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Exploration: The Island of Corral Barrier I navigate towards the island, risking being thrown against an one of a thousand slightly submerged hazards. It is worth it if I only get to see that Pirate’s Booty. Larrytheturtle 08/13/16 1 08/13/16
Wow, I Am So Great Not only did I get my first ever Map Guess correct, I was the first person to ever do so! Everyone else may as well go home as I am clearly superior. Larrytheturtle 07/18/16 1 07/18/16
Story Post: [Map Guess] The Usual Suspects I believe that RaichuKFM, aka Kyle “Deliberations should be in the Core Rules” @#$%^&!, made the Map to Deliberations [?]. Larrytheturtle 07/16/16 4 07/18/16
Ascension Address: Dying Wish It was 30 long years ago today that I became your Overlord. We’ve had good times and bad since then but I fear things may be drawing to the close. My parting from this world grows near but cruel fate has left me without an heir. So, I must turn… Larrytheturtle 03/04/16 0
The Unending Flow Time Advances. Larrytheturtle 03/03/16 0
That was a busy two days Time Advances Larrytheturtle 03/01/16 0
The Fallen Other Brother idles out after seven days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 4 with 7 Orcs. Larrytheturtle 02/28/16 0
Advancing Time Time Advances again. Larrytheturtle 02/28/16 0
Idle work Scshunt idles out after 14 days of inactivity. Larrytheturtle 12/04/13 0
Confusion Kevan enacted “Clearing Things Up” but doesn’t seem to have do the last thing in it (failing the CFJ and increase my/raichuKFM’s power and decreasing Clucky’s power). I don’t know if there was a reason or if it was an oversite so I wanted to ask before doing anything. Larrytheturtle 11/29/13 2 11/29/13
Disappearances in the Night? Ely idles out after 8 days of inactivity. Quorum holds at 8. Larrytheturtle 11/17/13 0
SpiteMaster is the Victor Upon rolling DICE 2 in the GNDT I received a result of 1. This means that Spitemaster has achieved victory and may post a DOV when he pleases. Larrytheturtle 10/16/13 6 10/17/13
Monotony Takes Even The Strongest Among Us Ember, Florw, Skju, and Wakukee go idle after 23, 19, 10, and 10 days of inactivity respectively. Quorum drops to 6. Larrytheturtle 08/27/13 0
Something amiss I went to admin “Veni, vidi, vici” as failed a few minutes ago and did everything the normal way but something went wrong. It post completely disappeared off the main page and if you enter the url to find it the page is all messed up with no text. If… Larrytheturtle 08/06/13 4 08/14/13
Two Families Both Alike In Dignity Henri idles out after 11 days of inactivity. Quorum holds steady at 5. Larrytheturtle 05/22/13 1 05/22/13
A Tournament for the Ages I figure we might as well make use of this mechanic so I am going to host the first tournament. I am spending 42 wealth so N is 3. Larrytheturtle 05/19/13 5 05/22/13
The Hours In An Off Hand Way Time advances Larrytheturtle 05/16/13 0
That make up a dull day Time Advances Larrytheturtle 05/10/13 0
Ticking away the moments Time advances Larrytheturtle 05/08/13 0
I REALLY need a title Tomas idles out after 8 days of inactivity. Quorum remains at 5. -Larrytheturtle Larrytheturtle 04/19/13 0
Lost to history spikebrennan idles out after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 5. Larrytheturtle 04/17/13 0
Insert pun here Josh goes idle after seven days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 6 Larrytheturtle 04/12/13 0
Ascension Address: Troubled Times Years of violence have left the kingdom in ruins and the throne empty. Word has spread quickly around the kingdom and rumors are abound as to who is going to come forward as the new leader of our fair land. Recently your two families have come forward to as the… Larrytheturtle 04/03/13 0
Rebuilding a lost empire I am hiring a commander. My thanks to the Admin who does this. Larrytheturtle 03/31/13 1 03/31/13
Story Post: Trade Rates: Alzarius On behalf of Larrytheturtle1 trade rates are as follows I will Buy 2 non-weapon Resources for 1 Resource I will Buy 5 weapons for 2 Resources I will Sell 5 weapons for 4 Resources The Refueling fee is either 5 weapons or 1 of any non-weapon Resource Larrytheturtle 03/28/13 0
Commander I am hiring a commander. Larrytheturtle 03/26/13 1 03/27/13
Can we fix it? If the proposal “Never stop working” fails then this proposal does nothing Add the following text to the end of the first paragraph in the sub-rule “Space Stations” A captain with the ship class “space station” can not gain energy by the act of refueling Larrytheturtle 03/21/13 1 03/21/13
Commander 2.0 I am hiring a commander. My thanks to the admin who processes this. Larrytheturtle 03/20/13 1 03/21/13
Story Post: Something is fishy I’ve noticed that it only displays the time for the first action you did in the GNDT if you do multiple things in a row. This is causing me the problem that I am trying to figure out when I can move again and can’t tell when I moved last.… Larrytheturtle 03/13/13 1 03/13/13
Story Post: Commander I hired a commander and spent the resources required. If an admin could please help me out on this. Larrytheturtle 03/13/13 1 03/13/13
Story Post: SPECTRO:CASTOR Looking like Red to me Larrytheturtle 03/03/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO:Halcya She’s orange Larrytheturtle 03/03/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO:ARCTURUS Picking her up as silver on the sensors. Larrytheturtle 03/02/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO: POLARIS Sensors read her as Purple. Larrytheturtle 03/01/13 0
Story Post: URGENT QUESTION: Raichukfm, Henri, Spitemaster Who do you expect to win this dynasty? Larrytheturtle 02/17/13 3 02/21/13
Story Post: Justice for the Turtle Argon14 has heinously preformed indenty theft against me and I demand Legal Justice be inacted against him. Larrytheturtle 12/11/12 2 12/11/12
Joining Could I join the game? Larrytheturtle 10/28/12 1 10/28/12