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Request to be unidled As soon as possible, I’d love it if an admin could set me back as active. Thanks! Doctor29 11/22/14 3 11/24/14
Never a big sports fan Idle me, please. I’m gonna be back eventually, but life is getting to me. Doctor29 10/20/14 1 10/21/14
Flea Market: Wrinkled Seven Dollar Bill For reference, a -Coin—Banknote—-42 rarity ID Doctor29 08/01/14 4 08/03/14
Unidling I notice a DoV, and so I’ll request an unidle and add one to the player count for next dynasty. Doctor29 07/15/14 3 07/16/14
Idling Remember all that spare time I thought I had? Apparently getting a girlfriend doesn’t do much to give you any. Someone please idle me, thank you! Doctor29 04/01/12 2 04/02/12
Unidle Request Well, it has sure been a while! I was sitting thinking, wondering what I should do with the spare time I finally have. I have a friend who wants to be a lawyer, and I was talking to her, recoominding she try Nomic. This, of course, made me remember BlogNomic… Doctor29 03/17/12 2 03/17/12
Unidle Please Finally! excitement Doctor29 10/25/11 1 10/25/11
goodbye This was possibly the least eventful session i have ever played. Primarily because i didnt bother checking the site. Anyway could i be idled? And (if possible) could someone be so kind as to alert me for the start of the next dynasty? Thanks! Doctor29 10/23/11 2 10/24/11
A smile is the universal welcome. So you better start smiling, because I’m back! Could an admin unidle me? thanks! Doctor29 10/11/11 6 10/12/11
Hey, a new dynasty! Okay, i’m back in (please unidle me.) Thanks! Doctor29 08/26/11 2 08/27/11
okay, i’m done i think i’ll teak a break for a while, i’m not really into the game currently. please idle me Doctor29 08/15/11 1 08/16/11
Notice: The Arena is uneditable EDIT: IGNORE (Sorry I fail) So, according to the rules I should be able to move my Icon to an empty square on the boundaries of the arena. however, it is not editable. Is there some obvious reason that i’m missing? Or shouldnt I be able to set my status to fighting and my location… Doctor29 07/05/11 1 07/05/11
Blognomic So, reading over blognomic’s history, i saw that it used to be on blogspot, a free blog hosting service. however, currently it is on its own domain, which must be paid for (annually?) Anyway, I kept thinking about this and wondered: Who is the creator of Blognomic, and who pays… Doctor29 07/04/11 7 07/05/11
The Arena (extended) This proposal only takes effect if “Proposal: Setting the Setting” passes. Create a new wiki page called “The Arena” This page will represent the entire arena, containing a 9x9 grid made to be used like the “Garden Patch” from “The Plants and Zombies Dynasty” This page is updated to reflect… Doctor29 07/03/11 1 07/03/11
Guess who’s back? Me! ya so anyway could somebody please unidle me? Thanks! Doctor29 07/03/11 1 07/03/11
Idle me please Ill be gone for a while and cant be checking Nomic so could someone please idle me? thanks! Doctor29 06/20/11 1 06/20/11
New member I just joined blognomic and would like to be added to the roster. Thanks! Doctor29 05/31/11 2 06/01/11