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And Another Thing… Hello, all! I wish to become Unidle. Zaphod 12/13/18 1 12/13/18
To Arms! Since the Weaponry Tradition is in our Culture and won’t make it through the next NGE, we should kick those Neanderthals down and reap up some Legacy. I will be happy to go run the grueling NGE afterwards (since the length of steps is partially my fault), but I’m holding… Zaphod 09/18/18 4 09/18/18
Heads Up for Gene Change Since the Ruleset currently describes an Ape’s Genetics to include a sixth non-inherited trait defaulting to No, I’m going to update the GNDT to reflect that, as per the rule under Gamestate Tracking: “In the event that the Gamestate and the GNDT are different, any Ape may correct the GNDT… Zaphod 09/16/18 0
[Cleanup] Order of Operations Add a “Battle Status” column to the GNDT, with each Ape’s Battle Status starting as “No,” as per the approved proposal “War for the Plane of the Apes.” Fix the nested lists in the New Generation Event step beginning with “Take the absolute difference” by replacing that step with: #… Zaphod 09/14/18 1 09/14/18
I’m Going Ape Greetings, everyone! I have wandered far on a solitary search to find other primates like me. Seeing your fine community and the beautiful natural features of your home (that pond is spectacular), it is my hope to be welcomed into the tribe. Thus, I hereby state my wish and intention… Zaphod 09/10/18 1 09/10/18