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Back into the depths… Please idle me, I’ll likely re-appear later on. Maldor 07/15/23 1 07/16/23
Maldor Emerges I’m Maldor, and I’d like to be unidled Maldor 07/08/23 1 07/08/23
Maldor Returns I would like to be un-idled, and participate in this bot madness… Maldor 08/01/22 1 08/01/22
Sucked away I wish to idle Maldor 10/01/17 1 10/02/17
Unidle I request to be unidled, I’m back Maldor 07/27/17 1 07/27/17
Breaking news Breaking news at 6 Maldor, one of the Bloggsball managers in the east conference, has gone missing. This comes as a complete surprise to his team and others who know him. His whereabouts are unknown, but all he left was a note with a message. It reads “Please idle me”.… Maldor 04/27/17 2 04/28/17
Hey I’m back! I’m maldor, I found this site 2 years ago and I want to get back into it Requesting active organ status ? Maldor 04/01/17 2 04/04/17
I’m Going away Any admin, please idle me. Time is about to become a rare resource. Maldor 04/02/15 1 04/02/15
Economy Rule Amendments This proposal requires Passage of the Victory Conditions and other things proposal, if that proposal fails or is self killed then this proposal automatically fails Maldor 02/23/15 2 02/23/15
Market ruleset Add a new rule named “Economy” -Add a new stat called “gold” -Give everyone 5 gold Maldor 02/23/15 2 02/23/15
New Crewmember (or villager if I understand it right…) I would like to announce my arrival to the ninth dynasty of josh and request to become a player. Maldor 02/23/15 1 02/23/15