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Possible Constitutional Crisis I noticed a DoV and looked at how the victory mechanic works in this dynasty, out of curiosity. I noticed the following sentence in “Items” (see the rest of the rule for context): Rules that do not add an attribute are considered rules text that apply only to that item.… Purplebeard 04/11/19 3 04/11/19
Unidling Hello. Quorum remains 4. Purplebeard 11/27/18 1 11/27/18
Off to get rich off of selling indulgences I go idle. With 8 Cardinals, quorum remains 5. Purplebeard 10/15/15 0
Attack: Kevan Darknight, I hear our corrupt Warden plans to arrange your beating. Let’s put a stop to that, shall we? As it happens, one of the guards owed me a solid, so I’ve managed to arrange for a key to the Warden’s office and a few minutes of privacy. Let’s get… Purplebeard 09/24/15 10 09/24/15
Escape: Up and Over This is it, Darknight. We’ve kept our heads down and crippled the Locker Boys, now is our time. You take a lookout while I start climbing. Purplebeard 09/23/15 8 09/24/15
Resolving Test: Buddy System KEV and DAR, as well as JOS and PUP, found themselves in the same Cell at the Completion Deadline of this Test. Everyone receives 1 Cheese and 2 Learning, and now “must add 1 to their Success Rate”. Purplebeard 07/30/15 2 07/31/15
Unidling See title. Hello. Purplebeard 07/27/15 4 07/27/15
Idling Too much dynasty, too little time. Both quorums are unaffected. Purplebeard 03/09/15 0
I have returned I unidle myself, and would like to have a wiki account. Purplebeard 02/27/15 2 02/27/15
Going Idle Life is doing weird things at the moment and does not leave much time for nomicking. Quorum remains a healthy 6. Purplebeard 08/19/14 0
Flea Market: TFM (11.16.18) Required reading. Purplebeard 08/09/14 3 08/14/14
Flea Market: Kindle Fire (11.1.17) As good as new. Purplebeard 08/07/14 2 08/07/14
Flea Market: Overhead Projector (11.12.27) Every classroom should have one. Purplebeard 08/06/14 3 08/07/14
Flea Market: Sony PRS-T3 (11.1.46) Because reading is fun. Purplebeard 08/06/14 2 08/07/14
Flea Market: My Sister’s Laptop (11.1.28) Because the front page clearly needs more of these posts. Purplebeard 08/05/14 5 08/06/14
Flea Market: IBM 3380 Storage Device (11.8.92) 2.52 GB capacity, baby! Purplebeard 08/05/14 4 08/06/14
Flea Market: Brave Little Toaster A unique item with a colourful history; in great condition, considering its age. (19.1.61) Purplebeard 07/28/14 2 07/28/14
Idlings Larrytheturtle, rainbowkitten408, Skju and TheChosenOne have not made a post or comment in the last seven days and are therefore rendered idle. New Targets will be issued shortly where appropriate. Quorum drops to 3. Purplebeard 07/14/14 0
The Bel has Tolled Kevan is doing quite well for himself. Purplebeard 07/14/14 0
...And We’re Still Here The Bell has Tolled once more. Purplebeard 07/12/14 0
...And We’re Back! The Bell has Tolled, and it looks like RaichuKFM did not survive the round. Each Assassin should have received a PM detailing their personal gamestate (without giving away any new information). Those Assassins who have been inactive during this past week and do not wish to be idled should make… Purplebeard 07/10/14 0
Wiki Problems Trying to access the wiki returns an error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘::’ (T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM), expecting \\ (T_NS_SEPARATOR) in /home/blognomic/www/wiki/index.php on line 97 This is preventing me from Tolling the Bell. Does any of the active players know what’s up? We may need to contact 75th Trombone (who owns and… Purplebeard 06/28/14 4 06/30/14
The Bell has Tolled No one died and no one’s Position was Given Away. Purplebeard 06/26/14 0
The Bell has Tolled I was hoping for more murder than we’ve seen so far. Brownie has not made a post or comment in the last seven days and is now idle. If necessary, new Targets have been sent out. Purplebeard 06/24/14 0
Notice: Map Updated In case someone missed it: now that the proposal titled “Assassins About Town: The Sequel” has been enacted, the map has been updated to reflect the current positions of all active Assassins, and will continue to be updated as I Toll the Bell. Purplebeard 06/23/14 0
The Bell has Tolled Still, no one has died. IceFromHell has not made a post or comment in the last seven days and is now idle. If anyone had them as their Target, they should have received the identity of their new Target. Purplebeard 06/23/14 1 06/23/14
The Bell has Tolled I have received Notes from all Alert Assassins, so this Tolling is a tad early. Unfortunately, the numbering of the list in rule “Notes” had changed when the proposal named “This little light of mine” was enacted, which now prevents me from updating the map (instead, I had to send… Purplebeard 06/21/14 0
The Bell has Tolled No one has died, which means that every Assassin is now in the Town. Purplebeard 06/19/14 0
The Game is Afoot The Bell has Tolled. All Assassins may now send in new Notes. Purplebeard 06/17/14 2 06/17/14
Let the Games Begin Everyone should have received their Target by PM. If someone has not gotten theirs yet (in which case I probably ran into the 30-seconds-between-PMs requirement without noticing) they should contact me. Good luck, everyone. Purplebeard 06/15/14 0
Inactivity Sfarbs has not made a post or comment in the last seven days and therefore becomes idle. Purplebeard 06/15/14 0
Ascension Address: Short and Simple Let the games begin. All Dynastic Rules are repealed. Knight becomes Assassin. Baron becomes Referee. Purplebeard 06/14/14 5 06/16/14
Approaching Dragon This seems like a knightly thing to do. Purplebeard 06/12/14 11 06/13/14
Assault: A Bull, Bullying us out of our Bullion The Minotaur sent a group of Harpies to raid the treasury and we could do nothing to stop them. Honour demanded that we replace the stolen Gold out of our own pockets, which we duly did, donating 3 Gold each. Purplebeard 06/12/14 0
Assault: Minor Tour The Dragon came by the Minotaur’s lair and attacked the beast, inflicting minor wounds and making off with a trinket worth 5 Gold. Purplebeard 06/05/14 0
Approaching Gryphon Honour, glory, scourge of the land, etc. Purplebeard 06/03/14 6 06/07/14
Assault: Gryphon Visit The Gryphon came by again and circled the castle a couple of times. I was posted on the battlements at the time and kept my crossbow trained on it, ready to fire if it decided to come too close. Evidently, my presence there was sufficient to convince the eagle-lion to… Purplebeard 05/27/14 0
Insult to Injury We set out to patrol the highway, like so many other days. After our recent string of victories, we were confident that we could take on anything that crossed our path. Unfortunately, what crossed our path was an pack of big, angry orcs. Our standard weapons, or “poo-ny sticks” as… Purplebeard 05/26/14 0
Bull-Headed The Minotaur sent another group of skeletons at us, with predictable results. Those without a mace get 2 Gold. Kevan and I receive (30/11)*2 Gold, which rounds down to 5. I’m not sure if the previous result of 4 Gold was a miscalculation or if RaichuKFM interpreted the rule differently.… Purplebeard 05/20/14 1 05/20/14
What’s This? Game Actions!? We set out to fight some monsters and encountered a pack of harpies, who immediately took to the skies. Since no one had bothered to bring a bow, we could do nothing to fight them. After some awkward glances were exchanged, we went back to the castle and agreed to… Purplebeard 05/17/14 0
Unidling Hello. Purplebeard 05/07/14 3 05/07/14
Going Idle Quorum is unaffected. Purplebeard 03/09/14 0
Ascension Address: Brave New World This post is in the Ascension Address category to alert anyone who’s following the RSS feed that a new Dynasty has started. It is the First Dynasty of The Alien (who is an NPC, in case you were wondering). By the way, I’ve kept the plural of Infected as ‘Infecteds’… Purplebeard 03/04/14 0
Gone Off To Collect 15,000 GP The Survivor named aran has not made a post or comment in seven days and therefore goes idle. Purplebeard 02/25/14 0
Going idle. See title. Purplebeard 01/11/14 0
General Disarray Josef has not made a post or comment in the last seven days and becomes idle. This leaves the position of General vacant. I wish the Despot well in his search for a replacement; someone loyal to him who has the necessary military experience. Signed, Purplebeard, a staunch supporter of… Purplebeard 11/22/13 1 11/22/13
Unidling Hello. Purplebeard 11/14/13 2 11/15/13
Notice I intend to render myself idle. Purplebeard 10/27/13 0
Image Magick It occurs to me that we should probably redecorate the place. I am but a scholar; is anyone with more refined artistic skills willing and able to make a new header image and colour scheme? Purplebeard 09/05/13 2 09/06/13
Ascension Address: An Introduction to Magic Welcome all, to my humble abode. It appears that the Archmage, in all his wisdom, has placed you all under my direct tutelage, despite my repeated wishes to be left alone in my research. Incidentally, lesson number one: don’t publish a paper that disproves Archmage Prok’s theory on Thaumaturgy in… Purplebeard 09/05/13 5 09/05/13
Idling Tavros, Arlnoff and kikar have not made a post or comment in the last 7 days and go idle. Quorum drops to 5. Purplebeard 09/03/13 0
Story Post: Global Question: [Player name] Is the first letter of your Style A,C,F,G,I or J? Purplebeard 08/29/13 5 08/30/13
Story Post: Global Question: [Player name] Is the first letter of your Style L, M, N, P, R or W? Purplebeard 08/29/13 5 08/30/13
Story Post: Global Question: [Player name] Is the number of your Style in its corresponding list 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10? Purplebeard 08/29/13 5 08/30/13
Story Post: Global Question: [Player name] Is the number of your Style in its corresponding list 2, 3, 4 or 5? Purplebeard 08/29/13 4 08/29/13
Unidling myself See title. Purplebeard 07/16/13 0
Tick Tock Time has advanced. Purplebeard 04/30/13 0
War Never Changes I’m Advancing the Time. Purplebeard 04/26/13 0
Advancing Time As an aside, this civil war has been entirely too… civil so far. Purplebeard 04/24/13 0
Advancing Time Let’s see if I can do this correctly. Purplebeard 04/22/13 0
Milords, Miladies Could we perhaps not clog up the blog with Barony claims? Updating the wiki page should be notification enough. If anyone doesn’t yet have a wiki account, they can PM me or post here and I’ll set one up for them. On a related note, is there any reason why… Purplebeard 04/12/13 6 04/15/13
Commander I have one. Purplebeard 03/22/13 0
Raiding sectors Apparently there’s been some confusion about sector raids. The Firepower of a sector is determined by rolling X = 2DICE5; the combat roll then has to be rolled as N = DICEX. This means that Larrytheturtle barely survives their encounter with Andromeda and Larrytheturtle1 pops back into existence. Purplebeard 03/18/13 2 03/18/13
Lost in Space Murphy and omd go idle after seven days of inactivity. Purplebeard 03/10/13 0
URGENT QUESTION: omd, Josh, Skju Would you like two extra points of Credibility? Purplebeard 02/21/13 3 02/21/13
PC Gone Mad Josh and I manipulated our votes such that both Stalking Horse and Right Field could be enacted. They both had enough votes against to be resolved as per rule 1.4.2, but after Political Capital was factored in both had a quorum of votes in support. nqeron has achieved victory and… Purplebeard 02/19/13 8 02/19/13
TABLOID HEADLINE: Josh’s Adminning Blunder In the admin box of this proposal, Josh asserts that, Josh loses 2 Credibility; then, five minutes later, he says the exact opposite while adminning this proposal: Josh gains 2 Credibility. WHICH IS IT? Purplebeard 02/05/13 2 02/05/13
URGENT QUESTION: Josh, Murphy, Patrick I believe the current lack of activity to be the result of some fiendish Tory plot to maintain the status quo. What is the conservative party’s stance on the current situation? Purplebeard 02/05/13 5 02/06/13
Proposal: A Toast If the wiki is to be believed, the game of BlogNomic is precisely ten years old today. Purplebeard 01/12/13 6 01/12/13
Join The Midnight Crew Or else. Purplebeard 12/17/12 4 12/17/12
Could someone other than me please propose this? Add to the “Rules and Proposals” section of the Appendix: The titles of rules are not themselves rule text and have no effect other than being rule titles. Purplebeard 06/12/12 3 06/13/12
Hostile Takeover of Dynasty 100 My mutiny succeeded and, per rule 2.19 in the Ruleset of my Occupied Dynasty: The [Time Monk] who initiated the Mutiny becomes the [Time Buddha] and the previous [Time Buddha] loses that position. So, I take over from Josh and am immediately teleported ouf of my Dynasty and into ‘not… Purplebeard 06/12/12 2 06/12/12
Requesting Partnership Dear welknair, I like you. Do you like me? Yes/No (circle answer) Purplebeard 06/11/12 0
Coup d’état Yarr mateys, the Inquisitor is a mighty ship, and the sea be rife with plunder for the taking. Do we really want to follow a ‘Buddha’ who preaches pacifism and abstinence, of all things? I, your First Mate, call for Mutiny! Take up yer cutlasses, boys, and show this filthy… Purplebeard 06/11/12 7 06/12/12
Rulesets 1-20 It looks like the final rulesets of the first 20 dynasties were never archived, and the archives of the old website don’t seem to contain snapshots of old rulesets either. Does anyone know of a way to retrieve the necessary pages? Apart from going through every single enacted proposal in… Purplebeard 06/08/12 2 06/08/12
Unblocking a Chakra: Dynasty 73 Rule 2.2.36 of Ruleset 73: If a Loyalist Commoner owns N Inventions containing Billboards (where N is 8 minus the number of occurrences of 12pm UTC on Thursday that have elapsed since this subrule was enacted), each of which is in a different County that is not Occupied, he may… Purplebeard 06/08/12 2 06/08/12
I knew there was a reason I was idle I’m too busy to play right now. I go idle again. If you’re wondering how this effects quorum, check the sidebar. Purplebeard 10/20/11 0
Unidling Blah blah quorum blah blah blah. Purplebeard 10/18/11 0
Idling Busy times and all that. Quorum is half the number of Gladiators, rounded down, plus one. Purplebeard 07/06/11 0
Story Post: Auction #2 An Italian businessman needs some cash for a new suit, and is looking to sell 30 Shares in Goldberg Technology and 35 Shares in Mortis Maximis. The Market will check the GNDT Wednesday (afternoon-ish) to see who offers the most for them, and will keep selling to the highest bidder… Purplebeard 05/02/11 3 05/04/11
Story Post: Let’s Try Out This System We Have Here A prominent Investor, an eccentric Yugoslavian woman, wishes to sell her 20 shares in Bananasoft and her 15 shares in X Express. The Market will check the gndt this Thursday (afternoon-ish) to see who offers the most. If an Order Up-type proposal has passed by then, I’ll keep selling to… Purplebeard 04/26/11 10 04/28/11
Ascension Address: Buy Low, Sell High People, people, calm down. The doors won’t open till nine, you’ll have all the time in the world to push each other and shout to your heart’s content then. I know you’re all excited to be part of this new initiative, Blognomia’s first stock market, and I’m sure that everyone… Purplebeard 04/22/11 0
Story Post: Research Proposal: lifting large rocks Prerequisites: thinking hard, tools Cost: 25 Field: Progress Effect: The Cavemen learn that if you use the right tools, you can pick up and move very large rocks. Purplebeard 03/16/11 7 03/23/11
Research Proposal: lifting large rocks Prerequisites: thinking hard, tools Cost: 25 Field: Progress Effect: The Cavemen learn that if you use the right tools, you can pick up and move very large rocks. Purplebeard 03/16/11 10 03/16/11
Story Post: Research Proposal: Limericks Prerequisites: rhyming and cave painting Cost: 25 Field: art Effect: A caveman may write on the wall, A limerick that is five lines tall. The Chief likes this art, and will make them more smart, unless it’s not funny at all. If any Caveman includes a limerick in an official… Purplebeard 03/10/11 11 03/11/11
idling madalyn has been away for too long and is now idle. quorum is still the same. Purplebeard 02/21/11 0
Ascension Address: Four Score And Seven Millenia Ago… Friends, The first spring of my leadership has now arrived. While we mourned the passing of our previous chief, who succumbed to the winter cold, and immortalized his reign on the cave wall, the warm sun slowly returned to us and now embraces us once again. This is a year… Purplebeard 02/18/11 10 02/18/11
Idling Aleron and Clucky go idle after seven days of inactivity, leaving us without a Sandbox Master, and with Rodlen as the sole Ascendant. Quorum drops to 8. Purplebeard 02/16/11 3 02/16/11
Antiquated spikebrennan goes idle after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 7. Purplebeard 02/04/11 0
Caught In The Rain Wakukee idles after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 8. Purplebeard 01/18/11 0
Wiki Access Just a friendly reminder, as it looks like part of the gameplay in this dynasty will take place in the wiki: Editing wiki pages (like the Trails page) requires a a wiki account, which are not automatically given to new players. Consult the FAQ on how to get one. In… Purplebeard 01/13/11 0
PROTOTYPE: Steve Buscemi Steve Buscemi is well known from his excellent supporting role in every movie ever made. He seems to turn up wherever there’s a camera around, and has recently been seen posing near various LEGO structures. In game terms, he consists of 1 Smiling Head Brick, 1 Brown Torso Brick and… Purplebeard 01/07/11 4 01/07/11
Unidling Quorum remains 7. Purplebeard 01/05/11 0
Idling for the holidays Quorum remains 10. Purplebeard 12/21/10 0
Lawful Abortion I blocked today’s birth in an attempt to speed up this Age. I will quickly explain why I think this action is legal, as some may disagree: 1. Since Planned Parenthood is still pending, Svetlana Tarpova still appears on the Mortals page, even though she was (arguably) added illegally. I… Purplebeard 12/17/10 3 12/17/10
Meddling with Ed de Goey Ed has trouble finding a word that rhymes with ‘orange’. He prays to the Gods for guidance. Purplebeard 12/14/10 9 12/16/10
Story Post: Growth Spurt Time flies when you’re immortal: our little Johnny Generic has grown up, and is now an Adult. There is now therefore no substitute Gatekeeper. Should Ed contract a terminal case of Old Age this Friday (20% chance), this Age will end. Purplebeard 12/08/10 0
Nomich challenge Penanggalan challenges Gothmog to a game of Nomich. Purplebeard 11/27/10 9 11/28/10