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Going Idle As you may have noticed, I haven’t been too active lately. I’m a bit consumed with some hobby projects at the moment. It was fun playing with you guys, I’ll probably be back eventually. Idle me please. FuzzyLogic 12/12/10 1 12/13/10
Story Post: Bandersnatch challenges Ichneumon Bandersnatch hall hereby challenges Ichneumon hall to a Nomich match. Go Bandersnatch! Down with Ichneumon! We will be victorious! FuzzyLogic 11/20/10 8 11/21/10
Casting Cartomancy I’ve got my deck of carts, some pickled toad’s liver, and the eyes of the legendary Nomich player Devan Von Feurschneed (don’t ask where I got them from). Now all I need is some of my fellow Bandersnatch students to arrive and assist me. I’ll just play some solitaire while… FuzzyLogic 11/20/10 4 11/21/10
Need a wiki account! Per this post here No-Face has been assigned to Bandersnatch dormitory. I however do not have a wiki account so I cannot carry out the changes! Can someone help me out? FuzzyLogic 11/20/10 2 11/20/10
Request for Change of Faculty Supervisor Bandersnatch dormitory requests that No-Face be assigned to our dormitory, as the stench given off by Mr. Cruik’s “hobbies” makes it quite difficult to study. FuzzyLogic 11/18/10 6 11/20/10
New Player This is FuzzyLogic requesting permission to go active. FuzzyLogic 10/21/10 1 10/22/10