to those disputes.… Bucky 01/24/21 6 01/25/21
Reflection on dynastic mechanics The degree of Shell customization worked well and remained on-theme. The meme advantage was real but never overwhelming - it amounted to one or two extra shots per shell cycle at most. The Timed Action mechanic failed what seemed to be the main design goal of reducing the advantage gained… Bucky 01/23/21 18 01/24/21
Story Post: Promotion Request Order of the Blue Lotus has 3 Crowns. 3x2,000,000 => can win with up to 5,999,999 civilian casualties. Civilian Casualities: 5,314,283. Side note - I’m not an Ace right now because the CfJ that killed CHARMANDER only awarded the experience, not the kill. Bucky 01/23/21 3 01/23/21
Admin note for Known Unknowns Proposal: Known Unknowns removed the clause that lets a DEVA’s stats drop below their minimum. This disables Hibernation. Bucky 01/11/21 0
Story Post: Promotion Request I’ve got a Crown, Coderblaze has a Crown, and we need two Crowns to earn a coin flip between us. Bucky 01/08/21 5 01/08/21
Merry Christmas I hope you all are staying warm. Bucky 12/25/20 1 12/25/20
Incremental Proposal Wishlist This dynasty still has some necessary work to hammer all the existing mechanics into a playable shape. Josh and I have been routinely hitting the 2-pending-proposal limit, with a lot of Josh’s proposals being dynastic vision proposals and about half of mine being simple bug-fixes. Meanwhile, half of our players,… Bucky 12/14/20 4 12/14/20
Abandon Shell Add a new subrule to the rule “Pilots and Shells”. Call it “Emergency Shutdown” and give it the following text: As a weekly action, a Jockeying Pilot may perform an Emergency Shutdown. When they do, they immediately become Recovering. This does not cause their Shell to be destroyed. Bucky 12/13/20 0
Protosal: Threading the attacks The current combat system is unacceptably spammy and unwieldy. It requires one blog post per attack, and we’re expecting each competitive player to attempt several attacks per day. Accordingly, we should borrow from the Nethack dynasty and combine all the attacks on a given Bogey into a single thread. When… Bucky 12/03/20 5 12/04/20
Circle Dispures. I’m reverting two Circle Benedictions made at the same time by Josh. 11-1 because a circle must be eight tiles, and 11-3 because a circle must set the center tile to the color of an adjacent (not diagonal) tile.The CfJ shouldn’t have ratified those either since it only affected color… Bucky 11/27/20 5 11/28/20
Explicit inlay [Trivial] In the rule “Motifs”, change Inscribe a different symbol to Inscribe a different Inlay symbol Bucky 11/16/20 1 11/17/20
Bucky is Back I ruined the last dynasty to have Monks and an Abbott, I may as well unidle for this one. I won’t attempt Admin actions for a short period of time while I re-acquaint myself with the relevant rules. So would another Admin please unidle me? Bucky 10/26/20 3 10/27/20
idle plz do 2 ongoing keyboad isses I cannot do poposals so plz idle. Bucky 12/16/16 1 12/16/16
Story Post: Ticking Along The fifth sun arc of the sixth day is broken. During the fifth sun arc of the sixth day, Brendan called for a Day of Observance. Bucky 11/19/16 0
Drive-by proposalizing I de-idle myself temporarily. Quorum remains 6. Bucky 11/14/16 0
My work here is done. I’m idling myself; quorum drops to 6. Bucky 08/14/16 0
Changes to the pending-matter tracker *CfJs should now turn red after 48 hours (previously 96). * The sidebar should now switch from ‘hours’ to ‘days’ when a post is 72 hours old (previously 48). This is to assist admins trying to figure out when to process votable matters that were temporarily not open for voting.… Bucky 08/08/16 3 08/08/16
Speaking for Dynasty 141 I’ve set up the dynastic history page. But I’d like some help collecting posts of interest, including not just proposals but also Apocryphal rule discovery posts and the notable CfJs. And I’d appreciate it if someone less biased wrote the ascension summary. Bucky 08/07/16 5 08/07/16
Interdynastic Survey For the purpose of helping future dynasties, I’d like some opinions on the current dynasty. Specifically: 1) Do you think this dynasty was successful or unsuccessful? (or rate it 1-10) 2) Did you like the theme of this dynasty? 3) What mechanics worked well, and what mechanics didn’t? What was… Bucky 08/07/16 20 08/08/16
Hard work pays off I’ll bet Sci_Guy12 thought he was being sneaky spending his 1 paper for a map in the middle of a bunch of unrelated GNDT operations. Well, he wasn’t sneaky enough. I matched him to his rule and Scored as a result. Bucky 08/01/16 0
[Map Guess] Sneaky… Sci_Guy12 Ruleset Theft [?] Bucky 08/01/16 1 08/01/16
Brag I won the debate. Granted, the other demagogues won also. But I won first, and did such an awesome job of presenting my points that everyone else agreed with me. Bucky 07/30/16 0
Story Post: [Map Guess] Process of Elimination qwertyu63 Ruleset Theft [?] Bucky 07/25/16 1 07/26/16
Story Post: [Map Guess] Continuing down the line Clucky Ruleset Theft [?] Bucky 07/24/16 1 07/25/16
Story Post: [Map Guess] Clucky HHGTTG [?] Bucky 07/17/16 1 07/18/16
Grand Unmarking “Teaming Up [?]” was overdue for unmarking, so I unmarked it. Bucky 07/06/16 0
Gamestate tracking note Per the CfJ “Illegal CfJ passing”, the CfJ “Quorum is One” should be Pending right now. Should I do that myself or is RaichuKFM handling it? Bucky 06/25/16 6 06/25/16
standardized_citations (Scrubbed) Bucky 06/20/16 0
First scribbles of a new and glorious dynasty I unidle. Quorum remains 3. Bucky 06/16/16 0
Changes to make dynasty function Today, I happened to be within a short distance of one of the Targets (Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio, US). I didn’t bother taking a photo, though, for several reasons: 1) I thought wouldn’t be able to access a suitable computer before the end of the Blognomic day (it turns… Bucky 05/30/16 3 05/31/16
Idle me please I’m suffering from a severe case of apathy. Bucky 03/04/15 1 03/04/15
Discussion: Someone should put Put on trial ...Remember how we were saying this is hopeless if there are more than two Androids? Well the only possible non-Disabled third Androids are Put and ais523. At this point I’m 99% sure ais523 is Human from his actions, but Put has been very much under the radar. We can hedge… Bucky 02/18/15 8 02/19/15
Game Over With the failure of the Trial against Josh I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for Humans to win. There is no remaining way to get information about Androids, the Androids will presumably sabotage any proposal to change that, and the voters have demonstrated themselves so apathetic that they won’t push a… Bucky 02/12/15 6 02/13/15
The GNDT has been broken We’ve lost several days’ worth of GNDT logs from before the break, including Laoding’s initialization and a number of engine purchases. I think we need a CfJ to sort this out, but don’t know what the fix would be. Bucky 12/15/14 2 12/16/14
Dynastic Direction Here’s my list of things I plan to eventually propose this dynasty if someone else doesn’t get there first: * Maneuvering, using Fuel (done) ** Customizable thrusters (partly proposed) * Re-introduce some Proxies (done) * Space Stations, a reason to visit many orbits (being replaced by Structures) * Hiveminds, a… Bucky 11/24/14 0
Ascension Address: Awakening On behalf of the Jovian Authority, I welcome the newest batch of Gnome-class autonomous service craft to the system. As self-owned AIs, you don’t have to worry about the usual immigration paperwork. Just please be aware that Callisto orbit is off-limits to unauthorized vessels and that it’s considered rude to… Bucky 11/23/14 0
Wiki signups This dynasty will probably be more wiki-heavy than the previous one. Any players who need wiki accounts should say so here. Bucky 11/22/14 9 11/25/14
Interdynastic TODO list *Archive the current ruleset *Clean the GNDT logs (please, Kevin) *Fill in the remainder of the Dynastic History wiki page *Build hype Bucky 11/22/14 15 11/25/14
Teninten idles He hasn’t posted, commented or taken GNDT actions in over a week, so I’m idling him. Quorum drops to 3. Bucky 11/21/14 0
Nomic^3 goes idle. Nomic^3 hasn’t done anything in the last couple of weeks and goes idle. Quorum drops to 4. Bucky 10/25/14 0
Unofficial Challenge End Sprucial has completed the passing challenge. It’ll end as soon as the Coach gets around to it. Bucky 10/22/14 0
Person93 is missing They haven’t posted or commented at all in the last week. Quorum drops to 5. Bucky 10/15/14 0
Unidling myself I don’t expect to remain active for too long, though. Quorum remains 6. Bucky 09/17/14 0
A humble request Dearest Despot, Since the actions that caused me to become Seditious were ultimately deemed to not have happened, could you please restore me to Loyalty? Bucky 11/11/13 3 11/12/13
Heck with it I request to be un-idled. Bucky 10/22/13 1 10/22/13
Story Post: Proper Prefecture I’d like to remind Quirck that prefectures are mandatory. Pen->Blue Bucky 10/16/12 0
Story Post: Prefect Example I’m appointing Josh as Prefect, since he wrote the proposal in the first place. Keep in mind that abusing the position’s power to further your own goals at the expense of the dynasty WILL result in a lower grade. Bucky 10/08/12 9 10/09/12
Ascension Address: Syllabus Welcome to Nomic 104. The purpose of this class is to teach you how to avoid a stagnant midgame such as the ones from the past few dynasties. First, on many occasions poorly chosen victory conditions have made the route to victory obvious too early in the game. Once there… Bucky 09/12/12 0