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Formal Intention to Become a Player hello, I’d like to be a player. Also someone please update the wiki? I’m confused by how the guys here are already spending resources even though the two rules passed give no hint to anything. 9spaceking 05/20/19 3 05/20/19
let me join back in! :) This dynasty seems to have an interesting idea with adventurer and monsters, I’m hoping to introduce some cool non-RNG battle mechanics which could be cool 9spaceking 02/14/19 1 02/14/19
Unidle me unidle me plz 9spaceking 09/27/18 1 09/27/18
Unidle me finally, people have realized this dynasty is pointless. Time to obtain a small chance to win, and a chance to participate in the next dynasty. Unidle me please. 9spaceking 08/27/18 1 08/27/18
Request to be idled for personal reasons, I cannot participate in this dynasty. I request to be idled. 9spaceking 08/18/18 1 08/18/18
Another Strategic Card Add the following card to the ruleset: Redo (2). [Spell] No Constraint. Lose 4 thaum, then, discard all the other cards in your hand and redraw from the deck that many cards./Nothing happens. 9spaceking 07/25/18 1 07/25/18
Friendly Reward create the following card named “Friendly Reward” under “Tricks”: Score: 3 Constraint: Can only be played if you are friendly to a community. Upside: Draw a card. Downside: Force a wizard to discard a card of their choice from their hand, if they have one or more cards in their… 9spaceking 06/23/18 3 06/23/18
join next dynasty it’s a little early but I thought “better early than late”. I’d like to become a player in Derrick’s dynasty (“announcing your arrival and your formal intention to become a player”), so yeah. Heard you had to make a blog post. Out of Derrick’s three ideas, I do like the… 9spaceking 06/19/18 3 06/19/18