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Going Idle I’m mired in work from Law School and will be unable to follow gameplay here for a while. See you guys later. ChronosPhaenon 03/28/12 1 03/28/12
DRAFT: Political Economy Create a new Rule “Political Economy”, reading: Whenever a proposal is enacted, its author gains MPI/3 credits, rounded down, . At any time, a Player who already has exactly 2 Proposals pending may expend MPI/4 credits, rounded up, in order to be allowed to immediately submit another Proposal. ChronosPhaenon 03/22/12 6 03/23/12
DRAFT: The Net is Not a Player Move the rule “The Net is Not a Player” so it becomes a sub-rule of rule 1.3 Dynasties, with this text: The Net does not count as a Player for the purposes of any Dynastic Rule, except where a Rule specifically refers to the Net. In rule 1.7 Victory and… ChronosPhaenon 03/20/12 6 03/21/12
DRAFT: Buffering Append to rule “Institutions”: Each Institution can be either Active or Inactive. Inactive Institutions are signed with a “*” mark after their names in this rule. Whenever an Institution is created or modified, it becomes Inactive. When a new Cycle begins, all Institutions become Active. In rule “Cycle Resolution”, change… ChronosPhaenon 03/19/12 12 03/20/12
PBURNS and Spitemaster are idle… ... and quorum is now 5. ChronosPhaenon 02/18/12 0
Story Post: Jam Session Feel the groove… ChronosPhaenon 02/16/12 4 02/18/12
scshunt and southpointingchariot are idle. Quorum is 7. ChronosPhaenon 02/13/12 0
GNDT I’ve created the field for tracking the Jail in the GNDT. The admin who enacted Jail should have done that, not me. I don’t know who it was, and I will not look to see who it was. We have never had to explicitly create columns in the GNDT, like… ChronosPhaenon 01/12/12 7 01/13/12
Paging coppro Dude, you are about to become idle. If you don’t want that, please make a post or comment. ChronosPhaenon 12/07/11 4 12/07/11
Josh and PBURNS become idle. Quorum drops to 7. ChronosPhaenon 11/29/11 7 12/01/11
Ornithopter and SingularByte are idle Quorum drops to 8. ChronosPhaenon 11/26/11 0
Hay gobierno, soy contra I’ve killed the GNDT Government NPC. Also, comex is idle, for not posting in the last 7 days. Quorum drops to 9. ChronosPhaenon 11/21/11 1 11/24/11
Amnistar and Winner are idle… ... Quorum drops to 12. ChronosPhaenon 11/16/11 0
Closed Economy has passed… So don’t forget to adjust Govnt’s SP when you lose or gain some. I’ve already revised the GNDT since the time of the enactment, but feel free to revise it again. ChronosPhaenon 11/07/11 3 11/07/11
Involuntary Representation Service notice Please pay attention that under rule “Involuntary Representation Service”, only proposals which text begins with “REPRESENTING:” followed by a list of names are Representation Proposal. By that rule’s wording, the author of a Proposal is represented “by such a Proposal”. Proposals that doesn’t start with “REPRESENTING:” doesn’t represents their own… ChronosPhaenon 11/05/11 0
Idling CWW, Hix, pikhq, and Seventy-Fifth Trombone… ...for having not posted an entry or comment in the last seven days. Quorum is 19. ChronosPhaenon 10/30/11 0
Idling digibomber, Libby, Tavros Nitram and Yally for having not posted an entry or comment in the last seven days. Quorum drops to 22 ChronosPhaenon 10/28/11 1 10/29/11
Victory Condition Any time witihin 24 hours of the enactment of this Proposal, the last Artist who voted for (:FOR:) it may validly declare victory under rule 1.8. ChronosPhaenon 10/21/11 6 10/21/11
I’m back, for a time. Yes, I’m here. What’s the matter? Unidling myself. Quorum remains at 21.—Chronos ChronosPhaenon 10/21/11 0
Hello World I’ve unidled myself. Quorum goes to 8. Hello people. ChronosPhaenon 11/15/08 2 11/17/08
Going Idle I did’nt quite get the grapple of this one… C u, people. ChronosPhaenon 08/02/07 0
Escrow: Chronos Phaenon to Josh 1 Office, 2 Factories and 10 souls to Josh upon Josh making a FOR vote to this post. Expiration criteria: Chronos Phaenon makes an against vote to this post. ChronosPhaenon 07/27/07 1 07/28/07
Corporate Time Advancement I’m doing it again, in stead of Bucky ChronosPhaenon 07/14/07 1 07/14/07
Corporate Time Advancement I’m Advancing Time in the Government’s stead. ChronosPhaenon 07/09/07 2 07/09/07
Bankrupcy Alethiophile is Bankrupt, due to not paying their Daemons’ due… ChronosPhaenon 07/01/07 2 07/01/07
Corporate Time Advancement I’m Advancing Time in the Government’s stead. ChronosPhaenon 07/01/07 0
Naming rights to Baal Sharing it with Alethiophile. ChronosPhaenon 06/27/07 0
Patenting I’m releasing “Release the Production Rights” into the public domain and patenting “are in the Public Domain”. ChronosPhaenon 06/12/07 0
Patenting My offices have told me the phrase “Release the Production Rights” is the new black… I’m patenting it. ChronosPhaenon 06/10/07 0
Bucky is also back. Quorum is 5 ChronosPhaenon 05/19/07 0
Aletiophile, Enderbean, Hix & Seebo Are idle. I’m Back. Quorum is 4. ChronosPhaenon 05/19/07 0
I’m going idle. Quorum is still 5. ChronosPhaenon 04/24/07 0
404notfound, Token and Woofy are idle. Quorum is 5. ChronosPhaenon 04/19/07 0
Zebra is down… ... and Woofy is up (though eir earlier non-votes still don’t count - go there and vote again, if you wish so). Quorum remains at 6. On a side note, Woofy’s GNDT password has been PM’ed to em. ChronosPhaenon 04/01/07 0
Bucky, Hix, Snowballinhell7001 and tem2… ...are idle. Quorum falls to 5 ChronosPhaenon 03/26/07 0
BabylonJasmine and Rodney… ...are idle. Quorum is 6. ChronosPhaenon 03/21/07 0
Aletiophile… idle. Quorum is 7. ChronosPhaenon 03/21/07 0
Gadget: Speed Motors While Speed Motors exists, any Agent may, instead of spending a Ticket to Move, make a comment in the GNDT stating “leaving XXX by NNN”, where XXX is eir current (start) Location and NNN the type of Ticket e should have spent instead of making this comment. If there is… ChronosPhaenon 03/15/07 3 03/16/07
Map, FTP and e-mail Someone with FTP access to can please private message me your email address, so I can post my Map version? ChronosPhaenon 03/13/07 2 03/13/07
Debate on Motion to Adopt a Limit not so Strict - 11:31, 1 Mar 2007 (GMT) . ChronosPhaenon 03/01/07 2 03/02/07
Debate on Motion to Avoid Idleing of Active Iudices - 12:09, 1 Mar 2007 (GMT) . ChronosPhaenon 03/01/07 4 03/02/07
Debate on Motion to Clarify Procedures for Cloture - 18:49, 28 Feb 2007 (GMT) . ChronosPhaenon 02/28/07 3 03/02/07
Debate on Motion to Substitute the Word Actor - 10:46, 27 Feb 2007 (GMT) Motion to Substitute the Word Actor ChronosPhaenon 02/27/07 3 02/28/07
Debate on Motion to Avoid Mal-formed Motions - 01:31, 27 Feb 2007 (GMT) Whereas some Motions may be posted in an invalid format; and whereas mal-formed Motions may hinder the playability of Blognomic, therefore, I move the adoption of the following resolution, that any Iudex may edit the formatting of a Mal-Formed Motion to make it conform to the correct format. Any Motion… ChronosPhaenon 02/27/07 10 02/28/07
Color Scheme, Page Title, etc I don’t have a clue on how to change those. Can someone with a little bit more savoir faire with technology fix the title and change the colors to a grayish style, please? ChronosPhaenon 02/26/07 4 03/02/07
Ascension Address: Ascension Addres We the The Iudices Assembled, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, wish to ordain and establish a Constitution. Therefore, after a full communication… ChronosPhaenon 02/26/07 0
Idles Doodle and The Doctor are gone. Quorum is 7. ChronosPhaenon 02/26/07 0
Quorum drops to 8 As ChinDoGu, Angry Grasshopper and Excalabur falls down to idleness… ChronosPhaenon 02/25/07 1 02/26/07
Peacefulwarrior is Idle Quorum remains at 10. ChronosPhaenon 02/21/07 0
More Idleness alethiophile, Combustable and Doremi are Idle. Quorum falls to 10. ChronosPhaenon 02/19/07 1 02/19/07
Idleness Scaramouche is Idle, quorum is still 12. ChronosPhaenon 02/16/07 0
Idleness Cosmologicon is Idle. Quorum is still 12. Ceteris paribus, Scaramouche will be Idled tomorrow. ChronosPhaenon 02/14/07 0
Ralff is Idle Quorum is 13. ChronosPhaenon 02/13/07 0
Not a Proposal: Slackers, Zombies and the like There is already an penalty in place if you are inactive: You go Idle for not voting in a week. You lose all your TP’s if that happens. I don’t think capping TPs at any value or penalizing people for not using TP’s, or for not competing, are good ideas.… ChronosPhaenon 01/25/07 0
Idle training. Add to the bulleted list in the end of “Training”: * Just before an Olympian goes Idle for not voting in a week, the Training Points that Olympian would have at the moment of Idling shall be distributed equally (round down) between all the remaining Olympians and the Idling Olympian’s… ChronosPhaenon 01/12/07 9 01/14/07
Back This time for real. ChronosPhaenon 01/12/07 0
I’m idleing ... ChronosPhaenon 01/10/07 0
Unidle I’m unidleing myself. ChronosPhaenon 01/10/07 2 01/10/07
It’s rainin anvils dogfish, Ornithopter, shallowminded are sleeping (for not voting in a week). Quorum drops to 6. ChronosPhaenon 12/08/06 0
The Moon’s Terrible Core in Libra Hope that is right. ChronosPhaenon 12/07/06 0
Eris in Aries So it is. ChronosPhaenon 12/07/06 2 12/07/06
Back… ... I am. Quorum is still 8. ChronosPhaenon 12/07/06 0
Sleep Please someone idle me, er, put me to sleep… I’m gona travel for some days. ChronosPhaenon 11/15/06 1 11/15/06
Venus in Libra Balancing things out ChronosPhaenon 11/05/06 0
Moon in Cancer So it is. ChronosPhaenon 11/04/06 0
ZzZzZzZz Cosmologicon and lars atomica have not be seen voting this last week, so they are sleeping. Quorum is 7. ChronosPhaenon 11/04/06 0
Proposal Drafts (Edited to include one more Proposal) Fellow students, I’d be glad if you could review the following texts. I’d not be jealous if someone else cared to publish them. Yours sincerely, Chronos Proposal: Configurations If the Rule “Astronomical Events” does not exist, this Proposal does nothing. In the Rule “Astronomical… ChronosPhaenon 11/03/06 3 11/03/06
Ornithopter Please conform to rule 1.2 and register at via the Register link in the sidebar, then make a post announcing your arrival. An Admin will add you to the roster in the sidebar, at which moment you’ll become a Student. We can’t unidle you without a proper account. Welcome… ChronosPhaenon 11/03/06 4 11/03/06
I’ve unidled Quorum remains 7. Where is the library? ChronosPhaenon 11/03/06 0
Poe’s idle Quorum remains at 7. ChronosPhaenon 09/11/06 0
Changing instruments Add to Instrumentation: Occasionaly a Musician who is playing an Instrument may change eir Instrument. ChronosPhaenon 09/09/06 4 09/11/06
Notice Cavagliere Pugrins and Quazie go Idle. Poe will have the same fate if e doesn’t vote before 9/11. Qurom is 7 now. ChronosPhaenon 09/09/06 0
Timeline manipulation I’ve done some. ChronosPhaenon 08/08/06 2 08/09/06
WTF I’ve just redone Hix’s mishappening. Can someone please fix the GNDT (and fix it for good, so when we edit one of’em the other remains unchanged?) ChronosPhaenon 08/08/06 3 08/09/06
I’m back My GNDT Values were lost in Hix’s mishappening. I’ve got them back from the Log. If someone disagrees, please edit them. PS: Quorum remains at 5. ChronosPhaenon 08/08/06 0
Chips (I’m still Idle). I propose awarding “Moving Chips” to 75th and Excalabur for their contributions on moving blognomic from blogspot to I propose awarding “Ancienty Chips” to Kevan for being here since the start of Blognomic (is any other such dinossaur left around?). ChronosPhaenon 08/04/06 8 08/04/06
Idleness Kaddar is Idle, per his request. I’m going Idle, ‘cos I’ll be a week far from a computer. Quorum is 5. ChronosPhaenon 07/28/06 0
Multi-Idleness Greth, Isolde, Rodney and The Doctor have not voted last week and are then Idle. Quorum falls to 6. ChronosPhaenon 07/26/06 0
Using the Modus Ponens… range move. ChronosPhaenon 07/24/06 0
Range moving Using the Modus Ponen (I’ve not used Range moving in the last 48 hours). ChronosPhaenon 07/21/06 0
Using the Modus Ponens I’ve used range moving. ChronosPhaenon 07/19/06 0
Notice of Vandalism in the Wiki Our wiki is being victim of a mild case of vandalism, which modus operandi is: - The vandal creates a fake user, named Rdxxxxxxxxxx where the x’s are random number. - The vandal fills a unused page, like the wiki:about, with links to a bunch of web pages. Purplebeard and… ChronosPhaenon 07/16/06 1 07/17/06
Joining PRC I’ve joined PRC. On a side note, I’ve extrapolated the nominating of Rodney as the High Sheriff of Time and “joined him” to the PRC also. The reasoning is: * The rule says only members of PRC can be HST. * The rule says Rodney is the HST. * ergo,… ChronosPhaenon 07/12/06 0
Possible idleing Please check the Most Recent Votes page at the Wiki. Da Vinci has not voted since 06/25 and Thorolf, created 07/02 has never voted. Is that correct? ChronosPhaenon 07/07/06 3 07/07/06
Murder at 1440/11/25 Bruno the Witchfinder watchs Marcello the Scribe being murdered by a hooded person. ChronosPhaenon 07/06/06 0
Tinkering with the Time Machine I’ve done some variable adjustment. ChronosPhaenon 07/05/06 6 07/06/06
I’m Back Quorum is 9. ChronosPhaenon 07/05/06 0
Vow of Silence In response to the Abbot’s request. (I’m posting from home, where the server works…) ChronosPhaenon 04/05/06 4 04/06/06
Idling Here we go Idle again. ChronosPhaenon 03/19/06 0
0Unidling I Unidle Myself ChronosPhaenon 03/19/06 0
Idling I idle myself. Note my Proposal is still valid, only my vote becomes not counted. ChronosPhaenon 03/18/06 0
Proposal: Clearing Victory In Law 1.9, change If a Gostak believes that e has achieved victory as specified in the current Ruleset, e may Make a Post ( to the Blognomic frontpage entitled “Declaration of Victory”, and a Hiatus begins. So long as the Hiatus is in effect, the only game actions that… ChronosPhaenon 03/18/06 6 03/19/06
Unidling I unidle myself. ChronosPhaenon 03/18/06 0
Moving To the crew’s quarter, where i’ll have some rum. ChronosPhaenon 01/27/06 0
Idleness warning Quazie is Idle, quorum is 8. Monwryn will be idled if e doesn’t vote until Jan, 12th AgentHH, Notafraud, Purplebeard, Saurik and 75th are risking being idled if they don’t vote before Jan, 14th. ChronosPhaenon 01/11/06 0
Unidle Can someone, please, with FTP access unidle me? (And I guess Danopato can also be unidled, since e manifested eir will to do so) ChronosPhaenon 01/09/06 1 01/09/06
(Not quite a) Proposal: Unidling Add to the end of the first paragraph of Law 1.1: No Rule may contain a provision that bars itself from being altered and/or repealed. If at any moment a Rule exists or is altered in a manner that renders it to contain such a provision, the entirety of that… ChronosPhaenon 01/06/06 3 01/06/06
Note Hi, just to say I’m back from the Holidays and that I don’t like, at all, the rule barring me to return from Idleness. ChronosPhaenon 01/05/06 0
Holidays I’ll be out for a while, can someone please idle me? I’ll be back sometime around January. ChronosPhaenon 12/23/05 1 12/23/05
GNDT impaired Admin I’m again unable to FTP (my job’s firewall bans any ftp access and I’m withou a PC at home). Can someone, complying with Proposal: Location, Location, Location create a GNDT field “Location” and set all Protagonist’s location to “The Ruins of the Fortress of Cheese”. TY ChronosPhaenon 12/15/05 4 12/15/05